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Robert Garlen's Green Arrow Film Series Fan Cast
My take on theatrical reboot of the Emerald Archer, with no connection to the hit CW Show Arrow with a series of films, including the unmade Green Arrow: Escape From Super Max
Robert Garlen's The Flash Film Series Fan Cast
My take on the Scarlett Speedster, if he joined the DC Movie-verse, instead of connecting to the CW-Verse.
Robert Garlen's Aquaman Film Series Fan Cast
My take on the King of the Seven Seas!
Robert Garlen's Escape From L.A. Remake Fan Cast
My Take on the Infamous {but intriguing and engaging} sequel to the John Carpenter Cult Hit: Escape From New York, Snake is BACK in Escape From L.A.
Robert Garlen's Escape From New York Remake Fan Cast
My Fan Cast Based on the Announced Remake of the John Carpenter Classic Escape From New York
Robert Garlen's The Thing Lives Fan Cast and Synopsis
Based Upon and Inspired by the John Carpenter Masterpiece "THEY LIVE" This is my Final Entry into the THING Mythos!
Robert Garlen's The Thing 2 Fan Cast and Synopsis
My take on a story, cast, and crew for a sequel to the John Carpenter Masterpiece.
Robert Garlen's 90's Spider-Man Film Trilogy
My return to period Castings has started and now we get to one of the most important film series that made my period piece casting really shine!
Robert Garlen's SHAZAM Trilogy Fan Cast!
My take on a Shazam Trilogy Set within the DC Cinematic Universe.
Robert Garlen's: The Shadow Reboot Trilogy Fan Cast!
The Weed of crime bears bitter fruit, Crime Doesn't Pay. But Who knows what lurks in the hearts of evil men... The Shadow!
Robert Garlen's: 90's Justice League 2: The Death of Superman
My sequel to the 1980's Justice League Fan Cast!
Robert Garlen's: Marvel Cinematic Universe - Doctor Strange Fan Cast
My take on a Marvel Studio's Doctor Strange Film Cast
Robert Garlen's: 90's Batman Trilogy Fan Cast
Continuing from my 1980'S Batman Cast, we gaze at a post Justice League Batman Trilogy.
A Revolutionary Fan-Theory On Marvel's Most Feared Villain - Doctor Doom
A theory I've long thought out about the Marvel Universe's Most Dangerous Foe.
Robert Garlen's: ARCHER Live Action Movie Fan Cast
My take on a cast for the hilarious T.V. series, created by Adam Reed.
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