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Robert Garlen's: ARCHER Live Action Movie Fan Cast
My take on a cast for the hilarious T.V. series, created by Adam Reed.
Robert Garlen's: Old Man Logan Fan Cast
My take on a feature film based on the graphic novel by Mark Millar and Steve McNiven.
Robert Garlen's Deadpool Movie Fan Cast
My Cast for the Infamous Merc With The Mouth
Finding the Perfect Lex Luthor for the Man of Steel Franchise
9 choices for Lex Luthor, should he been cast in the Man of Steel Franchise!
Star Trek The Next Generation Reboot Trilogy
My take on a big screen reboot of one of the most sensational Star Trek Series of all time.
Robert Garlen Cast: The Wolverine {1989}
Based on Critically Acclaimed Graphic Novel Co-Written by Chris Claremont & Frank Miller, who also illustrated.
Robert Garlen Cast: The Running Man
My take on a re-adaptation of Stephen King's Sci-Fi Masterpiece, with the intention of making a more faithful adaptation then the Arnold Schwarzenegger Movie of the same Name.
Think Hugh Jackman is the Worst thing to happen to Wolverine? Think about what could have been...
I take a small tour through 5 alternate possibilities that show us how lucky we are Hugh Jackman did play Wolverine.
Robert Garlen's Iron Man Cast
My Take on a Fictional Iron Man Reboot.
Green Lantern Corps, Feature Length Screenplay and Cast, by Robert Garlen
My Take on a Proper Green Lantern Reboot with an Initial script cast Included!
Robert Garlen Cast: George Miller's 2009 Justice League Mortal
My Take on the Once planned Justice League Mortal, film that would have brought DC's most notable super heroes together for the first time on the silver screen live action style
Robert Garlen Cast: Wolfgang Petersen's 2004 Batman VS Superman
My take on an film that would have been an epic first in the face of United Movies Universes between DC Character's Batman and Superman.
Robert Garlen Cast: J.J. Abram's 2004 Superman Flyby
My Take on J.J. Abram's Bold Re-Imagining of the Superman Mythos, as if it were to have been released in the year 2004.
Robert Garlen Cast: Kevin Smith's 1998 Superman Lives!
My take on the 1998 Planned Superman Film Written By Kevin Smith
Robert Garlen Cast: Darren Aronofsky's 2002 Bat-Man Year One
My Take on Darren Aronofsky's Bat-Man Year One, had it been done in 2002.
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