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Robert Garlen's 80's Spider-Man Film Series Fan Cast
My Bold and Ambitious Take on a 6 Film Franchise Featuring our Favorite Web-Swingin' Wall-Crawlin' Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man!
Robert Garlen's 80's Batman Film Series
My take on A Four Film Batman Franchise Had it begun in the early 80's.
Robert Garlen's 90's X-Men Trilogy
My take on what would have been the essential cast for a 90's based X-Men Trilogy.
Robert Garlen's Highlander Reboot Trilogy Fan Cast
My take on a Highlander Trilogy
Robert Garlen's 80's Superman Reboot Trilogy Fan Cast
Take a look at my version of a mid-80's Superman Reboot!
Robert Garlen Recast: Sam Raimi's Spider-Man Trilogy!
My take on casting the wall crawler's first trilogy.
The Dark Knight Returns Made in the 80's Fan Cast, An End to the 60's TV Show
My take on an 1980's Adaptation of the Frank Miller, Klaus Jansen, and Lynn Varley Graphic Novel restoring the complexity and Darkness to the Batman and adapting it to Darkening the the TV Series
*UPDATED* FAN FIC: Robert Garlen's 5 Decades of Judge Dredd Fan Cast
In celebration of Dredd Week, literally 7 Days leading to the release of DNA Film's Dredd, I bring together a cast that envisions 5 Different Decades of what could have been the greatest adventures of Ol' Stony Face.
Robert Garlen's Superman Earth One/Batman Earth One Fan Cast
My FanCast based on the new DC Comics Graphic Novels.
Robert Garlen's All*Star Superman Theatrical Film Fan Cast
My All Star Cast based on the legendary Epic centered around the Man of Steel, Penned by Grant Morrison
Legendary Film Director Tony Scott Found Dead
The legendary director of hit film Top Gun has reportedly committed suicide.
Robert Garlen's 1980's Watchmen Film Cast
My take on the Iconic Graphic Novel had it been adapted in the 1980's
Garfield/Pattinson Feud?
Celeb gossip pits the two Hollywood cash-cow actors against each other
Robert Garlen's New Batman Fan Cast
An updated take on a Batman Fan Cast that would resemble the tone set by the best of DC'S artists and writers
UNCHARTED Series Fan Cast
My take on the Famous Playstation Franchise!
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