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The Man of Steel Returns With: Big Trouble in Little China (Remake) Fan Cast
Okay. You people sit tight, hold the fort and keep the home fires burning. And if we're not back by dawn... call the president.
My take on an anthology of X-Men films produced by Marvel and the House of Mouse!
NYX Fan Cast
My Take on a 20th Century Fox Adaptation of the Marvel Comic Book
Interview with Bane Co-Creator Chuck Dixon
Read revealing words from the man who crafted the origin of Bane!
The Man of Steel Returns With: Gotham Knights Series Writer's Bible and Series Cast
My Series Writer's Bible for a Live Action Batman T.V. Series
The Man of Steel Returns With: The BATMAN Fan Cast
Before I post my anticipated take on a Batman Live Action T.V. Series I want to post this, my take or the cast of a Theatrical Reboot of the Batman Franchise.
The Man of Steel Returns With: The Pink Panther Reboot Fan Cast
My Take on a reboot of the legendary film series Helmed by Blake Edwards
BLAZE T.V. Series Bible and Fan Cast
A Series based on Marvel's very own Spirit of Vengeance
The Man Of Steel Returns With: A KINGDOM COME MEGA FAN CAST
A large fan cast based on the Legendary Graphic Novel KINGDOM COME
USER EDITORIAL: Theory on The Lizard’s Endgame!
Could the Lizard's master plan have been revealed? This theory is afoot!
The Man of Steel Returns With: The Ultimate Warrior Princess Wonder Woman Script Treatment and Fan Cast
My Vision on The Film adaptation of The Ultimate Amazonian Princess Wonder Woman in one epic Script Treatment and Fan Cast!
My Bold Take on Marvel's First Family
TheManOfSteelReturns With: Old Man Logan Fan Cast
My Take on a feature Film Adaptation of OLD MAN LOGAN
A Fan Made T.V. Series Bible A companion to the AVENGERS T.V. SERIES BIBLE I wrote two years ago. This is fan made and has nothing to do with the actual works of Spider-Man, repeat this is fan made and has nothing to do with any official Spider-Man Projects, I do not own, nor am i claiming to own any of the appearing characters in this piece. This was made for entertainment purposes.
Street Fighter Fan Cast and Reboot Treatment
The Man of Steel Returns with his take on STREET FIGHTER
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