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Legendary Film Director Tony Scott Found Dead
The legendary director of hit film Top Gun has reportedly committed suicide.
Robert Garlen's 1980's Watchmen Film Cast
My take on the Iconic Graphic Novel had it been adapted in the 1980's
Garfield/Pattinson Feud?
Celeb gossip pits the two Hollywood cash-cow actors against each other
Robert Garlen's New Batman Fan Cast
An updated take on a Batman Fan Cast that would resemble the tone set by the best of DC'S artists and writers
UNCHARTED Series Fan Cast
My take on the Famous Playstation Franchise!
Bram Stoker's Dracula Fan Cast
My take on a new adaptation of the Horror/Romance Classic
Justice League Trilogy Fan Cast!
My take on the most Legendary Team of Comic Book History!
Robert Garlen's BATMAN Fan Cast!
My Take on a Reboot of The Dark Knight Detective!
The Man of Steel Returns With: Beetlejuice Remake Treatment and Fan Cast
My take on a remake of the Tim Burton Classic
The Man of Steel Returns With: Big Trouble in Little China (Remake) Fan Cast
Okay. You people sit tight, hold the fort and keep the home fires burning. And if we're not back by dawn... call the president.
My take on an anthology of X-Men films produced by Marvel and the House of Mouse!
NYX Fan Cast
My Take on a 20th Century Fox Adaptation of the Marvel Comic Book
Interview with Bane Co-Creator Chuck Dixon
Read revealing words from the man who crafted the origin of Bane!
The Man of Steel Returns With: Gotham Knights Series Writer's Bible and Series Cast
My Series Writer's Bible for a Live Action Batman T.V. Series
The Man of Steel Returns With: The BATMAN Fan Cast
Before I post my anticipated take on a Batman Live Action T.V. Series I want to post this, my take or the cast of a Theatrical Reboot of the Batman Franchise.
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