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My TRON 3.0 Script Treatments
Two script treatments i wrote for a 3rd TRON Film.
TheGoddamnSuperman Reviews Kevin Smith's SUPERMAN LIVES (Not Tim Burton's Draft)
In a time where Warner Brothers Studios didn't have the Christopher Nolan's and the Zack Snyder's of the world, they had a script, from a writer who had a dream of a Superman Reboot. This is a review of that script...
New Opinion of the Spider-Man Reboot.
An update on my original opinions with a clearer head.
A TheGoddamnSuperman Fan Fic The Dark Knight Returns Script Treatment and Fan Cast
A script Treatment for the Dark Knight Returns with a Fan Cast
Review: 2004's The Punisher (Directors Cut)
I review the 2004 Punisher Film
EDITORIAL: Clues Lead to Superman/Batman Movies Directed by Zack Snyder
This is just me acting upon a hunch, and an idea of things to come.
A Plausible Idea for Captain America that would make me Happy...
An Idea I had a while ago about Cap's New Feature Film
Editorial: My Opinion on Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan in The Green Lantern
My Opinions on the Titular Actor of the upcoming DC Universe Film GREEN LANTERN.
How should Zack Snyder's SUPERMAN Film be Scored?
A question I've often been wondering.
A project i put together cast the many characters of the Man of Steel's little world.
EDITORIAL: Why All the Hate on Sam Jackson as Nick Fury?
English MotherF^(%#% do you speak it!?
This is an Idea I had for War Machine after I heard Marvel was Interested and I Finally decided to Post it on here to see how you guys would respond.
Steve Johnson's Unseen Superman Designs!
We get a look at Steve Johnsons Superman Flyby and Returns designs...
Editorial: Superman's Movie Suit?
A Superman editorial where I speculate on the suit, and how I'd like it to be presented in Zack Snyder's Film.
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