Disney Release Their First STAR WARS Themed Poster Since Lucasfilm Acquisition
Disney has released their first official Star Wars themed poster since they became the owners of Lucasfilm last year, and it's to promote their upcoming "Star Wars Weekend" at Disney World. You knew it was only a matter of time - here's Mickey on a Speederbike..
Kevin Eastman Weighs In On NINJA TURTLES
We've already heard from one half of the creative team behind the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and he wasn't best pleased with the casting of Megan Fox. But now Peter Laird's partner gives his take, and he seems a lot more optimistic about the movie..
GAME OF THRONES: Dany's Dragons Aren't So Cute In Season 3
We've seen a glimpse of one of the Dragons in flight already but it was hard to gauge how much larger he'd gotten since last season. Well according to the GOT showrunners, they're now as big as "a medium sized dog", and VERY dangerous..
Check Out Stephen Amell's ARROW Skin From INJUSTICE: GODS AMONG US
According to TV Guide Stephen Amell is bringing his voice and likeness to the upcoming video game, Injustice: Gods Among Us. The tv incarnation of Green Arrow will be made available as an alternate skin. Click on to check out an image..
VIDEO: 43 Heroic Movie Sacrifices Featuring X-MEN 2, TDKR, WATCHMEN & More
Check out his pretty cool supercut of movie heroes giving their lives for the greater good. There are quite a few CBMs or CBM related films featured, and it culminates with the iconic "needs of the many" scene from Star Trek 2: The Wrath Of Khan..
THUNDERBIRDS ARE GO! Rebooted TV Series In The Works
It seems we haven't seen the last of the Tracy brothers and their array of amazing vehicles. Deadline report that a new series has been commissioned that will utilize a mixture of CGI and live action models to bring the classic characters back to life..
Latino Review's MARVEL Scoop - How Does THE HULK Fit Into Phases 2 AND 3?
Elmayimbe finally dropped his big Marvel Superbowl scoop in the form of a video blog. Want to know how the Green Goliath fits into Marvel's phase 2 plans - and beyond? Read on, but be warned, if this is accurate it is a MAJOR SPOILER for the end of Avengers 2..
Ror Revisits: Ghost Rider
Continuing with the dregs of the CBM back catalog, I take a look back at Mark Steven Johnson's 2007 take on Ghost Rider starring Nicholas Cage...
First Review For Conan The Barbarian Hits
The Playlist have just posted their review for Marcus Nispel's remake that screened at Empire's Big Screen earlier today. What did they think? Click to find out..
Ror Reviews: Fright Night 3D
The original is considered by many to be an '80s classic. So is this latest remake starring Anton Yelchin and Colin Farrell as his particularly nasty neighbor worth seeing? Click for my stake..
Ror Revisits: Elektra
Continuing with the more maligned batch of CBMs out there we have the 2005 Daredevil spinoff featuring the ruthless sai wielding assasin. Is Elektra as bad as you remember? Click for my take..
Ror Reviews: Captain America: TFA
Better late than never. I'm sure most or all of you have seen this by now, but click for my opinion on Marvel's last solo movie before The Avengers. Joe Johnston's take on the Sentinel Of Liberty..
Ror Reviews: Transformers: Dark Of The Moon
Ok, you all know I'm not a Bay fan. Did he win me over with his latest 'splosion fest? Click for my take on his giant robot threequel. Some Spoilers ahead..
Ror Reviews: Green Lantern
In brightest day, in blackest night, is Green Lantern really THAT shite? Click and see if I go any easier on the poor git. There will be some spoilers towards the end..
Ror Reviews: X-Men: First Class
Was the praise heaped on Matthew Vaughn's mutant prequel justified? Or have we all just been starved for a solid X flick for too long? Click for my take...
Ror Revisits: 300
Criticized and praised in equal measure here on CBM. How does Zack Snyder's first violent foray into comic book adaptations hold up? Click for my take..
Ror Reviews: Thor
Is Kenneth Branagh's Thor as good as the other reviews suggest? Or is it all flash no substance? Click for my take.
Ror Revisits: Iron Man
Widely regarded as one of the best CBMs we have had so far. Does John Favreu and Robert Downey Jr's first foray into super hero territory deserve that accolade? Click for my take..
Ror Revisits: X-Men 3: The Last Stand
Yes, it's the Ratner movie! Pretty much despised by comic book fans the world over. But forgetting the fanboy gripes, is X3 really that bad? Click for my take..
Ror Reviews: All-Star Superman
DC seem incapable of releasing a bad animated feature. Will this latest Supes adventure break that trend?
Ror Reviews: Tron: Legacy
Better late than never:) Click for my take on the much hyped, long time coming sequel to the 80s classic...
Ror Revisits: A History Of Violence
Taking a break from all things super hero for this one. I caught David Cronenberg's adaptation of the graphic novel by John Wagner and Vince Locke on tv the other night and figured I'd take a trip down memory lane with Viggo Mortenson and his nasty side..
Ror Revisits: Spider-Man 3
Pretty much universally despised by fanboys the world over. But is Sam Raimi's third(and last) Spidey flick really THAT bad? Click for my take..
Ror Reviews: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1
I liked the trailer, but still sort of went to see this under duress. So click for a non reader of the books, non fan of the movies take on this penultimate instalment in the hugely popular Harry Potter series. Some spoilers included..
Ror Revisits: Halloween
Not exactly a comic book movie I know, but it has spawned a comic series since, and we do like to dabble in horror flicks here at CMB! So how does John Carpenter's seminal slasher hold up after all these years?