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Warner Bros Moving Forward With Sc-Fi Take On THE ODYSSEY
Deadline report that the studio has plans to adapt Homer's follow up to The Iliad for the big screen, with one significant twist: It's to be set in space! Sound familiar? Fans of a certain age will surely remember the cartoon Ulysses 31! Read on for more details..
COMICS: Will We See A New (Possibly Female) Robin In BATMAN & ROBIN #19?
This is complete speculation for now, but one half of the gatefold covers for April's Batman & Robin #19 definitely teases a different - or at least a differently costumed - Robin alongside The Caped Crusader. Check out the cover and a brief solicitation after the jump..
Disney has just sent out a full list of release dates for their upcoming films, and included is our first brief synopsis for James Gunn's Guardians Of The Galaxy. There's also updated info on Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Maleficent and The Muppets 2..
Lionsgate has released a new teaser poster for the upcoming sequel, which is basically just the same as the motion poster we saw a while back but with a new tagline. There's also a brand new pic, as well as another couple of previously seen ones in much better quality..
A Creepy Julianne Moore Features On New CARRIE Poster
This new poster for Kimberly Peirce's upcoming remake of Carrie gives us a red-eyed Julianne Moore as Carrie's lunatic Mother, Margaret White. It's a very effective image, but one that brings to mind those character posters for Marvel's Thor! Check it out..
New Image Of Hugh Jackman As THE WOLVERINE Now In Hi-Res
We have already seen this pic with text all over it, but now it has been released in crisp high quality for any of you wallpaper fans out there. See a bare-chested Logan with his claws out (do we ever see him any other way?) after the jump..
As Death Of The Family continues, Batman finds himself under The Joker's control, with only 2 words issued as a command: "Kill Robin". Will the son find the strength to hold off the father, or will they be forced into a fight to the death? Read on for a 4 page preview after the jump..
WB Register Various ARKHAM ASYLUM Domain Names
Is it possible that Warner Bros. have some type of movie plans for the most famous madhouse in comics? These domain names may have been registered for another game of course, but there's always a chance it has something to do with the upcoming Batman reboot..
It's all go for an Avenger. Carol Danvers returns home only to be greeted by a couple of rampaging T-Rex's as a brand new story kicks off in the following lettered preview of Kelly Sue Deconnick's Captain Marvel #9..
New GAME OF THRONES Season 3 Teaser Is Set In Modern Times
"Their world returns to ours". They really know how to tease this show! Still no actual footage yet, but check out the "three eyed raven" teaser for season 3 of the epic HBO fantasy series featuring The Rains Of Castamere by The National after the jump..
GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY To Shoot This Summer At Shepperton Studios
Screen Daily report that Super director James Gunn's space adventure will begin shooting sometime this Summer at Shepperton Studios in the UK, joining Marvel's other currently in production movie, Thor: The Dark World. Read on for details..
Want To Be A Superhero? PHOENIX JONES Is Recruiting
Jones has become something of a legend thanks to his legitimate bravery (insanity?) and willingness to at least try to do some good on the streets of Seattle. Now he's looking for some help - as long as your surname isn't Kent or Parker! Read on for a video clip and the requirements..
Armond White Thinks GHOST RIDER: SOV Was Better Than ZERO DARK THIRTY
Well, the movie has at least one fan! The notoriously contrarian (and downright odd imo) critic has posted his annual "better than list", and seems to have seen quite a bit more depth in the fan-blasted CBM sequel than anyone else..
STAR WARS TV Series May Be Headed To ABC; New Details Revealed
ABC’s Paul Lee has dropped a few more tidbits about the live-action Star Wars show that's been in the pipeline for a long time now. He says Battlestar Galactica‘s Ron Moore in on board as a writer, and a Bounty Hunter "may" be the main character. Read on for more..
Quentin Tarantino Shuts Down Questions About Violence In DJANGO UNCHAINED
Be sure to have a look at this video interview, in which UK journalist Krishnan Guru-Murthy tries to get the director to discuss the perceived link between the bloody carnage his movies and real-life violence. "I'm shutting your butt down!"..
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