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We're all out of superhero trailers for a while, but we do have this one for an upcoming horror sequel. Aside from a weak ending, The Last Exorcism was a surprisingly effective little flick, with an excellent performance from Ashley Bell. Can the sequel match up?..
TWILIGHT & BATTLESHIP Dominate Razzie Noms
As is customary, the The 33rd annual Razzie Nominations have been announced a couple of days ahead of the Oscar noms, and the final Twilight movie has been (dis)honored in every single category! Other relevant movies include Ghosr Rider: SOV and Battleship..
FAN MADE: Scandinavian Short-Film LOGAN
Have a look at this impressive short from Swedish filmmakers André Hedetoft and Andreas Climent, who describe it as "a dark Scandinavian spin on the origin of Wolverine." It stars Wallander's Tobias Nilsson and is well worth a watch..
VIDEO GAMES: Screen Shots From DEADPOOL Game Reveal New Characters
The Merc With A Mouth will be starring in his very own video game from High Moon studios later this year, and here we have some scans from the Official Xbox Magazine, revealing a couple of new characters: Cable and Death. Check em out after the jump..
COMICS: Wrath Of The First Lantern Begins In GREEN LANTERN #17
As "Rise Of The Third Army" approaches its conclusion, the Green Lantern boys and gals have another big threat heading their way as a brand new cross-over event kicks off in Green Lantern #17. Check out the cover and solicitation after the jump..
Honest Trailers: Christopher Nolan's INCEPTION
The Screen Junkies lads have delved into Christopher Nolan's back catalog for their latest Honest Trailer, which takes a few swipes as the critically acclaimed, but somewhat fan-dividing sci-fi flick, Inception. Check out the video after the jump..
Josh Trank's SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS Gets A Writer
The Hollywood Reporter reveal that Hanna scribe Seth Lochhead has been hired to work on Sony's adaptation of the incredible Playstation 2 video game, which will be helmed by Chronicle director Josh Trank. Read on for more details..
Guillermo Del Toro In Talks With A Writer For HEAVEN SENT DARK UNIVERSE
In a video interview, the director confirms that he is indeed working on the DC "superhero" team up flick, and is talking to the "perfect" writer for the project. He also says that the working title is actually Dark Universe, and reveals some of the characters that will be involved..
R.I.P: Director David R. Ellis Passes Away Age 60
We are very sad to report that the Snakes On A Plane helmer, who was set to re-team with Samuel L. Jackson on an adaptation of the anime Kite, passed away suddenly early this morning in Johannesburg.
COMICS: New Artist Boards THUNDERBOLTS In March; Punisher And Elektra To Hook Up
It's been confirmed that Phil Noto — recently of Uncanny X-Force - will take over art duties from Steve Dillon on Daniel Way's Thunderbolts, and it seems he'll be drawing a bit of antihero-on-antihero action right off the bat. Check out the teaser pic..
Every 007 Actor Morphed Into The Ultimate JAMES BOND
We've already seen these for Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent, now check out this similar composite of all six 007 actors - Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Tim Dalton, Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig, morphed into one super-Bond. The results are a little less successful it must be said..
You saw a behind the scenes video earlier on, now check out the first couple of official pics from DC's upcoming animated movie, which feature a small snap of Superman taking flight, as well as an image of Lois Lane comforting a weeping Supergirl.
GODZILLA To Get A Rewrite From Frank Darabont; Trouble Brewing With WB Producers
Deadline report that Gareth Edwards' Godzilla reboot is to undergo a final draft rewrite by former Walking Dead show-runner Frank Darabont. Also, it seems the split between Legendary and WB producers Dan Lin and Roy Lee may not have been as amicable as we thought..
Guillermo Del Toro Confirms He Was Approached To Direct STAR WARS EPISODE VII
Would you have believed so many directors would pass this up? Del Toro admits that he was indeed offered the job, but had to turn it down due to having so much on his plate already. However, he does give the name of the man he would love to see take the reigns instead..
PRESS RELEASE: Emma Stone & Seth MacFarlane To Announce Oscar Nominations
The Amazing Spider-Man actress will join the Ted writer/director - who is also hosting the awards show itself - to announce the nominations for the 85th Academy Awards this Thursday. Read on for the press release in full..
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