Yippee-Ki-Yay! DIE HARD 5-Film Marathon Coming to Theaters February 13!
No chance of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. A marathon of John McClane kicking ass & taking names will soon be upon us!
Walking Dead Star Norman Reedus says A Third Boondock Saints Film is in the Works!
Boondock Saint & Walking Dead star Norman Reedus confirms that a third Boondock Saints film is in the works!
FAN FIC: Updated Rules & Regulations On Posting
What constitutes fan-fic? What can and cannot be posted in that section? There has been some confusion over this in the past, so as the new fan-fic moderator I thought I would lay out the basics for anyone planning on posting..
New Picture of Jeremy Renner and Rachel Weisz Revealed In The Bourne Legacy (Low Res)
Another look at Jeremy Renner, along with Rachel Weisz, from the upcoming spy flick, courtesy Entertainment Weekly.
RESULTS! Your Favorite CBM Hero of 2011!
After the People's Choice Awards named Ryan Reynolds their favorite superhero of 2011, I asked CBM users who their favorite was. Read on to see who won!
POLL! Who Was Your Favorite Movie Superhero of 2011?
The People's Choice Awards named Ryan Reynolds as their favorite Movie Superhero of 2011. But CBM users seem pretty split. So who do you consider your favorite?
 UPDATED With Finished Story and Casting! RunDTC's Justice League Fancast and Film Outline
There isn't much justice in this world. Perhaps that's why it's so satisfying to occasionally make some. -Martian Manhunter
Could the Unknown Villain in The Avengers Actually be....the Red Skull?
The description for upcoming Heroclix toys, based off the upcoming Avengers movie, may have finally revealed who the mysterious second villain is. Read on for the details!
Results! Best Film of Each Year of the 2000s. Vote For THE Best Film of the 2000s NOW!
(Some) of you voted, now see the results and vote for the best movie of the 2000s!
POLL: What do you consider the best film of each year of the 2000s?
What do you consider the best film of each year? Sound off!
Our First Look at the Three Stooges from The Three Stooges Movie
Here's our fist look at the comedic trio from the upcoming film!
Set Images from The Dark Knight Rises New York City Set
Check out the first photos from the NYC set for the upcoming film "The Dark Knight Rises"!
My Avengers Fan Cast
I cast the rest of the Avengers, if any more get added or for the sequels.
Proof That Terry Crews Should Play Luke Cage!!! LISTEN UP MARVEL!!!!!!!!
I have come across proof that Terry Crews is the perfect choice to play Luke Cage in an upcoming Marvel movie. I DARE YOU TO PROVE ME WRONG!
CBM User Poll! Who should play the other Avengers?
Hey all CBM users! Let your voice by heard and help decide the best choices to play the remaining Avengers members in upcoming sequels! Come on! You know you want to.
RunDTC Presents: The Top 10 CBM Fight Scenes EVER!!!!! (with user poll!)
CBM Contributor runDTC brings to you his personal top 10 CBM fights scenes. Check it out and then let your voice by heard!
Transformers: Dark of the Moon Skyscraper Attack Scene Leaked!
The Skyscraper attack scene from the Michael Bay blockbuster has also been leaked on YouTube. Click the jump to check it out!
Transformers: Dark of the Moon Optiumus vs. Shockwave/ *********** Fight Leaked! UPDATED!
The epic fight scene between Optimus Prime and Shockwave, then [censored] has leaked (in low quality) on YouTube. Contains MAJOR SPOILERS! UPDATED!!! Longer version found!!
Which The Dark Knight Rises star was scolded by Christopher Nolan?
Who did "The Dark Knight Rises" director Christopher Nolan have to call and scold? Hit the jump and find out!!