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THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 Review; Worthy Of Your Charge?
Marc Webb's original endeavor into Sony's rebooted Spdier-Man franchise was met with a mixed reaction here on CBM, but will his second outing in the Friendly Neighborhood Hero's backyard go down any better? Can a campy comic book movie work? Hit the jump to check out whether or not Spidey and Sparkles sparkled, on ran out of charge!
Following tonight's fantastic episode, a promo for "Seeing Red" has been released, and it sounds as if Oliver and his team are about to have an even bigger problem than Deathstroke to deal with as Roy Harper loses control and the mirakuru sets him on a path of destruction through Starling City! Check it out.
BOOK REVIEW: The Spider-Man Encyclopedia
Just in time for The Amazing Spider-Man 2, DK Publishing released an updated version of the Spider-Man Character Encyclopedia. Read on my for my review!
Check em out after the jump
Who would win in a fight: Lobo (DC Universe) or Ghost Rider (Marvel Knights)? VOTE/DISCUSS NOW!
Also: Who won last time: Trigon or Mephisto? Hit the jump to find out!
Amazing Spider-Man 2 Review
As the sequel to one of the biggest comic book movie franchises is now right round the corner for US release, expectations are high. Did they meet mine? Click to find out!
Earth-717: HULK Volume 1 - Chapter 6
An alternate time. An alternate world. Bruce Banner is the foremost expert on gamma radiation on the planet. While conducting top secret experiments for the military, an unexpected miscalculation causes a mutation in Bruce that changes his life forever. On the run from the authorities and himself, Bruce must find a cure before the rage of the Hulk consumes him.
EDITORIAL: Five Comic Book Movie REBOOTS Better Than Their Predecessors.
Here is a list of 5 Superhero reboots that I feel are better than the original silver screen outings!
Well The X-men Days of Future Past Trailer 3 has been released and the users at have reacted to it.But there is only one Awesome Reaction! Yes,Gattor Martin and he has the crew with him.
Essential Comics for Preparing for the Future Marvel Slate
With millions of fans rabidly devouring every Marvel movie in sight, hardcore comic fans have a unique opportunity to introduce our fellow fans to the comics that inspired these tales in the first place.
Looking Back On Watching Spider-Man (2002) For The First Time
I look back at my memory of seeing my favourite superhero Spider-Man on the big screen for the first time.
Netflix is the perfect medium for street level heroes because you don't have to worry about ratings, they can tell 1 16 hour story instead of 24 mini stories or 1 2 hour story, and their secret identities make them impossible to exist as Avengers.
DC ALL ACCESS Gives a First Look at Darwyn Cooke's BATMAN BEYOND Short
Celebrating 75 years of Batman, DC Entertainment will release a new Batman Beyond animated short. With Darwyn Cooke (DC: New Frontier) at the helm, the classic cartoon from the early 2000s will be reborn. Courtesy of DC All Access, we now have our first look at the animation. Check out the video below!
New Executive Producer Preview of ARROW S2xE19; The Man Under The Hood
Before tonight's highly anticipated episode of Arrow, check out this cool new promo featuring executive producer Marc Guggenheim and some new footage of Flash characters Caitlin Snow (Killer Frost) and Cisco Ramon (Vibe)! Take the jump to check it out!
JoBlo have posted a couple of vids which feature some very interesting behind-the -scenes stuff from Marc Webb's Amazing Spider-Man sequel, including previously unheard dialogue, outtakes, and a look at the process of scoring the film. More after the jump...
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