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COMICS: Cindy Moon Is Swinging Solo In SILK #1
After debuting in Amazing Spider-Man, Cindy Moon will be swinging solo in her own series this February and now Marvel has released some preview panels ahead of the first issue.
Fan Art: Heroes for Hire
Today I wanted to draw someone who I wasn't familiar with.
BATMAN: UNLIMITED and DC SUPER FRIENDS coming soon to your screen
Executives at Warners, DC and Mattel praise developing titles BATMAN: UNLIMITED and DC SUPER FRIENDS. [[note: Mark Julian approved splitting the news and commentary portions into two separate posts]]
Good news for AGENT CARTER fans! Showrunners sign deal with ABC Studios.
While AGENT CARTER isn't renewed yet, her showrunners have signed a pod deal with ABC Studios. This could be a good sign for the show, since a studio wouldn't sign a development deal with showrunners and then kill their projects. Hit the jump for more!
New Trailer For THE FLASH Features New Footage From Next Tuesday's Episode.
A new trailer for The Flash has been released by the CW and it features new footage from next weeks episode as Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) seems to be hitting it off with his new date, Linda Park (Malese Jow). Take the jump to check out the new trailer!
Why Spider-Man Deserves To Be At Marvel
Check out why Spider-Man deserves to be at Marvel...
The Inhumans Fan cast
The Inhumans Fan cast
BATMAN: UNLIMITED and DC SUPER FRIENDS -- DC Entertainment producing animated movies and shorts based on two upcoming toy lines.
We've seen this before...Entertainment properties based on toy lines. It's worked for Transformers for decades. GIJoe got it's start this way too. But it has only ever led to failure and derision when tried with DC Comic properties. Hit the jump to see what's in store for us this time.
DC Entertainment's Youtube page has just released a clip for their newest animated film, Justice League: Throne of Atlantis. This clip features Aquaman's half-brother Orm declaring war against the people on the surface. Hit the jump to check it out!
For most WWE fans, the road to Wrestlemania, which begins at Royal Rumble, was unsatisfactory, to put it mildly
Angela's action-packed solo series continues as she faces an army of Dark Elves, with Thor, Loki and other Asgardian warriors not far behind! Hit the jump to check out a preview of Kieron Gillen, Phil Jimenez and Stephanie Hans' Angela: Asgard's Assassin #3.
ANIME : Funimation To Release Free To Play Game Based On Fairy Tail
Well It Looks Like We Haven't Seen The Last Of The Fairy Tail Guild Hit The Jump To See What Funimation Has Install For It's Number One Seller.
COMICS: New STAR WARS: DARTH VADER #1 Variant Features 'Boba Fett'
Available exclusively at the Alex Ross Store, Comic Book Resources got the chance to get their hands on a new variant cover for Star Wars: Darth Vader #1, debuting on February 11th. If your a fan a Star Wars, and a fan of Boba Fett, you'll enjoy this cover! Check it out!
Ant-Man: Could Janet Van Dyne Still Be Responsible For Creating The Avengers?
My theory on what involvement Janet may have in the MCU.
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