Jessie Usher set to star in INDEPENDENCE DAY 2
After quite some speculation of who would take Will Smith place in the sequel to the Sci Fi classic, we finally have a new Hiller, although not the one that you are thinking, hit the jump to find out!
Gal Gadot Shows Off Her WONDER-ous Figure For BATMAN v SUPERMAN
There's been a lot of talk about whether or not Fast & Furious star Gal Gadot is the right choice to play Wonder Woman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and beyond, but based on her toned figure in this "Castro ACTIVE" photo shoot, she most definitely is. Check it out...
Take A Look At The Making Of The AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON 'Hulkbuster' Funko Pop Figure
Marvel Entertainment's YouTube page has just released a new video that gives us a glimpse of how the Hulkbuster Pop! figure was created! So if you're interested, hit the jump to check out the creators of the figure go to work! Check it out!
COMICS: Mutants Battle Mutants in the WARZONES! of X-TINCTION AGENDA #1
This June, return to the fight against the corrupt, mutant-exploiting government as a classic X-Crossover is reborn in the Warzones! in X-Tinction Agenda #1 from writer Marc Guggenheim (Arrow) and artist Carmine Di Giandomenico (All-New X-Factor). Check it out...
DC Universe Vs. Dragonball Z
DC Universe VS. Dragonball Z Universe! Goku vs. Superman, Vegeta vs. Sinestro!!
DC Universe Vs. Dragonball Z
DC Universe VS. Dragonball Z Universe! Goku vs. Superman, Vegeta vs. Sinestro!!
Part two of the Crossover storyline.
GOTHAM Promo Teases What's To Come This April In The Final Four Episodes
There were more big changes in store for Detective Jim Gordon and company during tonight's episode of Gotham, but the show is now taking a hiatus until April 13th, leaving us all to wonder what's coming next. Well, thanks to this promo, you can get an idea of where thing are going...
Will Smith Is Back!
His New Movie 'Focus' Is The Number One Movie In America. The New Suicide Squad Marksman Is Not Only A DeadShot, But He Is Also A Big Shot!
Earth-717: IRON MAIDEN Volume 2 - Chapter 4
An alternate time. An alternate world. Since revealing her identity as the Invincible Iron Maiden, Tasha Stark has been on top of the world. Yet, she has also become aware of the intentions of AIM, who work behind the scenes to destroy her. When a seemingly unbeatable foe enters her life, Tasha finds herself in an impossible situation that will challenge every fibre of her being.
COMICS: It's The Avengers VS. Guardians 3000 In New SECRET WARS Series, KORVAC SAGA
Dan Abnett will be bringing a brand new Korvac Saga to Marvel's upcoming event, Secret Wars. The Korvac Saga will see the future Guardians pitted against Earth's Mightiest Heroes in an epic battle on Battleworld.
Real Life Iron Man?!
It might finally be a reality, folks. A real life Iron Man Suit! And its gonna be a military weapon! Looks like Hammer won his contract after all. Check out this new development at MacDill Air Force Base, which an anticipated release date of 2018.
The Power Rangers Are Up Against the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Who Wins?
Get your weekly fix on comic books with related movie, TV, and comic book news, seeing Team DC and Team Marvel duke it out to find out who won the week, and fan suggested brawls. This week on Stan Lee's World of Heroes The Comic Book Show, hosts Jennifer Zhang, Matthew Hiscox, Wes Calimer,and Lucas Ackerman are joined by Michael Coleman and discuss who would win in a fight, the Power Rangers or the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
COMICS: BATTLEWORLD’S Brightest Teens Are Now - RUNAWAYS Return This June
This June, a cult-favourite team comes to Battleworld in Runaways #1, a brand new Secret Wars series! Rising comic stars Noelle Stevenson and Sanford Greene bring you a new twist on a modern Marvel classic that’s sure to appeal to Runaways fans old and new...
Avengers: Age Of Ultron Fan Poster
Hi, guys! Due to promo arts in hi-res, I've tried to make a poster with The Avengers and Ultron's army. But unfortunately without twins.....Hope, you enjoy it!
Dylan O'Brien Cast As The New SPIDER-MAN!?
After weeks of much speculation as to who will be the new Spider-Man. A Reddit user who also reported on the Sony/Marvel deal has informed us that Teen Wolf actor Dylan O'Brien has nabbed the role. Take the jump to find out more!
Agent Carter is packed with Easter Eggs and references to Age Of Ultron and the extended Marvel Cinematic Universe in general. Hit the jump for a look at connections to Vision, Ultron, Iron Man, Captain America, The Winter Soldier and numerous MCU villains.
A short editorial on my stance regarding the Power Rangers Reboot and what i feel the reboot should be similar to in both tone and action.
Fan-Cast for Spiderman in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
The ten DC Characters or Teams that could be explored by the DC Universe Cinematic or by TV Show.
Meet ten potential characters who could be adapted to the other media.
COMICS: The Avenging Archers Return In First Look At ALL-NEW HAWKEYE #1
The two Hawkeyes (Clint Barton and Kate Bishop) are back in this first lettered preview of All-New Hawkeye #1 as the fan-favourite archers go into battle against HYDRA. Writing the series is Jeff Lemire, the man who recently redefined Green Arrow for DC Comics. Hit the jump to check it out!
Should THOR Change Sex?
Mjolnir being passed onto a female character has certain caused a divide better comic book readers. But is this change in the latest run of Thor really that big a deal? Hit the jump for a brief history of who else has wielded the hammer and how this may affect the future of the character.
This June, a lone soldier ventures deep into unknown territory on a mission of personal discovery – and of blood-soaked survival! Hit the jump for details on Marvel Zombies #1, a brand-new Secret Wars series from Simon Spurrier (X-Force) and Kev Walker (Avengers Arena)!
Latest GOTHAM Featurette Tackles The Fight Against Corruption In The City
This latest behind-the-scenes look at Batman prequel Gotham focuses on Ben McKenzie and Donal Logue as they tease the lengths Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock will go to fight corruption in their city. Can they save Gotham without the help of Batman? Hit the jump to check it out...