Victor Zsasz Confronts Gordon In Latest GOTHAM Character Promo
The Penguin may have cleared Gordon's name, but Jim is not out of hot water just yet. When Fish Mooney & company get word of Jim's deception, they send Victor Zsasz to take care of him.. Come check out a brand new character promo highlighting the sadistic killer now!
Plot Synopsis For GOTHAM Season 1 Episode 9: Harvey Dent
Fox has released the plot synopsis for Gotham's ninth episode, titled "Harvey Dent." As many of know, this episode will feature the introduction of Nicholas D’ Agosto as Harvey Dent, the future Two-Face. Don't worry about that though, when we meet him, he'll be an ally to Jim Gordon.
1920s Setting Rumored For WONDER WOMAN Movie
Gal Gadot's solo Wonder Woman outing may be set for release three years from now, but supposed details have already hit the net, suggesting the movie is headed in quite an unexpected direction.
ANT-MAN Theatrical Score Fan Made
Check out my fan theme for Marvel's Ant-Man! Comment below on what movie score you'd like me to make next!
The Green Lantern Corps - Fancast
Just a small fancast for the GL reboot...
Marvel Civil War Epic Fan-Made Trailer
Here is an epic trailer for Marvel's Civil War, using only heroes that Marvel owns. Enjoy...
COMICS: 'Captain America' Takes Down 'Nick Fury' In First Look At AVENGERS & X-MEN: AXIS #4
The Red Skull has turned the world upside down, and when the all-new Captain America (Sam Wilson, a.k.a. The Falcon) meets with S.H.I.E.L.D. to decide the villain's fate, things don't end well for Nick Fury! Hit the jump for a first look at the issue from Rick Remender and Leinil Yu...
Earth-717: CAPTAIN AMERICA Volume 1 - Chapter 7
An alternate time. An alternate world. Steve Rogers is a man who is willing to do anything to fight for a just cause. However, his frail form inhibits his ability to be the hero he is on the inside. Modified by a secret program, Steve is transformed into Captain America, a symbol of hope who must lead the forces of freedom in a desperate struggle against the villainous Hydra...
Who Should Play Captain Marvel AKA Carol Danvers?
We already have an announcement about the upcoming film, but who should be the lead lady!!!
Synopsis For GOTHAM Season 1, Episode 9 Harvey Dent Revealed
Fox has sent us over the synopsis for the November 17 ep of their Batman prequel series, and although the titular assistant DA is obviously the focus, this breakdown doesn't mention him. Instead, we find out that Gordon is set to be reassigned to the iconic Arkham Asylum! Take a look..
GOTHAM Arkham Asylum Featurette
Executive Producer Bruno Heller teases Arkham Asylum in this new one-minute featurette for Fox's comic book-based television series, Gotham. Hit the jump to check it out.
I have recreated the AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Teaser that was leaked. Using same scenes that were shown in the Teaser. Enjoy...
FAN ART: The Best of: HUY WEE DINH Volume. 20
The big 20 is here as we highlight more art from the great Huy Dinh, check it out after the jump to see this great art from this great fan.
Popular Comic Movies That Should Get A Spinoff TV Show
There has been some plot-holes in movies, so to fill them in here are some spinoffs for Tv.
Deadpool Funny Fan-Made Trailer
Here is a Fan-Made trailer for Deadpool, by Mr8866. Enjoy...
DC ALL ACCESS Highlights LEGO BATMAN 3, EARTH 2 And More - Ft. iJustine
Blair Herter is leaving DC All Access to heed the call of the Green Lantern Corps. That means the lovely, Tiffany Smith will be looking for a new co-host. Do any of you CBM fanboys have what it takes? Plus, info on Earth 2: World's End and LEGO Batman 3.
In2Min: Everything You Need to Know About Marvel Studios Phase 3
Not sure what to think of some of the upcoming phase 3 films announced today by Marvel Studios? Help figure it out by learning everything you could possibly learn about all of phase 3 in only 2 minutes!
AMAZING SPIDER-MAN Writer Dan Slott Teases Big SPIDER-MAN Announcement
The current writer of Silver Surfer and Amazing Spider-Man posted an interesting message on Twitter earlier today, with later tweets confirming something big is on the way regarding Marvel's world-famous Wall-Crawler! See what you make of it after the jump.
INFOGRAPHIC: Superhero Movie Timeline Updated With Marvel's PHASE 3 Slate
Comics Alliance have updated their superhero movie infographic with all of the Phase 3 films announced earlier today. Included are every Marvel, DC, Fox and Sony CBM scheduled for release over the next six years; from next month's Big Hero 6 all the way up to 2020's Green Lantern reboot.
POLL: Which Movie From MARVEL's Phase Three Announcement Are You Most Excited For?
Black Panther, Captain Marvel, The Inhumans, and an epic two-part Avengers adventure were among the movies announced by Marvel Studios today, but which of them are you most looking forward to based on what we know so far? Well, here's your chance to decide...
FAN MADE: Amazing DC Trinity Art Bring The Heroes of BvS Side By Side
Check out this amazing looking art of The Man os Steel Superman, The Caped Crusader Batman & The Amazonian Warrior Wonder Woman, the DC Trinity as they stand side by side ready for battle in this epic art
SUPERNATURAL Season 10, Episode 5 Promo; Fan Fiction - Episode #200
Like Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and The Flash, Supernatural is taking a week off, but when it returns on November 11th, it will be for its 200th episode! Things are going to get weird for Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) when they discover a musical based on their lives!
DC Prequel Shows
Not a huge fan of Gotham...and now there is a Krypton show that could be in I just messed around for 5 minutes and got this haha
COMICS: 'The DC Band-Aid' Will Be Titled CONVERGENCE
There's a massive event coming to DC Comics in April next year, and for the past few months several titles have been floating around, 'the Band-Aid' from Bleeding Cool being the most prominent. Well, it's been reported that the official name is...
Jim Carrey Says BATMAN FOREVER Co-Star Tommy Lee Jones Hated Him
Jim Carrey ("The Mask") appeared on Howard Stern's radio show today and was asked about the rumors of him and his Batman Forever co-star Tommy Lee Jones ("The Fugitive") not getting along. Come listen to it or read the transcript wrote up.