Spider-Gwen Ongoing Series Officially Announced
Spider-Gwen Ongoing Series Officially Announced
It's been officially confirmed that after making her acclaimed debut in Edge of Spider-Verse #2, Gwen Stacy will star in her own solo series as Spider-Woman, with the acclaimed creative team of Jason Latour, Robbi Rodriquez and Rico Renzi returning. Read More!
Is Rocksteady Set To Debut New BATMAN: ARKHAM KNIGHT Footage At The 2014 VGAs?
A trailer for next month's The Game Awards could potentially be hinting at a reveal of something new from Batman: Arkham Knight... or there might be too much reading into it. Either way, hit the jump to check out the 30-second clip and speculate away!
COMICS: Geoff Johns Suggests Hal Jordan Will Return To The JUSTICE LEAGUE
Though Hal Jordan departed from DC's flagship title over two years ago, a new interview with writer Geoff Johns (Forever Evil) heavily implies that the fan-favourite Green Lantern will rejoin the roster in an upcoming issue. Check out what he had to say after the jump.
Comic Book Artist Jock Debuts New GOTHAM Promo Art
Distinct artist Jock (Wytches) has created artwork promoting Fox's Batman-based show Gotham in the past, and has now unveiled a new advertisement set to run in upcoming DC titles. It features Oswald Cobblepot (known as the Penguin), played by Robin Lord Taylor in the series.
Check Out Higher Quality Images From TV Guide's FLASH & ARROW Photoshoot
Though they're not quite high-resolution, much better quality versions of tiny pics from this week's TV Guide have surfaced, promoting the CW's upcoming crossover of their hit shows Arrow and The Flash. Check it out after the jump.
First JURASSIC WORLD Trailer Coming Next Thursday
With the fourth instalment in the Jurassic Park franchise set to arrive in June, we've been wondering for quite some time when we'd get our first glimpse at footage from the film. Well, a trailer is set to drop in just over a week's time! Check out a new banner after the jump.
Action Figure Offers First Look At 'Ninja Talon' From Animated Film BATMAN VS. ROBIN
New solicits have unveiled the design of a 'Ninja Talon' set to appear in DC's second 2015 Animated Original Movie, which will not only see the Caped Crusader go up against the Boy Wonder, but also have the Dynamic Duo battle the deadly Court of Owls!
COMICS: Batman Races Towards the End of 'Robin Rises' In BATMAN AND ROBIN #36 Preview
With Jason Todd, Tim Drake and Barbara Gordon having joined the fold, Batman is determined to bring Damian Wayne home, but that means he's going to have to go even further into the madness and into the heart of Apokolips! Read a preview Batman and Robin #36 after the jump.
THE LEGO MOVIE Sequel Will Feature More Female Characters
Though a lot of people enjoyed Wyldstyle's role in The Lego Movie, many have also been calling out for more female representation in the film's sequel. Well, writers/directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller agree, and have discussed including more women in the 2018 follow-up.
Watch The Trailer For LEGO BATMAN 3: BEYOND GOTHAM Season Pass
Think LEGO Batman 3 can't get any bigger? Think again. A new trailer has dropped, showing off even more content available in the game's DLC packs. Hit the jump to see LEGO versions of Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy, Man of Steel, Arrow and more.
COMICS: 'The Amazo Virus' Is Unleashed In Preview of JUSTICE LEAGUE #36
Writer Geoff Johns (Green Lantern, Forever Evil) welcomes rising artist Jason Fabok (Batman Eternal) to DC's biggest team book as a bizarre virus puts the world at a stand still, with secrets just waiting to be uncovered. Check out an awesome preview of Justice League #36.
New Images From THE PEANUTS MOVIE Released
The colourful cast of Charles Schulz' classic comic strip Peanuts is getting a CGI feature film, and while that may raise concerns for some, these new images from 20th Century Fox very much keep in the spirit of the original comics and animated specials. Check them out after the jump.
COMICS: Alex Ross' Epic SECRET WARS #1 Cover Revealed
We previously glimpsed a low-res version of new Alex Ross artwork in the 'Battleworld' teaser for Marvel's 2015 event Secret Wars, and now we've got a full look at his earth-shattering cover for the first issue, featuring the Thing, Black Bolt, Thor, Namor, Captain Marvel and more!
Frank Grillo's Crossbones Is Reportedly Main Antagonist Of CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR
A seemingly offhanded claim from a trusted Variety reporter suggests that Crossbones, played by Frank Grillo in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, will serve as the primary villain of the cinematic version of Civil War, despite Grillo's dismissal of knowledge on the project.
Sideshow Collectibles Unveils New POWER GIRL Premium Format Figure
Based on the designs of popular artist Stanley "Artgerm" Lau, a stunning 21" Power Girl statuette from acclaimed sculptor Sideshow Collectibles is set to arrive in October 2015. Hit the jump to check out the promo shots.
COMICS: DC Reveals HARLEY QUINN Variant Month This February
Another month passes, another set of themed variants are unveiled -- and in February 2015, Harley Quinn will invade the covers of 22 DC titles, with art from Dustin Nguyen, Francis Manapul, Cliff Chiang, Amanda Conner and more. Check them out after the jump.
COMICS: 'Planet Venom' Kicks Off In GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #21 Preview
If accepting Flash Thompson, aka Agent Venom, onto the roster wasn't enough, the A-holes are about to encounter a planet full of symbiotes. Check out a preview of Brian Michael Bendis and Valerio Schitti's Guardians of the Galaxy #21 after the jump.
COMICS: Superior Spider-Man Returns In AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #10 Preview
Spider-Verse continues next week with a massive group of Spider-Men and Women assembling to take on Morlun, but things might get complicated as the Superior Spider-Man becomes involved. Hit the jump to preview Dan Slott and Oliver Coipel's Amazing Spider-Man #10.
COMICS: DC Announces Ten CONVERGENCE Miniseries Featuring Return of Pre-52 Universe
DC are returning to the pre-Flashpoint continuity this April, as part of their massive line-wide event Convergence. They will launch dozens of miniseries, with the first ten revealed today. Check out Wally West, Stephanie Brown, a pregnant Lois Lane and more after the jump.
COMICS: A Cosmic Smackdown For The Ages In THANOS VS. HULK #1 Preview
Comic book legend Jim Starlin (The Infinity Gauntlet) returns to his cosmic creation, pitting the Mad Titan, Thanos, against the Green Goliath, Hulk -- in space! Hit the jump to check out a preview of the 'earth-shattering' first issue.
COMICS: Dustin Nguyen Reveals Process Behind His ACTION COMICS #36 Variant
With the reveal of his Action Comics #36 cover, artist Dustin Nguyen (Li'l Gotham, Batman Eternal) has unveiled the process, from layouts to finish. Check it out after the jump.
DC are putting together another direct-to-video LEGO film, with Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman and more set to come face-to-face with their rather bizarre counterparts in Justice League vs Bizarro League. Hit the jump to check out the first details and box art.
With the first chapter of the two-part Hunger Games finale set to arrive this month, Lionsgate have released fifteen high-quality stills from Mockingjay - Part 1, starring Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth, and more. Hit the jump to take a look.
COMICS: Get A Taste Of The Next 'Spider-Verse' Chapter With AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #10 Art
Spider-Verse officially kicked off with this week's Amazing Spider-Man #9, and after months of teases and tie-ins, we saw all kinds of Spider-Men and Women band together to prepare for the onslaught of Morlun. Check out brand new Oliver Coipel art from the next issue after the jump.
First Look At New 52 HARLEY QUINN, JOKER, POISON IVY and JOHN STEWART Action Figures
DC Collectibles are set to release four new action figures this July, with the New 52 incarnations of Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, her beloved puddin' the Joker and Green Lantern John Stewart coming to a comic store near you. Hit the jump to check out promo pics of each.
Editor Jordan White Talks The Connectivity Of Marvel's STAR WARS Comics
The first series in Marvel's new Star Wars comic book line kicks off in January, with miniseries starring Darth Vader and Princess Leia launching soon after. Jordan White is overseeing the upcoming titles, and discussed familiar and fresh faces, connectivity and crossovers.