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The staypuffed Awards: THE BEST OF 2014
It's the end of the year, so it's time to recap the very best in pop culture. Which comic book gimmick turned out to be great? What movie moments were the most memorable? And what were the best films of 2014? Hit the jump to experience year two of the staypuffed Awards!
Details and Screenshots From EDGE Magazine's BATMAN: ARKHAM KNIGHT Feature
A new Batman: Arkham Knight video has surfaced, revealing plenty of details from the new issue of EDGE Magazine, plus six new low-quality screenshots. In it, Rocksteady discuss new gameplay mechanics, repeat that the eponymous villain is NOT an existing DC character, and more...
COMICS: J. Scott Campbell Reveals STAR WARS #1 Variant
Fan-favourite artist J. Scott Campbell often provides variants for Marvel's biggest releases, such as April's Amazing Spider-Man #1, and now you can check out part one of a series of connecting Star Wars covers.
COMICS: Tony Stark Awakens Daredevil In SUPERIOR IRON MAN #3 Preview
Tony Stark's dangerous new Extremis app has done wonders for some, unlocking the full potential of users, but also has made some drastic changes to their lives. Case in point: Matt Murdock, who's pretty shaken in this preview of Superior Iron Man #3...
COMICS: Marvel and DC's FREE COMIC BOOK DAY 2015 Offerings Revealed
The full line-up of titles available from publishers on next year's Free Comic Book Day has now been unveiled, with the Big Two's free comics tying into their biggest 2015 events: Secret Wars, Avengers: Age of Ultron and, quite possibly, Convergence...
COMICS: BATMAN: EARTH ONE Volume 2 To Be Released In May 2015
We've known that a follow-up to Geoff Johns and Gary Frank's bestselling Batman: Earth One is on its way for quite some time, but DC have officially revealed solicit info (with a teaser and release date) for the 160-page graphic novel in the March 2015 solicits.
COMICS: Mark Waid and Fiona Staples To Relaunch ARCHIE In 2015
Though Archie Comics have been mixing things up lately, the Riverdale gang are in for even more changes, with a brand new creative team of Waid (Daredevil) and Staples (Saga) just announced to come aboard in the new year. Hit the jump for more details and promo art.
COMICS: Joker Toxin Unleashed In BATMAN #37 Preview
The shocking Endgame storyline continues in the pages of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo's flagship Bat-title, with the Joker back in town and putting on his deadliest show yet. Hit the jump to check out a preview of Batman #37.
COMICS: Paradise Island Under Attack In Preview of WONDER WOMAN #37
After a polarising debut issue, Meredith and David Finch continue their take on Princess Diana, with Superman arriving on Themyscira as the Amazons face a great threat. Check out a preview of Wonder Woman #37 after the jump.
COMICS: The End Begins In Preview of FANTASTIC FOUR #642
This January, Marvel are reverting Fantastic Four back to its original numbering and marching them to their end. Check out a preview of James Robinson and Leonard Kirk's #642, the first chapter of The End is FOURever!
COMICS: BATMAN: ARKHAM KNIGHT Prequel Series To Launch In February
Are you curious as to what went on in Gotham after it's most dangerous villain bit the dust at the end of Batman: Arkham City? Well, DC have revealed their plans for Peter Tomasi (Batman and Robin) to pen an ongoing comic title bridging the gap between City and Knight.
COMICS: Jean Grey Meets The Ultimate X-Men In ALL-NEW X-MEN #34 Preview
The time-displaced original X-Men (and X-23) are also now space-displaced, with the team stuck in the Ultimate Universe. Hit the jump to check out a preview of next week's All-New X-Men #34, with Jean and Miles Morales coming face-to-face with the Ultimate X-Men.
COMICS: Baron Zemo and Crossbones Strike In ALL-NEW CAPTAIN AMERICA #2 Preview
The final page of last month's All-New Captain America #1 found Sam Wilson (the new Cap) and Ian Rogers (the new Nomad) face-to-face with a collection of HYDRA's deadliest members. Check out a new preview of issue two, featuring the duo against Zemo and Crossbones!
COMICS: First Details On CONVERGENCE #0; Solicit and Cover Revealed
DC's Convergence is set to bring back a massive array of worlds, stories and continuities from the publisher's past, with the new solicit for April's Convergence #0 declaring that "every story matters." Hit the jump to check it out, including Ethan Van Sciver's explosive cover.
COMICS: Gwen Takes To The Skies In Kris Anka's SPIDER-GWEN #1 Variant
Kris Anka (Uncanny X-Men) has created a fantastic new cover for Jason Latour and Robbi Rodriguez's Spider-Gwen #1, which is a continuation of Gwen Stacy's highly popular tale in Edge of Spider-Verse. Check out the cover, plus some comments from Latour, after the jump.
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