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Superdog Reviews Source Code
Was Source Code a really good time traveling thriller or just another confusing mess? Find out what I think after the jump.
Will Jor El return to Smallville Before the Series Finale?
Find out the answer, and what Lois gets for a wedding gift, after the jump
EDITORIAL: Is There Such A Thing As Too Much Comic Book Entertainment?
With all the recent movies and TV shows revolving around comics and superheroes, do we risk oversaturation and possible extinction of the trend? Check out the article to see my take...
Why we're not seeing much from the Green Lantern movie ...and should that cause us to worry?
Getting tired of all the merchandise and wondering why were not seeing actual movie stuff? Here's my theory as to why.
Lois Lane's mother to appear in Smalliville
But the big news is you'll never guess who they scored to play her. Find out after the jump...
Superdog Reviews Resident Evil: Afterlife
Did this movie breath new life into a dying franchise? Read on after the jump to find out... (MINOR SPOILERS)
Guillermo Del Torro NOT Directing Haunted Mansion!
Looks like everyone jumped the gun on this one...
Guillermo Del Toro's New Movie Announced
And it's not what anyone expected
REVIEW: Superdog on The A-Team
Was this movie any good, or another '80s remake gone horribly awry? (coughs*Gijoe*coughs) on to see what Superdog thinks!
Planet of the Apes Prequel Gets Official Name And Release Date!
Twentieth Century Fox announces release date, title, and plot details of the upcoming prequel...
Chloe To Return for Smallville Season 10?
See what producers are saying about the likely return of Smallville's Allison Mack...
HBO's True Blood to become ongoing comicbook series
Find out who will be featured, and when you can start picking them up after the jump.
Major Smallville Cast Member to Die in Season Finale
Find out who it might be after the jump.
Superman Beats Batman... In Pricy Collectible Comics
Thanks to another record breaking comic book sale, Superman is back on top.
Firefly to Become a Comic Book
Joss Whedon's scifi t.v. show, turned movie, now gets a comic book sequel.
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