Smallville Persuasion Airs Next Friday on the CW
Clark gets infected with a "different" kind of kryptonite that has some unusual side-effects on others! [TRAILER]
Matt Bomer Talks about Almost Playing Superman
If Brett Ratner's Superman movie had become a reality, this guy would have portrayed the Man of Steel.
I thought I was a Superman fanatic until I saw this guy!!
This short film has been around for awhile. But, if you're a Superman fan and haven't seen this yet..Well, just watch it!
Amazon has recently opened up a Smallville DVD Shop
Seasons 1-9 are available at the lowest prices!
Twitter vs. Superman! Twitter 1, Superman 0
Good thing I got my supertweets in early on before the super discrimination!
Smallville Returns 01.22.10
Season 9 continues and the CW has graced us with a preview!
They found Krypton!!
A planet revolving around a red sun...could it be?
Why all the Superman Bashing Lately??
Kevin Smith touched on this issue concerning what Lois must have thought about where her son came from...
VIDEO: You IDIOT! I'm Superman!
Clark comes clean to Lois about his secret!
My Brothers and Sisters, Kandorian..
He has come! Kneel before Kal-El
Superman Sequel? Maybe our grandchildren will get to enjoy it someday
What's worse than Kryptonite? How about legal issues and execs with their thumbs up their butts?
Justice League Toys For FanBoys at your local Arby's
All your Justice League Favorites and more!
VIDEO: First Look at Superman/Batman: Public Enemies
Go "behind the scenes" of DC's next big animated feature...
Superman goes to Court, Again
If you haven't heard or been following the case lately, Let me sum it up for you. The whole court case is really to determine how much money Warner Bros. and DC owe the Siegel Family from profits they collected from Superman since 1999.
Video: Smallville Season 8 summed up in few minutes!
If you missed Season 8, here's a quick look at what went on...
Submit your Superman Fan Art!
All (tasteful) submissions will go on display for all to see!
Two New Bad Guys head to Smallville this Season!
...One's has a kryptonite heart and the other has a major superiority complex!
Superman: Red Son on iTunes!
What if Superman landed in Soviet Russia instead of the U.S.??