TEABAG Does A Doodle
Henry Cavill, JGL...Ryan Reynolds? What Does The Future Of The Justice League Look Like
I Decided To Put My Pants On And Find Out What Might Be!!!
TEABAG Reviews Marvel's Avengers
He Had An Army,They Had A Hulk...
And I Had An Explosion In My Pants!!
TEABAG Empties His Christmas Sack
With A Big Round Belly And A Bushy White Beard It Comes Once A Year. No Its Not The Mrs...Its Santa And This Is What I want From The Jolly Old Man
Teabag Reviews : Batman XXX
Bat-a-rangs , Bad Guys & Boobs... couldn't ask for a better movie!
Teabag Reviews Iron Man 2!
Shoot To Thrill or Shot in the Foot!??? Come inside and find out...
Preacher Movie May Start Next Year
All together now...lets PRAY. At least for a director!
FAN CAST: Teabag does a Marvel Two in One tv show!!!!!
Thats right remember the days of one shot plots with guest stars galore!?!
Well come inside and see my tv show idea and cast :P
FAN CAST: Teabag does ...Tomb of DRACULA !!
Come inside and see what HORRORS are instore, mwahahahahahahah!
Plus there's boobs!..GOOD TIMES!!!
First Predators Poster
The South by Southwest Film Festival showcases new teaser poster for the upcoming movie.
The Wolfman Review: Teabag has been bitten!
Even a man who is pure in heart and says his prayers by night, may see the Wolfman movie when the wolfbane blooms and decide if it's all right!
Is this an early image of Avatar 2?
Decide for yourself after the jump. . .
New UK Poster KICKS ASS!
UK quad poster shows our hero in a KICK ASS pose, literally.
WILDE, wild west!!
Olivia Wilde in talks to co-star in Jon Favreau's Cowboys & Aliens.
Avengers Fan Fic: Just 4 Fun!!
What that said :P
E1 Entertainment 'PUSH' for a pilot!!
David Hayter to write a TV pilot script based off the movie Push.
Move over Edward, Fright Night's back
Remake not catering to the twilight fans
WB puts a Hex on Jonah
Re-Shoots... the new Re-Boot!!! Ten more days of reshoots for Jimmy Hayward, Josh Brolin, Megan Fox and cast!
Robocop: Dead or Alive it could be 3D!!
The remake of the popular classic grinds to a halt over 3D upset.
Sgt. Rock Movie Drafted from WWII
DC Comic Legend is finaly getting of the ground but maybe not in WWII
By Crom, They're Casting Conan!!!
Casting breakdowns for sword-and-sorcery epic!
Expendables Teaser Trailer
Stallone...Statham...Li....need we say more?
Ghost Rider 2 to be Scarier
Using Goyer's R-rated script to scare the kiddies, although they may go the PG-13 route...
By the Power of Greyskull! Sony Picks up He-Man
Warners and Mattel recently parted ways over their Masters of the Universe movie. It seems that Sony has picked up the project.
Sam Mendes Preaches to the Fans
The script is done and looks good.
New Avatar Pics - No Air Bending Here
More images from the long awaited movie.