New Batman...Jensen Ackles?
He's a favorite in every major poll.
Dragonball Absalon Animated Fan Series!
Episode 1 of an actual animated continuation of Dragon Ball Z. This is just the first of several episodes to come. Check out my review + a link to the episode.
EDITORIAL: No Americans Allowed
Cavill, Bale, Hemsworth, Jackman, Garfield. All great, but what about American actors? In this editorial I look at some non-American actors that have come to prominence playing various iconic roles, and suggest some up-and-coming young US talent that should be considered instead.
New Star Trek TV Series?
Wouldn't this be cool?
Star Trek Phase II (FAN MADE)
Award Winning Web series with Original Cast memebers staring in multiple Episodes.
Editorial: He's back and HE IS AMERICAN!
My thoughts on the whole "He's a U.S citizen, he's not a U.S. citizen fiasco"
Bin Laden DEAD! Would Superman Care?
After announcing that he will renounce his American citizenship, would Superman be for, or against us taking out Osama?
Extra, Extra read all about it, Superman gets his A*$ kicked by a Woman!
That's right folks. They're bringing in the Big Guns and it's... wait for it...Faora? Or is that Trinity? Look out Superman, she knows Kung Foo!
Zod? Oh, God.
Is this a sign that Synder doesn't have any fresh ideas for Superman?
Zack Synder's Vision
What a "Realistic" Superman Movie means
Superman Trilogy Down and Dirty
If they make this. Everyone will be happy and the studio will make a ton of money.
Star Trek Origins Done Right
This Fan-made Production shows J.J. Abrams what TOS should be.