Wonder Woman's Costume...
Wonder Woman's Costume...
I detail why I want and actually think it's important that the inevitable Wonder Woman costume stays as true to the source material as possible Read More!
Flame On...
We're back in what feels like familiar territory with the (not really) surprise casting of Michael B Jordan as Johnny Storm.
My DCU Dream Cast
Casting comic book movies is always a contentious issue among us fans, we very rarely ever agree on anything let alone on something as important as casting. One good casting decision and you get the Joker but one wrong casting decision and we get Topher Grace as Venom so here's my dream cast for the DCU.
Wonder Woman's Costume...
I detail why, I want, and actually think, it's important that the inevitable Wonder Woman costume stays as true to the source material as possible
...Does Superman Really Kill?
The controversial ending of the Man of Steel stirred up all manner of rambunctious detractors who demanded that the Man of Steel destroyed the 'essence' of the Superman character but did they really?
EDITORIAL: Why Race In Comic Book Movies Does Matter
One of the most common arguments I hear in support of changing a comic book character's race is that race just doesn't matter for that particular character. Well here's my rational argument against changing an established character's race in comic book movies.
Ever since the Man of Steel was released, all of a sudden I heard some people say that Superman Returns is looking a hell of a lot better. Well, allow me to remind you of what was
Let's keep the TV and Cinematic Universes of DC separate
Contrary to popular belief, I think it would be disastrous to integrate DC's TV Universe with DC's Cinematic Universe and here's why
Why Batman/Superman should NOT be cancelled
My vindication of the long time coming Batman/Superman movie...
In Defense Of The Now Infamous 'Tornado Scene' In MAN OF STEEL
My thoughts on what is probably the single most controversial/ridiculed/misunderstood (take your pick) scene from a comic book movie in 2013. Read on for my take, and beware of SPOILERS if you haven't seen the movie (obviously).
Why Iron Man 3 is the laziest Iron Man movie yet
Why Iron Man 3 didn't even begin to live up to the hype.