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Love. Never. Dies.
Starring Walter Garcia (Batman: The Last Laugh)
Batman: The Last Laugh
There have been many Batman Fan Film incarnations over the years. Walter Garcia and his crew at ENSO Productions have taken Batman to yet another lesson. Please comment and support his page and work.
Reservoir Turtles
While randomly searching the internet for the rare and obscure I stumbled upon this video that I wanted to share with CBM members.
Amalgam Origins: The Dead Lantern
Two Brothers... Two Universes... In a battle to see who is the best. In the end... only one universe shall remain.
A little something to look forward to while we wait for more news on our Merc with a Mouth.
Got a Little Captain in You?
An editorial about recent casting...
Alexis Bledel Fighting Crime?
Alexis Bledel is known for her character, Rory Gilmore on Gilmore Girls, but now says she is ready to slap on the tights.
Watchtower Online in Germany
I have the honor and privilege of working with real life heroes daily and as this story came across my desk I was compelled to share it with CBM readers. Following the "Steel Shadow" article editor Brent Sprecher posted this past weekend, we can safely say that "Watchtower is ONLINE!"
Erica Durance confirms Amazon outfit in AOL interview.
Erica Durance confirms the "Amazon" costume.