Wolf Review: Interstellar
A balanced look at Christopher Nolan's latest film, free of spoilers.
A Very Belated Reaction to TASM2
Yes, yet another editorialized look at this much-maligned film. As it turns out, I think that it is a lot better than it is given credit for being. I know—I never expected to hear myself say that, either. But my quest to be objective has led me to this...
What Is It About Threequels?
Why is it that the third act in a film trilogy is so often a disappointment? Here, I explore the reasons, look at examples and speculate on upcoming trilogy-closing installments...
FanCast for Star Trek: The Next Generation Reboot
Someday, Star Trek: The Next Generation will probably be rebooted with new actors. What if that was now--who would be the best fits for the roles? From Patrick Stewart's Captain Jean-Luc Picard on down, here are my suggestions...
Can GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Be the Next Star Wars?
The search for the next great space opera franchise has yielded surprisingly few results over the years. Star Wars inspired legions of film-makers, but most films in its image have not approached its mass appeal or sequel-driven longevity. Could Marvel Studios have an heir apparent on its hands?
Suggestions for the New STAR TREK Films
Star Trek is moving on to its legendary Five Year Mission, but beyond that, not much is known about the direction or content of future films. Here, I offer some ideas for that direction and content. What characters, plot elements and themes would add the most to the story, moving forward?
THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN: Franchise Lessons from James Bond
This editorial takes a look at the 007 film franchise as a model for solo-character longevity. What can Spider-Man learn from James Bond when it comes to not just surviving, but thriving in the long term?
5 CBM's With Real-World Themes
Some CBMs, more than others, use the genre as a platform to address very real ethical, social and political issues. Here are five that present such themes vividly and accessibly.
Film-Usable STAR WARS Expanded Universe Characters
Plenty of intriguing actors have tested for roles in Star Wars Episode VII. In spite of some hints, those roles themselves remain a mystery. Here, I survey established non-film characters who could reasonably make the jump to screen...
CBM Romance - Strength or Weakness?
CBMs always cast a "love interest" to offset the hero, but there is not always much actual love happening onscreen. Here, I take a look at the CBM landscape with regard to romance, when it is used as a prominent story element, and how that can either hurt or help a film.
Wolf Analysis of Thor: The Dark World
Thor: The Dark World is doing quite well for itself financially, helping insure the continued adventures of the God of Thunder and reinforcing the larger MCU at the same time. But divorced of all that, how does it measure up as a film in its own right?