Henry Cavill wore the Superman suit, a symbol of hope, to raise awareness of Lou Gehrig's Disease. Click here to help the cause and make the video bigger!
COMICS: Cyborg, Red Hood and Mera Featured In Preview of SECRET ORIGINS #5
Witness the early days of three more of DC's top superheroes in Secret Origins #5: Cyborg by Marv Wolfman and Edgar Salazar, Jason Todd by Scott Lobdell and Jack Herbert, and Mera by Jeff Parker and Daniel HDR. Read on for a preview!
Oh look, another very unlikely "idea" editorial!
Spider-Man: Lost Cause (Fan Film)
Spider-Man: Lost Cause is a feature length fan film directed and written by Joey Lever. It's a passion project meant to challenge Marc Webb's "Amazing Spider-Man" Franchise. It was originally intended to be released 2013, but was postponed until 2014.
Multiverse Figure Gives First Look At BATMAN: ARKHAM KNIGHT's Robin
Rocksteady is attempting to create the ultimate Batman experience with the upcoming Arkham Knight, and now it's confirmed that his iconic sidekick will also be making an appearance. Check out some low-resoultion photos of a new figurine displaying Robin's redesigned costume.
COMICS: Skottie Young, Gabriele Dell'Otto & Chip Zdarsky Cover AVENGERS & X-MEN: AXIS
Three new variant covers for Avengers & X-Men: AXIS have been unveiled: one by acclaimed artist Chip Zdarsky (Sex Criminals), a baby variant by Skottie Young (Rocket Raccoon) and another by Gabriele Dell'Otto (X-Force). Check them out after the jump.
Shawn Ashmore Discusses Watching X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST, Says It Is Like Magic
Shawn Ashmore, who has played Iceman in both X-Men: Days of Future Past and the original trilogy, sat down with Queen Latifah to discuss watching the finished version of the film. Hit the jump to check it out!
New TV Spot For GOTHAM - There Will Be Light
With the highly anticipated DC Comics television series, GOTHAM, set to premiere next month on FOX. A new TV spot has hit the web and the show looks just as good as ever. Take the jump to check it out!
COMICS: 'Men Of Tomorrow' Charges On In SUPERMAN #34 Preview
Geoff Johns (Forever Evil, Justice League) and John Romita, Jr. (Amazing Spider-Man) continue their take on the Man of Steel as their new character, Ulysses, meets his parents. Hit the jump to read a preview of Superman #34.
COMICS: Loki Fights Doctor Doom In LOKI: AGENT OF ASGARD #6
Many of Marvel's titles are marching to AXIS, an upcoming series set to turn things on its head. Next month's issue of Loki: Agent of Asgard sees the God of Mischief take on the mighty Doctor Doom! Hit the jump to check out an early preview.
ARCHIE COMICS Titles Available August 27th
This week, "Dawn of X" concludes and a couple more Sonic books drop. It's been a big month for the blue hedgehog, hasn't it? Read on for details concerning these and much more.
Game of thrones season 5 set pic's
A new set of set pic's have hit the web thanks to the guys at winteriscoming hit the jump to see more.
A fan made Red Band trailer for a PUNISHER MAX film released by Marvel Studios. Hit the jump and check it out!
COSPLAY :  Neferet as Harley quinn from arkham knight
With arkham knight due out in the next few months it's time for cosplayers to make there new costumes and the first to do so is Neferet check out the pics below.
Who are the top 5 most iconic superheroes
We all know number 1 & 2 but who are number 3, 4, & 5!!!
Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice
Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice, what to avoid and how to make thing more realistic.
Editorial: Top Ten Comic Book Movies as of 2014
Read on as Jackmamma throws his hat into the ring of the Top 10 CBM lists
Donald Glover Cast As The Voice Of Miles Morales In ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN
Donald Glover will finally play Spider-Man! Well, voice him anyway. The actor will lend his tones to Miles Morales in season 3 of the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon, and you can check out an interview, some stills and a clip from the show after the jump.
FAN MADE: Grant Gustin's The Flash get's Made Into Fantastic Art
Check it out after the jump, to see "the fastest man alive" CW show incarnation painted still into fantastic art by fan.
COMICS: Discover the Identity of 'Masked Superman' In FUTURES END #17 (Preview)
One of the most persistent questions to arise from DC's weekly series The New 52: Futures End is who exactly is the Superman behind the mask, and why does he even wear it? Well, we're about to find out. Hit the jump to check out a preview of this week's issue.
Watch the Trailer for 'Exists' From the Director of 'The Blair Witch Project'
Watch the newest trailer for the found-footage Sasquatch movie, Exists, from the director of The Blair Witch Project.
In an earlier interview with COMICBOOK.COM, director Joe Russo talks more about how he feels regarding the release date between Batman v Superman and Captain America 3 and why Batman v Superman made a smart move.Hit the jump to know more.
My take on how MARVELl should proceed with story points in the MCU.
Just one guy's ideas on how Marvel should proceed.
COMICS: THE NEW 52: FUTURES END #19 and BATMAN ETERNAL #22+25 Cover Reveals
Power Girl takes on Deathstroke in The New 52: Futures End #19, Catwoman faces imprisonment in Batman Eternal #22, and a foe that looks a lot like Hush makes his move in Batman Eternal #25. Check out the newly revealed covers and existing solicits.