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New Characters confirmed for LEGO BATMAN 3: BEYOND GOTHAM from leaked video!
Some stills from a leaked video trailer featuring new character for the Anticipated Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham Game have made their way here into CBM.Com, check it out after the jump to see which characters are bricked!
FAN MADE: Fantastic & Realistic Drawing of The DC Trinity Unites Superman, Wonder Woman & Batman
Check out this awesome drawing of The Man of Steel, The Amazonian Demi-Goddess & The Dark Knight that unites the DC trinity, take a look after the jump !
Doctor Who: All new images from 'Deep Breath'
The BBC released a new batch of images of The Doctor, Clara, Strax, and more check it out after the jump!
FAN MADE: Several Posters & Manips of The Live Action Version of The Justice League
Multiple posters and art featuring the Live Action heroes of the DC universe to unite and create the Justice league in multiple variations, check it out after the jump.
It appears that the iconic serial killer Michael Myers will be taking on yet another unlucky cast of characters in the newly announced next installment of the horror franchise. More details after the jump...
My Thoughts on The Amazing Spider-man 2 (SPOILERS)
Just finished watching Superman errr I mean Amazing Spider-man 2. With the hype surrounding one of the biggest comic book characters in cinematography, was Amazing Spider-man 2 a success or a failure? Hit the jump to find out my thoughts on the film.
BATMAN V SUPERMAN Production Heading To Morocco
Could this be the filming location for Themyscira? Or even Atlantis?
COMICS: StormWatch Is In Trouble In This Preview Of NEW 52: FUTURES END #16
In this preview of New 52: Future Ends, The threat that was after StormWatch finally revealed itself! Who or what is this Thing? Hit the jump to get all the answers you want! Come Check it out!
ScottMontgomery Expresses His Love For Cinema
We all love movies! Click the link to find out what some of my favorite movies are and to share some of your own!
Scoot McNairy and Henry Cavill Spotted Together On BATMAN V SUPERMAN Set
Both Scoot McNairy and Henry Cavill seem to be gearing up to shoot a scene together for Batman V Superman. Is this the first meeting between Superman and the Flash or is this just Superman and random Lexcorp employee #3?
Benedict Cumberbatch to voice Shere Khan in Warner Bros Jungle Book:Orgins
The Warner Bros adaptation of Jungle Book has found its Shere Khan in none other than Benedict Cumberbatch!
ARCHIE COMICS Titles Available August 20th
Archie Comics have two collections available this week: a digest and a massive trade paperback. Read on for details concerning these and some digital exclusives available this Friday.
EDITORIAL: 8 Things I'd Like To See In A BLACK PANTHER Film
Black Panther is my favorite comic book character EVER!!!! It's a matter of time he gets a movie. These are 10 things I want to see in this movie (in no particular order) and I hope you agree with them all!!!
Kevin Smith To Direct YOGA HOSERS
The film will star Johnny Depp, Smith's daughter, Depp's daughter, Justin Long, Ralph Garman, Jason Mewes, Adam Brody and several others. But what exactly is Yoga Hosers? Click here to find out.
COMICS: Enter Miles Morales In This Preview Of ALL-NEW X-MEN #32
Miles Morales officially joins the X-men in this Edition of All-New X-men! Will it be to much for him to handle? Or will he take this challenge with ease? Find out all the answers you need after the jump! Check it out!