Hush Reviews 'Doctor Who: Asylum of The Daleks'
Finally Series Seven of the worlds longest running science fiction series Doctor Who returned to our screens last night - hit the jump to read my review *WARNING - CONTAINS SPOILERS*
DOCTOR WHO Series 7 Premiere Episode Synopsis
The Doctor returns with Amy and Rory this Autumn for the first half of Series 7. The BBC has released episode synopsis for the first three episodes, so with that in mind, hit the jump for the details and a few other rumors and possible spoilers...
Doctor Who - Series Seven Trailer
The Doctor is back! The Last of The Time Lords is back for his 7th / 33rd series in the worlds longest running science fiction program Doctor Who - and so are some other familiar faces... (spoilers)
Fan Art - Some Doodles My Lovely Lady Does
I thought I would share some of the art my lovely girlfriend has done. She's Marvel and I'm DC - but opposites attract and all that. See? We can all get along.
EDITORIAL: Will 'The Amazing Spider-Man' actually be Amazing?
With Marvel releasing a rebooted Spider-Man this July, could this actually be the real summer blockbuster? Hit the jump to find out...
What's next for The Dark Knight?
With Christopher Nolan's brilliant vision of Batman coming to a close in 2012, the question debated heavily last night between my friends and I was 'What's next for The Dark Knight?'
The Twelve Days of Comics - my absurd Christmas Superhero sing-a-long
'Tis the season for good will and glad tidings, and with that in mind, I thought a Christmas sing-a-long for all Marvel and DC fans might be in order. So without further a do, here is my Christmas wish list, the Twelve Days of Comics.
Holy Tagging!
Recently, my home city of Bristol in the South-West of the United Kingdom, had a graffiti street party in the city centre on the now famous Nelson Street...
Whatever happened to The Man of Steel?
Next year Superman will be a whopping 80 years old. But as Batman infamously stated in Infinite Crisis, the last time Superman truly inspired anyone was when he died. But who's fault is that? Why is The Man of Tomorrow currently viewed as The Man of Yesterday?
Who's The Daddy?
Here's the scoop on all your Doctor Who goodness for The Christmas Special and Series 6 (Series 32 for us true Who-ers).
Neil Gaiman writes for 'Doctor Who' Series 6
Acclaimed writer Neil Gaiman will be writing episode three of series 6 for Doctor Who...