WONDER WOMAN's convoluted Retcons and Paradoxes have finally been abolished and Princess DIANA's proper status as the FIRST Wonder Woman and as a JLA Founding Member has been restored!

By WONDERVERSE - 4/20/2010

Wonder Woman comics always had continuity problems. From the Silver Age where she had adventures with herself as a teenager and as a tot, to the paradoxical timeline that had been established in the John Byrne run.(where Hippolyta who temporarily replaced her daughter as Wonder Woman travelled back in time to the 40s to become her daughter's predecessor)

While this approach solved the continuity problems the Justice Society comicbook encountered after "Crisis on Infinite Earths", it created greater continuity problems among the Wonder Woman cast of characters.

Fans all over the world didn't like their favorite heroine reduced to the status of a 'legacy character' when everyone knows Diana joined the contest and earned the title of champion and became the Wonder Woman who started it all. Fans also did not like the Post-Crisis Retcon that was done back in the 80's where they portayed Black Canary II as the first female member of the JLA and not Diana. (Not to mention that continuity damage this wreaked on Wonder Woman's sister, Donna Troy)

Last weekend, the C2E2 Comics Convention was held and at the DC Nation Panel, the following was announced by one of DC COMICS' Co-Publisher, Dan Didio-


" Another fan asked about Wonder Woman's revised origin, post-Infinite Crisis, to which DiDio explained that her mother Hippolyta was no longer the original Wonder Woman of World War II. Additionally, Wonder Woman was again a founding member of the Justice League. "Wonder Woman is our premier female superhero in DC Comics," DiDio said. "When she first appears she should be in our premier superhero team."

This announcement has just confirmed what I suspected when I saw preview art for DCU Legacies that showed the Justice Society of America posing as a group with a poster next to them that had the date- 1941. And along with them on that group shot was- The Original BLACK CANARY. I thought this was strange because the original Dinah Drake did not join the JSA until 1947. Yet in this preview pic, she was alongside the JSA in 1941 and Wonder Woman(Hippolyta) is not among them. Which hinted that the "World War II Wonder Woman" retcon had finally been abolished. So to help keep us all on track, I have also revised the "Current Continuity" Timeline for Wonder Woman on the Wonderverse Website. Visit the revised timeline at- http://raffywonderverse.blogspot.com and/or visit the main site at http://wonderverse.tripod.com


Wonder Woman Art:George Perez & Bruce Patterson from Volume II , Issue # 1
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Wonder Woman- Created by William Moulton Marston
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Tobuttica - 4/20/2010, 12:04 PM
If you read Infinite Crisis, I thought Hippolyta was the Wonder Woman on Earth 2, and on Earth Prime she was just Diana's mother. I think Didio was just elaborating and rehashing what would already be known if the comics had been read, but thanks for sharing so people that don't read will know the truth!
WONDERVERSE - 4/20/2010, 12:11 PM
Hi Tobuttica.

Actually if you read Infinite Crisis, when our mainstream universe's Wonder Woman saw the much older "Wonder Woman of Earth-2", Diana asked her "Mother??". But the Wonder Woman of Earth-2 said "NO, My name is DIANA PRINCE".

Earth-2's Queen Hippolyta never became Wonder Woman.

Our Earth's Queen Hippolyta is the one that John Byrne turned into the "Wonder Woman of the 1940's" by having her time-travel to the 40's and joining the JSA to fight in World War 2.

Dan Didio was not actually rehashing because for so many years, the John Byrne retcon has been the regular status quo. Dan Dido was actually announcing in advance what all of us fans are about to read when "DCU"Legacies" finally gets released.
davidcub - 5/9/2010, 9:04 PM
So what happens to Donna Troy now?
WONDERVERSE - 6/9/2010, 12:54 PM

Donna Troy is still around. The important part of her classic origin has been restored. Rescued from the building fire by her sister DIANA, now Wonder Woman...she was returned to Themyscira. Inspired by DIANA as WW, Donna became Wonder Girl and helped form the Original Teen Titans.
WONDERVERSE - 6/9/2010, 12:58 PM
The retcon aspect of her origin introduced by John Byrne, however is still intact (as shown in Wonder Woman Vol. III, Annual No. 1 Story by Alan Heinberg) where Donna is Born of Magic as Diana's sister on Themyscira, she was kidnapped by Dark Angel and placed in suspended animation for years. Till Diana saved her.

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