Could ‘Captain America 2′ Be Pushed Back To Summer 2014?
Marvel Studios is confident in taking bigger risks going forward, and evidently, is beginning to experiment using “Phase Two” to see just how powerful their brand is. For the first time since its inception as a self-financed production house, Marvel Studios is going to begin releasing films outside of the key summer movie season.
Official IRON MAN 3 Stills Released
Released alongside the Super Bowl tv spot, new Iron Man 3 official images from Marvel Studios have been released featuring Don Cheadle in Iron Patriot/War Machine Armor, James Dale Badge and more! Nothing spectacular but they're official and hi-res nonetheless.
WARM BODIES Wins Super Bowl Weekend Box Office
WARM BODIES Wins Super Bowl Frame with $20 Million. Bullet to the Head finished sixth place. Hit the jump to learn more.
Get ready for Man of Steel bling!
It wasn’t done on a huge scale before, but with the major success of the franchise, the major studios dove head first into the toy business, and for many equal films, having a great toy line is key, especially if it’s a superhero franchise. Hit the jump to learn more.
First Reactions To PACIFIC RIM Screening
Reactions from the first Pacific Rim test screening are now online! Hit the jump to see what the first lucky viewers thought of the Guillermo del Toro's monsters versus robots film.
Iron Man vs Guyver 1!
Everyone has been wondering for the longest time who would win in a battle to the death; Guyver 1(Sho Fukamachi) or Iron Man(Tony Stark) with their standard weapons on a first meeting(with no prep time). Hit the jump to make your voice heard on who you think would win.
Comics: Tomb Raider back in comics?
Dark Horse is bringing Tomb Radier back to comic books. Hit the jump to read more!
Robert Rodriguez being sued?
Sin City: A Dame to Kill For and Machete Kills director Robert Rodriguez is being sued. Click the article to find out why the director is being sued.
Wolves Director David Hayter wanted a 3rd Guyver film!
Wolves director David Hayter wanted a 3rd Guyver film (with Steve Wang). Click the article to find out why a 3rd Guyver film was never made.
Dredds Costume And Props Are Being Auctioned
Dredd's costumes and Props are being auctioned off on E-bay.
BOX OFFICE: Weekend Results Are In
Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters leads a weak weekend at the Box Office. Click this article to find out the weekend estimates of the top 10 movies for this weekend.
Guyver anime action figure on display!
Click this article to take a look at the 1/6 scale anime Guyver 1 action figure!
BOX OFFICE: Chinese film fans lashes out at censors for cutting out Skyfall scenes!
Chinese film fans are complianing about the censors who cut scenes out of the new James Bond film Skyfall. The Chinese film fans are saying the censores ruined the film.
BOX OFFICE: China vs Hollywood?
Good news! Chinese cinema moviegoers shows Hollywood the money in China! The bad news! Chinese cinema moviegoers pushes Chinese films to the side for Hollywood films.
My Tron 3 movie idea I want to see.
With the news that Disney is ready for another Tron movie, I have decided to share my movie Idea on how I want Tron 3 to be.
A synopsis of My Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Reboot idea!
Micheal Bay and friends are (rumored to) start production on the Ninja Turtles Movie this April. With that in mind I wanted to share (a synopsis)Movie idea of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles I would make!
I want a Red Hood live action movie Hollywood (Warner bros).
Another Batman Reboot? Really Hollywood(Warner bros.)? No! I want a Batman spin off. Heres a movie idea for you; I want 3 live action prequels based on the very popular animated straight to DVD movie Batman Under the Red Hood!
Guyver Reboot needs your help!
One year and seven months ago I pitched a Guyver movie reboot idea to a hollywood movie producer. Now I need your(the fans) help!