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COMICS: Teaser Posters For ORIGINAL SIN Featuring Doctor Strange, Captain America & More
The next Marvel event is drawing closer, which means the publisher is ramping up publicity on Original Sin. Hit the jump to check out two teasers for the upcoming story.
COMICS: Brian Michael Bendis Confirms Sequel to SPIDER-MEN
Bendis, the writer of the financially and critically successful Spider-Men, has revealed that a sequel to the crossover is in the works. Hit the jump for more!
Review: WONDER WOMAN VOL. 4: WAR Hardcover
Woman Woman continues to hammer the gods in the latest collection of her adventures. Find out what I thought in my review.
DC's grandiose prelude to Forever Evil is now available as a collected edition. Interested in what I thought of it? Come on in!
COMICS: Final Issue of FOREVER EVIL & Tie-Ins Delayed
DC's villain-centric event has been going on since September, but it's not coming to an end anytime soon - three of the Forever Evil titles have been pushed back. Hit the jump to find out which ones have shuffled release dates.
COMICS: First Look at Marvel's Latest Event ORIGINAL SIN #0
Next month, Marvel will launch into a brand new event that sees the death of The Watcher, and the whole universe is a suspect. Hit the jump to check out a black and white preview of Mark Waid and Jim Cheung's Original Sin #0.
COMICS: The Merc With a Mouth is Getting Married in Preview of DEADPOOL #27
In this "enormously oversized" issue, the hilariously unpredictable Wade Wilson will be tying the knot with a mystery bride. With dozens of writers and artists on board, hit the jump to check out a textless preview of Deadpool #27.
COMICS: Hulk Smashes In First Preview Of HULK #1
The first unlettered preview has hit for the Incredible Hulk's new comic series, written by Mark Waid and illustrated by Mark Bagley. The series will pick up from the finale of Indestructible Hulk, and therefore answering the question, who shot Bruce Banner? Hit the Jump!
It seems the Sinestro Corps may make its presence felt in the Smallville universe this June. Will Batman receive a yellow ring? Check out the solicit and an amazing cover by Cat Staggs within.
COMICS: The Hunt For Robin Is On In Batman and Aquaman #29
Did you ever see Batman Under the Red Hood? This preview is something like that but with a little twist to it. While Batman is going to save Robin he crosses paths with Aquaman. Hit the jump to check out this confrontation...
COMICS: DC Launching Bombshell Variants This Summer
After other themed-covers this year (Scribblenauts and Robot Chicken among them) DC will be launching another set of variants, based on the successful statue line. Hit the jump to check out the first details!
All-Star Creators Unite for the Landmark ALL-NEW X-MEN #25!
ALL-NEW X-MEN #25 will feature some of the top talent in comics history to celebrate the anniversary of the title! Check out more including a list of artists after the jump!
COMICS: Origins of Green Lantern & More Revealed in SECRET ORIGINS #3
Next month, DC are launching a new book detailing the origins of various characters with rotating creative teams. The third issue will feature the early days of Green Lantern, Batwoman and Red Robin. Hit the jump to check out the solicit and cover art!
COMICS: Check Out This Preview For NEW AVENGERS #15
Marvel in this universe is in a bit of a drought. Why? Doctor Strange sells his soul, Reed Richards rejoins the Illuminati, and things are looking bad for the world. Hit the jump to checkout this Dreadful preview!
Pasto's Inhuman Achievement(s): Cyborg
In this series I chronicle feats that no normal being should be able to accomplish in the DC Universe. Click the jump for more information.
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