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COMICS: Avengers and X-Men Unite To Take On the Red Skull In Upcoming AXIS Event
Writer Rick Remender and executive editor Tom Brevoort attended Special Edition: NYC to discuss Marvel's upcoming Avengers/X-Men event, AXIS, talking about the team line-up, the evil nature of the big bad, Red Skull, while comparing it to a "Michael Bay movie."
Original Sin #1- Comicshistory Review
Who Killed the Watcher? Someone powerful enough to scare the you-know-what out of the Avengers and other assembled heroes. Check out our review of this powerful comic book.
Memo to Hollywood: GIVE ME JONNY QUEST
If you are like me, you’ve been waiting patiently for a live action movie depicting the characters and story CORRECTLY.
COMICS: Mark Millar Pitched Death of Professor X and Cyclops/Wolverine Split Ten Years Ago
Things are a bit different in the X-books at the moment, with Charles Xavier dead, Wolverine leading the X-Men and Cyclops heading a mutant faction. Well, it turns out that acclaimed writer Mark Millar (Kick-Ass, Civil War) had a very similar idea... in 2004! Check it out.
My Thoughts on the Rumored DC Universe
Recently, we got wind of a rumor which told us what Warner Brothers' plans are for the next couple of years of DC films. These are my thoughts on the rumored films, and what I think should come after.
The first collection of Archie's battle with the undead is available now. Find out what I thought of it in my latest review.
COMICS: CAPTAIN CITRUS getting the MARVEL treatment!
Flordia's own superhero to support orange juice to be leaping onto comic book pages later this year. Check it out!
COMICS: Marvel To Launch Five-Issue HAWKEYE VS DEADPOOL Miniseries
Deadpool has gone against multiple figures in comics recently (including Carnage and even the entire Marvel Universe) and now he'll go head-to-head with Marvel's headline archer, Hawkeye! Hit the jump for more details and some lo-res artwork from the upcoming miniseries.
BATTLE OF THE AGES: Dr. Doom vs Wonder Woman
In this series I USUALLY pit hero against hero, but I've decided to mix it up and pit hero against villain and let YOU decided who the victor is. Up now is DR. DOOM vs WONDER WOMAN.
ARCHIE Creative Talent Announced For NYC Events This Weekend
If you're going to New York Comic Fest or Special Edition: NYC this weekend, you have the chance to meet creators working on titles published by Archie Comics and attend one of several panels. Get all the details in these press releases.
ARCHIE COMICS Titles Available June 11th
Archie Comics have two titles available in comic shops today. Step inside for info concerning Archie Comics Digest #251 & Sonic The Hedgehog #261.
[UPDATE 3] Marvel vs Fox vs Sony - Solution to All of Their Problems!
Marvel fans have been at war ever since the release of the first Iron Man film. After realizing that Marvel studios knows how to make a great superhero film, fans wanted all of the film rights of Marvel characters back at Marvel studios. I think I came up with a deal Marvel studios can make with Fox and Sony to make it so.
'POWERS' TV Show To Finally Debut This December On The Playstation Network
The troubled production based on Brian Michael Bendis comic book series is to air exclusively on The Playstation Network. The series was originally in production at FX but didn't make it past a pilot. Now, The PSN will broadcast the show with the first episode being free to all PS users.
Here is a quick manip of how I think Doctor Octopus should look in The Amazing Spider-man franchise.
Character rights I want to revert to Marvel and those I don't want to return to Marvel.
Many fans of Marvel Studios want the rights of their favourite characters to revert to Marvel Studios. I believe that there are some characters that would work on the universe they've set up, and some that won't.
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