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As the battle commences between Predator, another enhanced mutant, and Elden, Elden realizes that, "War never stops". But what will Elden do when he realizes that he is beaten? Hit the jump to find out the answer!
Avi Arad's plans for Spider-Man sequels is music to fan's ears!
I was able to sit down with legendary producer Avi Arad recently and heard his bold new plans for the Spider-Man franchise and their relationship to the MCU!
COMICS: There's No Puns In This New Preview Of NAILBITER #9
Oh, not ComicBookMovie's Nailbiter, Image Comics have just released their newest preview for Nailbiter #9. Even though Ben Grimm isn't behind the school bus wheel in this edition, hit the jump to give your input for the comic.
Filming has finished for Batman v Superman and we are all eagerly waiting to see the teaser for BvS,but there are people concerned about if this is like a pre-justice league movie,but if Snyder follows my advice,I assure you it won't be. So here's my 5 things that needs to be in Batman v Superman.
Does Marvel changing its Universe History make the Books from the early 2000's down more valuable
With the changes happening from these mega events, Iconic Characters history or race being changed does our collection become more valuable and sought out, or does it keep things status quo.
Why I think Ben Affleck will be a great Batman
Well firstly I will start that in my opinion WB made a mistake announcing that Affleck will be taking the mantle from Bale.I think people would have not reacted so outraged against the choice if it was announced maybe few months later after the Batman Rises came out.For me Affleck will do it and I will try to show few examples I have later on.
Happy Holidays From Occulus Films And Director Eric Lettman!
Seasons Greetings CBM'ers! As a special gift, Occulus Films and Eric Lettman would like to give you a sneak peek at the upcoming teaser trailer for a Joker series, The Padded Room! Open and Enjoy!
DCGuy is Back (For Now) And Shares About His Army Experience
Given a vacation break from his Army tranning DCGuy comes back and shares with us how even in the military grown men are again connected with one of the most universal things in life...COMICS!
COMICS: New Variant Cover By Andy Kubert Released For BATMAN #38
DC Entertainment have just released a new variant cover for Scott Snyder's Batman #38. This cover was drawn by Andy Kubert, and features Batman's greatest villain (debatable). Batman #38 hit the shelves next year. Hit the jump to check it out!
X-Men Comic Timeline
Here's a timeline of the crazy lives of the X-Men for all you who are new to the world of mutants!
COMICS: Discover The New 52 Origin of Dick Grayson In SECRET ORIGINS #8 Preview
Unfamiliar with the early days of Dick Grayson, the first Boy Wonder? Well, you'll want to check out this week's Secret Origins #8, with Grayson writers Tim Seeley and Tom King presenting the, uh, dawn of Dick. Plus, the issue features the origins of Katana and Animal Man.
We have started a college fund for my children, so I decided to combine my love for them and my love for superheroes. I have designed a batman shirt and will be selling it for $15.00 plus shipping and handling. Thanks for the help and support.
Doopie's Doodles: The Night Before X-Mas
It's Christmas time in the Marvel Universe and everyone has gathered at the X-Mansion when an unexpected guest drops by. Check out the Christmas Special of Doopie's Doodles but beware - there are rhyming couplets ahead!
COMICS: DARKSEID Is Crowned King Once More In This Preview Of EARTH 2: WORLD'S END #12
When Darkseid returns to Apokolips, the throne is passed on to him once more. Darkseid, as always, tries to cause harm to the universe, but the elemental Avatars from Earth-2 will try to stop them! Will they succeed? Hit the jump to check it out!
PHASE 3: A Dire Fan's Theory
Breaking down the upcoming slate of Marvel's releases, I theorize how Marvel plans to continue their winning strategy.
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