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Who are the top 5 most iconic superheroes
We all know number 1 & 2 but who are number 3, 4, & 5!!!
Why DC Can Beat Marvel At Its Own Game
Can they build that DCU better and give Marvel some run for their money or will they pull another Green Lantern?
COMICS: Discover the Identity of 'Masked Superman' In FUTURES END #17 (Preview)
One of the most persistent questions to arise from DC's weekly series The New 52: Futures End is who exactly is the Superman behind the mask, and why does he even wear it? Well, we're about to find out. Hit the jump to check out a preview of this week's issue.
My take on how MARVELl should proceed with story points in the MCU.
Just one guy's ideas on how Marvel should proceed.
COMICS: THE NEW 52: FUTURES END #19 and BATMAN ETERNAL #22+25 Cover Reveals
Power Girl takes on Deathstroke in The New 52: Futures End #19, Catwoman faces imprisonment in Batman Eternal #22, and a foe that looks a lot like Hush makes his move in Batman Eternal #25. Check out the newly revealed covers and existing solicits.
REVIEW: The Multiversity #1
Mysterious monsters threaten the existence of all creation, requiring heroes from a multitude of earths in different universes to team up together to stop the menace before it annihilates all in existence. Sounds like classic Morrison, but was it really as good as the hype? Hit the jump for the full review!
EDITORIAL: Ranking The Top 10 Female Characters From MARVELS Cinematic Universe.
The Marvel Cinematic Universe might be awash with hammer wielding, shield throwing, eye patch wearing men but this world of heroes is also home to some very powerful women. Whether joining in on the action, using their superior skills or making the male heroes starry eyed, the female characters are every bit as exciting, commanding and important. In this editorial I will rank the MCUs top female characters counting down from 10.
Two New DC'S WORLD'S FUNNEST Shorts Released
Dc Nation has just released two new funny shorts that Feature, Batman, Superman, Robin, Joker, and more. So hit the jump to check out these two new vids that has some amazingly awesome graphics. Check it out!
POLL: What DC/WB Film Do YOU Want to Be Announced?
Hit the jump to cast your vote for the DC film you want Warner Bros. to announce by the end of this month.
Captain America, Namor, The Winter Solder, Human torch, and mainly every hero available is trying their best to take out Deathlok and all his clones, not just to save their lives, but to save the world as well! Hit the jump to check it out!
Fall 2015 Potential Spin-off Show's from Current The DC TV Universe
Hi friend, come close, come and click, let's take a peek at 2015, let's look at the future and the shows that could be, potential shows from DC TV. Check it out after the jump with just one click.
COMICS: Dan Abnett Talks GUARDIANS 3000; It's A Bleak Future
Abnett recently sat down with ComicBookResources to chat about all things Guardians 3000 including plot, villains, art and much more. Hit the jump to check out some of the interview...
COMICS: Female Loki Returns In THOR & LOKI - THE TENTH REALM #4 Preview
Thor continues to hunt for his sister, unaware that it's Guardians of the Galaxy's Angela that he seeks! Of course, in this first look at Thor & Loki - The Tenth Realm #4, the God of Thunder has his hands full being betrayed by Loki who has once again taken a female form...
COMICS: J. Scott Campbell Provides DEATH OF WOLVERINE Connecting Variant Covers
J. Scott Campbell has created countless covers in the past, with his newest series of connecting variants featuring several of Logan's loves. Hit the jump to check out Campbell's take on the life and Death of Wolverine.
COMICS: Gwen Stacy Stars As Spider-Woman In EDGE OF SPIDER-VERSE #2 Preview
Spider-Verse is an upcoming event that sees every Spider-Man unite from across different universes, with one being old Peter Parker girlfriend Gwen Stacy as the Web-Crawler herself! Hit the jump to see a textless preview of Edge of Spider-Verse #2.
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