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Is Josh Gad a part of Marvel's announcement on The View?
ABC's The View posted a list of guest appearances on today's show. One of those guests is actor, Josh Gad (21, Jobs, Frozen) Could he be linked to the Marvel news, or just so happening to be there?
Review: Wolverine #10-Two Months to Die
Wolverine mans up, takes responsibility for his actions, and finds out forgiveness is divine, as he prepares for all out war with Sabretooth.
COMICS: Red Robin, Wonder Girl and More Take Flight In Relaunched TEEN TITANS #1 Preview
DC has a new Teen Titans title out this week with a fresh creative team and line-up, starring Red Robin, Wonder Girl, Raven, Beast Boy and Bunker. Hit the jump to check out a preview of Will Pfeifer and Kenneth Rocafort's first issue.
MARVEL Announcing All-New Thundering Title On THE VIEW Tomorrow
Marvel is prepared to announce something on the popular chat show 'The View,' with hints that it may have got something to do with the God Of Thunder, Thor. Hit the jump for details...
While it is not confirmed yet, there are slight possibilities that the most powerful Marvel villain Thanos is secretly working with HYDRA and maybe the reason that Arnim Zola refused to give up after World War Two and chose to corrupt several government officials into serving HYDRA leading to the organization lasting throughout the years and existing in the 21st century for following reasons;
Is MEPHISTO The Real Big Bad Of The Marvel Cinematic Universe?
If so, have we already been introduced to him?
COMICS: Green Arrow's Death Unanswered In NEW 52: FUTURES END #11
In deep space, Hawkman and his crew try to find answers to several things, especially answers to green Arrow's death. Meanwhile the Justice League questions FireStorm about Oliver death. Hit the jump to check it out!
Magical DC Comics characters I expect to see in the Constantine TV series
According to the producers, Constantine will bring many magic-related DC characters onto the small screen. Read on to discover who I hope to see and how I want them to be introduced in the series.
EDITORIAL: Characters That Could Appear In Future Cosmic Marvel Movies
With the release of Guardians of the Galaxy drawing ever nearer and the prospect of a high box office opening, I figured I'd share my thoughts on characters that could be adapted to the big screen in later instalments to the cosmic Marvel franchise.
5 Questions That Arrow & The Flash NEED To Answer
Arrow and The Flash seem to be doing everything right so far. But there are still some burning questions that need to be answered. Hopefully some of these questions get answered at SDCC...
COMICS: First Solicits For DC's New Weekly Series EARTH 2: WORLD'S END Revealed
This October, DC Comics is launching their third weekly series of 2014, taking the characters of Earth 2 and putting them on a collision course to doomsday - or should I say Apokolips? Hit the jump to check out the October solicitations, covering the first four issues.
What if Snyder has approached the execs over at WB, pitched the idea of constructing a DC Universe by appalling two of the most iconic superheroes together in one film, only to be rejected and asked to construct a more broader universe?
COMICS: Did Tony Stark Create Hulk? Find Out In ORIGINAL SIN: HULK VS. IRON MAN #2 (Preview)
All across the Marvel Universe, secrets are being revealed - and writers Kieron Gillen and Mark Waid are about to drop a bombshell. Is Tony Stark to blame for the creation of the Hulk? Hit the jump to check out a preview of an Original Sin tie-in, Hulk vs. Iron Man #2
Today Archie Comics announced that they are rebranding their line of Red Circle characters to reflect a more mature direction. Read on for early details from an official press release and my two cents.
COMICS: First Look At Sam Humphries And Paco Medina's LEGENDARY STAR-LORD #2
With the release of James Gunn's upcoming space adventure Guardians of the Galaxy at hand, got their hands on an unlettered preview from issue 2 of Sam Humphries And Paco Medina's Legendary Star-Lord, in which Peter Quill has been captured by a strange bounty hunter... Take a look!
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