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The guys over at ScrewAttack have done it again! While Batman and Captain America aren't going to go head-to-head for the box office anymore, now you get to see them in a battle to the death. Could Batman trump the star-spangled man? Take the jump to check out to find out!
Crucifix Executioner - Motion Comic Pilot
A motion comic adaptation of the first chapter in the Crucifix Executioner series of graphic novels.
SuperHeroes & Me: How Comics Changed my Life Part 2 DOOPIE
Beloved CBM.Com user & The most talented artist on site Doopie shares his page in the book of life and how superheroes & comics changed & molded him, come read this emotional story about "The Doop" be ready to use a kleenex...and also bring a rag for your tears.
Archie artist dies at the age of 82
Stan Goldberg, famous for Archie died Sunday. He was famous for his artwork on Archie comics and multiple Marvel comics.
PODCAST: MetaComix #3: Events-Good, Bad, or a Bit of Both?
Welcome to the MetaComix Podcast! In this episode we cover some of the latest comic related news such as the possibility of a new Supergirl TV show, the Rock being cast as Black Adam, and the possibility of Comic-Con leaving San Diego!We also talk about the oversaturation of events in the comic industry, as well as reviews for Batman Eternal #22, Original Sin #8, and the Death of Wolverine #1!

Check it out!
COMICS: Spider-Man Noir Faces Off Against Mysterio In EDGE OF SPIDER-VERSE #1 Preview
Spider-Man Noir makes his entrance into Spider-Verse, as the Peter Parker of the 1930's faces the fan-favourite foe, Mysterio. Hit the jump to check out a preview of David Hine, Fabrice Sapolsky and Richard Isanove's Edge of Spider-Verse #1.
COMICS: The Joker Returns In THE NEW 52: FUTURES END #20
The Clown Prince of Crime has only appeared sparingly in the New 52, but he's set to return in an issue of Futures End in under two weeks time. Hit the jump to check out Ryan Sook's cover, and it's kinda freaky.
COMICS: UNCANNY AVENGERS Variant Homages THE AVENGERS, With Added Deadpool
Deadpool's making his way into some of Marvel's most iconic covers (and posters, it seems) for the publisher's 75th anniversary, and the Uncanny Avengers #25 variant is pretty familiar... it's a recreation of the poster for Joss Whedon's The Avengers! Check it out.
CBM.Com Tournament Death Battle! ROUND 2 TOP DC FAN
By Gawd! they have killed each other!, as Gawd as my witness they are broken in half!!!.. The Results are in, see who killed who and who is surviving round round 1 to die in round 2, remember to vote!
Comic Book Movie Battles! Round 17 Pleasure doing business with you
Round 17 is here just in time for the weekend
SuperHeroes & Me: How Comics Changed My Life Part 1 The Prelude
3 users have united to bring an unseen before editorial series about how each one of their lives have been changed, molded and all around been touched by Superheroes and their comics (shows, Movie etc) check it out after the jump to see part one of these deeply personal editorials.
The Unofficial Marvel Cinematic Universe Power Grid
This is a list I threw together containing the characters of the Marvel Cinematic Universe categorised into 8 different classes that indicate their power levels.
A mysterious sandy version of Superman is granting people the opportunity to reach their potential, challenging them while they're at a crossroads in their life. The stranger also has a challenge for the Blue Boy Scout himself. Find out if it's good after the jump!
Editorial: Great Villians of Comic Book Movies
In this article i discuss what i feel are the best villains in comic book movies
COMICS: Marvel Teams up with STOMP out Bulliying
Variant covers of Cap, Hulk, Avengers and others will reflect this new partnership to stand up against bullying in schools as well as cyberbullying.
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