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COMICS: Nightcrawler Lives Again in Preview of AMAZING X-MEN #6
Everybody's favourite fuzzy blue teleporting mutant has returned to the land of the living, but faces trouble right around he corner: his mother, Mystique! Check out a new preview of Jason Aaron and Cameron Stewart's Amazing X-Men #6.
COMICS: A Famous Villain Makes Their New 52 Debut in BATMAN ETERNAL #2 Preview
This new weekly title is underway, and big changes are headed for Gotham! In next week's issue, a "notorious Batman adversary" makes their way into the reboot. Hit the jump to check out a preview of Batman Eternal #2.
COMICS: Preview of ORIGINAL SIN #2; Who's Holding the Watcher's Eye?
Marvel's latest event sees the death of the Watcher, and everyone in the Marvel Universe is a suspect! But in this new preview, a mystery superhero holds one of his eyes - has he killed the Watcher? Hit the jump to check out our first look at Original Sin #2.
We all know what Winter Soldier has been up to in the movies, but after the jump you'll be able to see what he's up to in the comic book with a preview of Rick Remender's (Uncanny Avengers) Winter Soldier: The Bitter March #3.
Review: The Best Of Archie Comics Starring Betty And Veronica TPB
Behold, my first review of a graphic novel from Archie Comics! Read on to find out what I thought of this massive anthology...
COMICS: The Mayhem Continues in DEADPOOL VS CARNAGE #2
The battle of the crazies continues in Cullen Bunn and Salva Espin's Deadpool vs Carnage #2. One's good, one's bad, whatever the outcome you can bet it's going to get messy before it's all over. Check out the preview here.
COMICS: Logan Turns His Back on the X-Men in WOLVERINE #4 Preview
The conclusion of the Rogue Logan storyline sees some big changes in Logan's life after he leaves the Jean Grey School. Hit the jump to check out a preview of Paul Cornell and Ryan Stegman's Wolverine #4.
COMICS: Barry Allen Picks Up the Pieces in Preview of THE FLASH #30
Central City has been damaged by the Crime Syndicate, and now the Scarlett Speedster is back to rebuild his home! But this post-Forever Evil story will challenge Barry Allen in ways like never before. Hit the jump to check out a four page preview of The Flash #30.
COMICS: Stephanie Brown Returns in BATMAN ETERNAL #3 Preview; Cover For #7 Revealed
The new weekly Batman title launched this week, kicking off, potentially, one of the biggest Bat-stories ever! A preview of Batman Eternal #3 ups the excitement with a fan-favourite addition - the New 52 debut of Stephanie Brown. Plus, check out Andy Kubert's Batman Eternal #7 cover.
COMICS: Bruce Banner Fighting For His Life & Hulk Unleashed in HULK #1 Preview
After the shocking events of The Indestructible Hulk, Bruce Banner is close to death and the Hulk has been unleashed! Hit the jump to check out a preview of Mark Waid and Mark Bagley's all-new HULK #1.
COMICS: Kal-El Blasts Off in First Preview of SECRET ORIGINS #1
DC are launching a brand new ongoing series detailing the origins of their biggest and best characters, and we've got a preview of the first issue. Featuring the early days of Superman, Robin and Supergirl, hit the jump to check out our first look at Secret Origins #1.
Review: MEGA MAN #35
Part two of "Shadow of Ra Moon" has arrived! Find out what I thought of it in my latest review...
COMICS: DEADPOOL #27 Sets a New Guinness World Record
Here's a surprise - the Merc With a Mouth actually accomplishing a world record! As it turns out, the wraparound cover for Deadpool #27 has been recognised as the cover with the most comic book characters. Hit the jump for more details.
If I Could Be Kevin Feige For A Day
The Marvel Cinematic Universe has never had more momentum but what moves would diehard comic fans make if they could place themselves in Kevin Feige's shoes?
DC Announces Bombshell Art Prints Featuring Retro Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn & More
In the coming months, DC will release new art prints based on their popular line of statuettes. Hit the jump to check out designs for World War II-styled Batgirl, Catwoman, Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Hawkgirl and many more!
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