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COMICS: Lois Vs Diana In This Preview Of SUPERMAN/WONDER WOMAN #10
What's the first thing Lois lane does with her new found powers....? Fight Wonder Woman! Meanwhile Superman Is busy fighting with Cyborg Superman as an army is about to invade earth! Hit the jump to check it out!
I have 2 clear cut ideas for new DC animated shows. For Marvel, I have a new set
of characters I'd like to see enter the comics.
With many Marvel heroes already in Disney Infinity 2.0, Two more heroes are being added in to the game, two heroes that go by the name of Star-Lord and Gamora. So hit the jump to check out Their design. Check it out!
COMICS: Get You First Look Of WARLORD OF MARS #0
Dynamite Entertainment released a new comic titled WARLORD OF MARS, it features character like John Carter, Dejah toris, and many more new faces, so hit the jump to see how much you like this new comic. Check it out!
The first volume of "The Fox" is now available in comic shops everywhere. Find out what I thought of it in my latest review.
COMICS: Alex Ross To Release Marvel Art Book & 75th Anniversary Posters At SDCC '14
Fan-favourite artist Alex Ross has been wowing us with his stunning 75th Anniversary variants for Marvel this year, and is bringing them to this year's San Diego Comic-Con in print form, as well as a new Marvel art book.
With the way Comic Book Movies are maturing and reaching new audiences via different sub-genres, I figure it's about time that we explore different sub-genres within the Comic Book Movie genre. Read on to see the ten sub-genres that we need!
LEGENDARY STAR-LORD  #1 Comic Book Review
Check out the new Star-Lord Comic book and see what is inside. Do Rocket Raccoon and Groot show up? And what is it about that crazy ray gun that Star-Lord uses?
COMICS: Icarus Heats Up In Preview of DETECTIVE COMICS #33
The acclaimed team of Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato continue their run on the Caped Crusader as another gang war erupts in Gotham. Hit the jump to check out a preview of Detective Comics #33.
Victory Has Defeated You
The challenge of creating a successful trilogy that is both cinematically praised, respectful to the comics, and successful at the box office.
Original Sin #5: Comic Book Review-by Comicshistoryguy
Original Sin #5 is reviewed, and WOW, are there some surprising revelations inside. We avoid Spoilers, but we do comment on why this is a MAJOR comic book issue...Must read for Marvel/Nick Fury fans!
Fantastic Four #6: Original Sin Crossover Comic Book Review
What is the Original Sin that gets The Thing sooooo mad? We won't say, since we don't do spoilers, but we do take a look inside this Fantastic Four book to show you the art as we discuss the storyline.
COMICS: DC Unveils First Selfie Variant Featuring BATMAN & SUPERMAN
We've seen Bombshell, steampunk and Scribblenauts variants from DC this year, and now they're launching their silliest line yet - selfie variants. Check out the first one for Batman/Superman #14 by artist Paulo Siquiera.
Rocket Raccoon #1 Comic Book Review-by Comicshistoryguy
What is Rocket Raccoon up to now? Will he save the Princess? Will he get lucky with his date? And how is Groot doing? Learn all this and more, as we review this comic book for you...
Moon Knight #5 Review
With his run on "Moon Knight" Warren Ellis is reminding us all of the power of a great standalone issue.
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