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Could the DC TV Universe be heading towards a Justice League style team up in the form of The Outsiders?
With the recent news of Marvel Comics shutting down a few of their major comic books, is it fair to say that they are screwing fans, or is this just a brilliant business move?
Diversity in Comics
Join me as I ramble about the hot button issue of diversity in comic books. Will you agree with me or disagree with me? Click on the title to find out.
FINAL FANTASY And KINGDOM HEARTS Designer Reenvisions Catwoman
Tetsua Nomura of Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts fame has set out to redesign many of DC's most famous characters, with Tetsua already having released a design for Batman, the designer has now released a follow up for Catwoman. To call it 'interesting' is an understatement...
HAVE A COOKIE!! Korra is here SON!
Before I go to college I wanted to post my fancast for Avatar series, after I have done ATLA fancast I want to end it with the legend of korra
No, your eyes aren't deceiving you. The Predator is coming to Riverdale! Read on for details.
COMICS: SONIC BOOM #1 Lettered Preview
The folks at Archie Comics have been generous enough to provide some interior pages from the inaugural issue of "Sonic Boom". Step inside for a look at this new comic book series featuring everyone's favorite blue hedgehog.
Yet another DC Comics TV Show?
DC Comics is doing really well in the Television department. "Arrow" is a hit, "Gotham" and "The Flash" are doing solid numbers. Could yet another super hero tv show be in the works?
NYCC: More Details Concerning Dark Circle Comics Finally Revealed
Have you been waiting to hear more details about the Dark Circle Comics launch? Read the latest inside and get a look at Francesco Francavilla's NYCC poster!
ARCHIE COMICS New York Comic Con Plans & Variant Covers
New York Comic Con kicks off tomorrow! Step inside for a look at some con exclusive variant covers and Archie Comics' list of signings and panels that you can partake in.
In Defence of Marvels New Mandates
Quite the controversy has stirred as of late concerning new mandates that Marvel has put in place regarding the future of the Fantastic Four and X-Men. But not all is lost. Click the title and see how I defend these new mandates.
COMICS: James Bond To Get A New Comic Series In 2015!
The lady loving super-spy will get a new comic book series in 2015 courtesy of Dynamite Entertainment. Click the link for more intel!
ARCHIE COMICS Titles Available October 8th
Archie Comics have several titles shipping this week, most notably the highly anticipated "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina" horror title. Oh, by the way, Sonic continues life as a Werehog. Read on for details.
COMICS: FUTURES END Triptych Teases Return of Pre-52 Universe; 'Blood Moon' Is No More
Though we saw two parts of this connecting cover a few days ago, the cover for The New 52: Futures End #25 adds the final piece of the puzzle. Check out Ryan Sook's amazing tease of the future, plus a new tidbit on the title of 'the DC Band-Aid' (hint: it's not Blood Moon).
COMICS: DC Teases Blood Moon in the new Futures End images
Ready for DC's next crossover event? Click here!
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