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DC Villains I Want on Screen
Just a list of villains I want to see DC/WB portray in the future.
What Batman Stories should be Adapted to the Screen?
In this editorial I list a few brilliant Batman stories that should be adapted into movies or TV shows.
The X-Men Movies: Ranked!
In another of my ranking lists, I tackle the (mostly) good X-Men series! Enjoy!
Sit Back, Relax, And Listen To HOWARD THE DUCK #1 …WTD?!?!
Are you among the many fans who will pick up Howard The Duck #1 written by Chip Zdarsky this March? If yes, hit the jump to check out, listen to Howard The Duck #1 …WTD?!?! (What The Duck?), presented by Marvel Comics and Graphic Audio. Check it out!
Teen Titans TV Show Should Be Game Changer
Wall Street Cheat Sheet takes a look at how TNT's upcoming "Teen Titans" TV show could change the gender future of Super Hero TV, and film for that matter, if it proves a success.
What Should Andrew Garfield do next?
In this new editorial, I'll look at what roles the former Spider-Man could, or should move onto. Enjoy!
I break down 4 inaccurate and hypocritical myths perpetuated by Marvel fans
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Tonight on GEEK BLAST! Mike Tombs & James Talk about Movies, Comics, Games and much more. Call in for your chance to WIN A FREE STAR WARS T-SHIRT from JKA (Jedi Knight Academy) at 8:30PM EST the theme for this month is comic book movies! also Tombs has his Travel Guide For Gamers, Mike does his Star Wars News of the week. James will be giving us the scoop in comics this week and some chat on Spider Man.
Check Out This Superb Fan-Trailer for David Ayer's Upcoming SUICIDE SQUAD!
Fellow CBM user and well known editor @solyentbrak1 has created impressive trailers for Batman v Superman and Mad Max: Fury Road has now taken a few exceptional stabs at David Ayer's upcoming Suicide Squad. Hit the jump to check out his latest work!
CM Season 10 Preview!
The guys at Red7 Entertainment have unveiled the preview of the 10th season of their indy comic, CM: Camp Maranatha. Click to see more!
CBM User Breaks into Comics!
Long-time CBM User, MattMan/MegaMatt (aka Matt Brooks), recently won a contest leading him to a career in comics and recognition from Stan Lee!
A Parallax infected Hal Jordan and a rookie Kyle Rayner must team up for Convergence tie-in, Convergence: Green Lantern/Parallax. Hit the jump to check out art for the limited series, and to hear what writer Tony Bedard had to say.
COMICS: Cap Faces Cobra And The Armadillo In ALL-NEW CAPTAIN AMERICA #4 Preview
Sam Wilson must take down the combined might of Cobra and the Armadillo in these preview panels for Rick Remender and Stuart Immonen's All-New Captain America #4. Check out the panels after the jump.
COMICS: Unlettered Preview Panels For NEW AVENGERS #31
The road to Secret Wars continues and Rabul Alal’s identity is close to being revealed in these unlettered panels for New Avengers #31. Hit the jump to check it out.
Marvel/Sony Spider-Man MUST HAVES
There has been much speculation on what Marvel and Sony should do with the Spider-Man reboot. Now, hear what the ArrowKnight has to say.
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