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Comics: See Attack on Titan/Marvel Crossover finished preview pages
Eight pages make for this possible preview in this crossover event.
LEGO SCOOBY-DOO Sets To Be Released In 2015?
Recently, there were reports that there would be Lego sets released next year based around something "retro" and "spooky". Now we have some information on what those sets will be. Hit the jump!
COMICS: DC Announces 10 more titles for Convergence miniseries
For DC's big event "Convergence" they announced 10 new titles! See Parallax Hal Jordan, Steel, Supergirl and more!
New Amalgam Character Comparison List
Here's a list of amalgam characters for a project i'm working on hit the jump to see it!
The Top Ten Best Comic Book Adaptations [Honourable Mentions]
This is a short list of comic book adaptations that came close but were excluded from my Top Ten list.
Action Figure Offers First Look At 'Ninja Talon' From Animated Film BATMAN VS. ROBIN
New solicits have unveiled the design of a 'Ninja Talon' set to appear in DC's second 2015 Animated Original Movie, which will not only see the Caped Crusader go up against the Boy Wonder, but also have the Dynamic Duo battle the deadly Court of Owls!
COMICS: Batman Races Towards the End of 'Robin Rises' In BATMAN AND ROBIN #36 Preview
With Jason Todd, Tim Drake and Barbara Gordon having joined the fold, Batman is determined to bring Damian Wayne home, but that means he's going to have to go even further into the madness and into the heart of Apokolips! Read a preview Batman and Robin #36 after the jump.
Three Casting predictions, and one educated guess(of sorts)
Who Could Daniel Bruhl Be Playing In The MCU?
With Marvel confirming that Daniel Bruhl has joined the MCU, I look into possible characters he could be playing in the films.
Sideshow Collectibles's Announce A New THROG Diorama
Who or what is a Throg? You may be asking yourself. Throg is the frog version of Thor who wields Frogjolnir. Sideshow Collectibles just announced that they will be designing their newest collectible after him. Check it out!
James Gunn Responds To Controversy Around His Recent DC Movie Slate Comments
GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY director James Gunn recently told IGN he isn't sure if the announced DC movie slate is "interesting or not", which caused quite a stir in the fan community. Now Gunn responded to the at times harsh reaction to his words, saying "people LOVE to be outraged"...
Who would you like to have drinks with.
If you could sit down with any of the current comicbook crews, for a few drinks and a good time, who do you think would provide the best time?
The latest installment is here, check it out after the jump to see which heroes from the vast DC comics library got made into an awesome fan made version.
Sideshow Collectibles Unveils New POWER GIRL Premium Format Figure
Based on the designs of popular artist Stanley "Artgerm" Lau, a stunning 21" Power Girl statuette from acclaimed sculptor Sideshow Collectibles is set to arrive in October 2015. Hit the jump to check out the promo shots.
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