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Here is my reaction to the casting of Gambit for an upcoming X-MEN film.
COMICS : Naruto Manga To End In November
Well Good News For People Who Don't Like Naruto Hit The Jump For More Details On This News.
COMICS: New FUTURES END Tease Itches Closer To 'Blood Moon'
DC Comics co-publisher Dan DiDio has posted a sneak peek at the next two issues of The New 52: Futures End, with the connecting cover art giving us plenty of clues as to where the DCU is headed. Hit the jump to check it out!
The son of Thanos, Thane discovers his true power and wants to discover the history of his father (The Mad Titan). While doing this he also wants to figure out what his future holds. Hit the jump to check it out!
6 Upcoming significant characters within the MCU copied from DC
6 upcoming Marvel cinematic characters everyone should know where they came from
COMICS: New Creative Team Takes Barbara For A Spin In Preview of BATGIRL #35
We did get an low-res, uncorrected look at this issue a while back, but DC Comics have officially released a preview of Cameron Stewart, Brenden Fletcher and Babs Tarr's Batgirl #35. Check out the debut of this highly anticipated and talked-about creative team after the jump.
CBM.Com Tournament Death Battle! ROUND 5 TOP DC FAN
Well here we go, the final match, the one for the big gold belt, let's get ready to fight & vote one last time, check it out after the jump to see who will become an immortal legendary champion & king of kings...
COMICS: New Variant Cover For DEATH OF WOLVERINE: The Weapon X Program #1 has been given a variant cover for the Death Of Wolverine: The Weapon X Program #1 by Skottie Young. So hit the jump to see Logan take the nickname savage to the EXTREME! Check it out!
COMICS: BATMAN Moves To $4.99 An Issue, Scott Snyder Responds
One of the most popular DC Comics titles will increase in cover price, with Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo's Batman going from $3.99 to $4.99 an issue with the beginning of Endgame. And Snyder has responded. Hit the jump for more details.
COMICS: Thane Looks To The Past In THANOS: A GOD UP THERE LISTENING #1 Preview
At the conclusion of Infinity, Thane realised he was the son of Thanos, and in this new series he'll attempt to discover his future through his father's past. Hit the jump to check out a preview of Thanos: A God Up There Listening #1.
SuperHeroes & Me: How Comics Changed my Life Part 4: DCGuy Returns From The Banned List
Back from the banned list, DCGuy comes back to with his life story, check it out after the jump to see if you hate him more or if you're ok with sharing the world with him (Because honestly no one really "likes" him)
COMICS: Check Out An All-New Variant Cover For Deathlok #1 By Mike Perkins has been exclusively provided with a nice new variant cover designed by Mike Perkins for Deathlok #1. With this comic set to hit shelves October 29th, hit the jump to get your first look at this hot new variant! Check it out!
Marvel's list of 75 best comics, favorite heroes, And Marvel vs. DC in TVs and Movies
Our heroes discuss Marvel's list of 75 best comics, favorite heroes and tons of other insanely interesting things! What witty fools we are!
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