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ARCHIE COMICS Titles Available August 6th
There are a few big releases this week, such as "The Death of Archie" trade paperback (it's already here) and a few books Sonic The Hedgehog fans will want to check out. Read on for details concerning these and more.
Marvel Cinematic Universe Viewing Chronology Infographic
Check out this infographic displaying the ideal viewing order for every MCU entry so far based on character introductions, deaths and other significant events
COMIC BOOK PREACHER: Deacon Askani makes his debut.
The Dark Knight shows us the true meaning of self sacrifice, and the powerful impact it can have.
SafeGuarding the Marvel Brand
What does Guardians of The Galaxy mean for every future Director that Marvel hires?
EDITORIAL: My thoughts on part 3 of Marvel's Cinematic Universe
A different money smart perspective on Phase 3 of the MCU and a future of changes
COMICS: Skynet! Skynet! And More Skynet! In This Preview Of TERMINATOR SALVATION: THE FINAL BATTLE #8
To celebrate 30 years of Terminator, hit the jump to check out John Connor and the Resistance fight against Skynet and their evil malicious Robots as they go into an all out WAR! Come check it out!
COMICS: The Golden Archer Vs.The Merc With A Mouth In This Preview Of  HAWKEYE VS. DEADPOOL #0
Marvel has provided Comicbook with a three page preview of the Interior Art for the upcoming comic, Hawkeye Vs. Deadpool #0. So hit the jump to get Gerry Duggan's thoughts about Clint and Wade and to check out the preview!
5 DC villains i want in the DCCU
did your favorite DC villain make the cut?!!?
COMICS: Jim Lee's Next Project Is Batman-Related, But Who Is He Working With?
Acclaimed artist and DC co-publisher Jim Lee recently stated that his next DC project would involve the Caped Crusader, but a new image teases the possibility of him working with Grant Morrison, Geoff Johns, Scott Snyder or John Romita, Jr. So what is he working on?
Kevin Feige On The Possibility of A Female-Led Superhero Film; It Comes Down to the Story
In a new interview, Kevin Feige suggests that Marvel doesn't appear to have any plans for a film with a female lead yet, explaining that it all comes down to timing and finding the right the story. He is still open to it, however. Hit the jump to read what he has to say.
Review: Avengers #33-Time Travel Shenanigans
Jonathan Hickman proves why he's a master of superhero sci-fi fusion with the latest installment of the Avengers, but what makes the issue great is also it's most fatal flaw. Hit the jump to find out more!
COMICS: Hank Pym Teams Up With SHE-HULK In SHE-HULK #7
In this edition of She-hulk #7, Hank Pym guest stars, the artist Javier Pulido returns, and She-Hulk, Giant Man, And HellCat teams up to save a friend's office mates. Hit the jump to check it out!
The Dark Knight's The Joker And Iron Man 3's The Mandarin Cameo In Bengali Film
Notorious villains from rival studios Marvel and WB/DC appear for the first time in the History of Film, in the same scene in a live action blockbuster. Although most of us will never see the film, nor understand the film if we saw it, this is a landmark moment for the Comic Book Movie fans. Check out the screenshot of the scene inside.
Marvel Takes Over Australia's National Rugby League!
Check out this Liimited Edition Uniforms that five teams from Australia's National Rugby League will be sporting this weekend only.
COMICS: The Black Widow Bites In This Preview Of THE PUNISHER #9
The Punisher is doing what the Punisher does, breaking jaws, punching faces, and more things in that aspect. But not there is a obstacle in his way, an obstacle that is not easy to take down, The Black Widow! Hit the jump to check it out!
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