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Villains for the Spider-Man Reboot
Here is my idea for the villains in Spider-Man Reboot. Yes i do think Norman Osborn should be in it to set up Dark Reign.
New Clip From Tomorrow Night's Episode of ARROW Gives Us A Look At Count Vertigo's Escape
In a new clip released by the CW from tomorrow nights episode of ARROW we get a look at Count Vertigo's escape and a taste of Laurel kicking ass! Take the jump to check out the clip!
EDITORIAL: The New Spider-Man: Peter Parker or Miles Morales???
Fanboys! Are you choosing Miles Morales or Peter Parker??
Spider-Man in the MCU, but where?
On Monday, Marvel and Sony announced that Spider-Man would be joining an MCU movie before July 2017. Generic Dave gives his two cents on where he should appear and why.
MARVEL has tons of new characters coming with the Phase Three movies, so I decided to show you some of my favorite picks for these characters.
Could The Punisher Also Be In Civil War?
Now that we have Spidey in the MCU, could we maybe see Punisher play a part in Captain America Civil War?
Why Spider-Man joining the MCU is a Great!
In this article I give my reasons why Spider-Man being in the MCU is a fantastic thing!
Where Were YOU When You Heard The News?
I have no words to explain what has just happened over the past few hours....but I know it's amazing...
In another list I will vent my personal ranking of the MCU films. Enjoy!
MAN OF STEEL Actress Christina Wren Set To Reprise Role In BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE
In an interview with the Pittsburgh Magazine, Man of Steel Actress Christian Wren reveals she will be reprising her role as Carrie Farris in next years Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Take the jump to check out what she had to say about working on the film and her character!
New Video Interview For ARROW Gives Us A Look At Wednesday's Episode; Canaries
In this new video interview with ARROW executive producer Marc Guggenheim we get a glimpse of the return of Sara Lance (Caity Lotz), Vertigo (Peter Stormare), and why a certain character joins Team Arrow. Take the jump to check out the interview.
Tarantino's Movies: Ranked!
I rank Tarintino's films from worst to best!
First Promo For CONSTANTINE's Season Finale; Waiting For The Man
With the future of the series still up in the air, NBC has released the first promo to this Friday's season finale of CONSTANTINE and it looks like everyone will be coming for our favorite chain-smoking, master petty dabbler of the dark arts, anti-hero. Take the jump to check it out!
ARROW: Woah! Woah! Woah! Why Are There Two ARROWS?
ARROW Star Stephen Amell (Oliver Queen/Arrow) has posted a new photo on set of one of the upcoming episodes of ARROW showing not one but TWO Arrows and they're fighting each other! Take the jump to check out the photo!
Fan-casting the Bat-Family!
In this article I give my opinion on the ideal casting for the cinematic bat-family and related characters. Hope you enjoy!
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