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Mr. Terrific is the most mishandled modern character in DC comics
I’m not a fan of Mr. Terrific, but I am a fan of great comic book story lines. A slight difference in his portrayal could turn him from JSA/JL afterthought to an innovative cog in the DC Comics Universe.
Ahead of San Diego Comic-Con, DC has debuted four in-house advertisements appearing in this week's comics, promoting the relaunched Suicide Squad and Teen Titans titles, Grayson and the sort-of return of Damian Wayne in Robin Rises. Hit the jump to check them out!
WARNER BROTHERS TV Comic-Con 2014 Schedule Revealed
Click the jump to check out the OFFICIAL press-release for the Comic-Con 2014 schedule of Warner Brothers Television. Shows included are The Flash, Constantine, Arrow, and iZombie.
COMICS: San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive Variant Covers Revealed
San Diego Comic-Con is right around the corner and DC Entertainment have revealed the exclusive Comic-con variant covers for Batman, Superman, and others! Check them out!
Can you guess ALL these Marvel Heroes?
Come and have a go at guessing who all these Marvel Heroes are from great artwork from around the web.
ARCHIE/ RED CIRCLE Titles Available July 2nd
Whether it's comedy, superheroes, or video game inspired action, the folks at Archie and Red Circle have a lot to offer this week. Read on for info concerning the latest titles.
Women in comic book movies; Part 2
This is Part 2 of 3 of my on going articles on women in comic book movies.
TOP 10: COMIC Arcs/Characters That Need Films
We have been given some of the best CBM’s in this day and age, but there are still others out there that need the same treatment. Click the jump to look at my top 10 that’s need the same treatment.
COMICS: The Man of Steel Becomes Superdoom In ACTION COMICS #33 Preview
After a blistering fight with Doomsday, Superman has been suffering from his 'Doomsday virus' - and in Greg Pak and Aaron Kuder's Action Comics #33, he will finally succumb to that virus and become SUPERDOOM! Hit the jump to check out a preview.
Most Ambitious DARNA Film Announced
Asia’s top actress and the movie's lead star Angel Locsin describes how big and ambitious the new DARNA film will be
EpitomeofAwesome’s Top 10 WORST CBM's
Over the years there have been many types of comic book movies. Some make us cry, some make us laugh, some make us bang our head against the wall to try to get the memory out. Well, today, EpitomeofAwesome breaks down the 10 WORST comic book movies. Check it out after the jump.
Eric Powell's biggest story since 2008, check out a new adventure of The Goon from Dark Horse Comics. Cover, summary and pages right past the jump...
CBM User Launches Indie Graphic Novel, CruZader™: Agent of the Vatican
An exorcist is forced into duty as a holy hitman for the Vatican; he must embrace his destiny in the face of an apocalyptic prophecy.
COMICS: The King Of Atlantis Dies In AQUAMAN AND THE OTHERS #4 Preview
Yes, you read that headline correctly - Aquaman's dead! At least, that's what DC wants you to believe in their new preview of Aquaman and the Others #4. Hit the jump to check it out!
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