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Analyzing Iconic Heroes: SUPERMAN & BATMAN
Superman and Batman are easily the most iconic characters in comic book history. So click the jump to check out my breakdown of these characters as I go in-depth with their ticks and tocks
SUPERMAN/WONDER WOMAN #8 Comic Book Review-by Comicshistoryguy
Part Two of the Superman: Doomed storyline, in which Superman is infected by Doomsday. How does this affect the Superman/Wonder Woman relationship? What is Lois up to? Find out with our video review...
COMICS: Dick Goes Super-Spy In First Preview Of GRAYSON #1
Dick Grayson, presumed dead after the events of Forever Evil, has abandoned his Nightwing moniker and gone undercover with secret agency Spyral in his brand new solo series. Hit the jump to check out our first look at Grayson #1!
ARCHIE COMICS Titles Available June 25th
Archie Comics have five titles shipping this week. Read on for details concerning each.
COMICS: Origins of Green Lantern, Batwoman and Red Robin In SECRET ORIGINS #3 Preview
DC's new origins book explores the early days of their greatest superheroes, and this month Red Robin, Batwoman and Green Lantern get the Secret Origins treatment. Check it out!
COMICS: DC's Band-Aid Project Won't Have New 52 Characters, But Different Realities
Infamous site Bleeding Cool's reports have been correct more often than not, but previous claims that DC's New 52 and pre-52 characters would come head-to-head have turned out to be false. However, the concept of "The DC Band-Aid" is still going ahead. Check it out!
Who would win in a fight: The Batman (DC Universe) or Captain America (Marvel Comics)? VOTE/DISCUSS NOW!

ALSO: Who won last week-Green Lantern (DC) or The Mandarin (Marvel)? Hit the jump to find out!
MetaComix reviews Batman Eternal #11 and explains why the craptastic art detracts from what was an overall solid story. Hit the jump for more details.
Explaining about Dc comics, and the universe as a whole.
COMICS: Grifter Goes To Cadmus Island In NEW 52: FUTURES END #8
Many things are happening in this edition of New 52: Future Ends, Grifter goes to Cadmus island and has to worry about surviving, John Constantine See a strange man that he's eager to find more about. Hit the jump to see a preview of Edition 8!
THE SUPERHERO SHOW: Who Delivered the Greatest Super Villain Performance?
IGN's weekly comic book movie-related show tackles the biggest news and issues of the genre, with this week's topic discussing the greatest villain performances. Join hosts Chris Tilly and Daniel Krupa for the latest episode of The Superhero Show!
COMICS: A Battle Is About To Commence In GREEN RED LANTERNS #32
Guy Gardner is making the decision of his life, he's trying to figure out if he will let Super-girl (The newest Lantern) Fight against the Dangerous evil villain Atrocitus or if he should sit her out because he doesn't know if she's tough enough. Hit the jump to see his decision.
VIDEO: Catch Up On BATMAN ETERNAL Thanks To DC All Access' Bonus Clip
Fallen a little behind on DC's epic weekly Batman series, or been wanting to check it out? Then you're in luck. DC All Access's new video recaps the first ten issues of Batman Eternal from Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Jason Fabok and more to bring you to speed for this week's issue #11.
Guy Pearce Wants To Return For PROMETHEUS 2
Despite his character dying in the first film, Guy Pearce has revealed that is interested in returning for Prometheus 2 as Peter Weyland, and would love to work with Ridley Scott again.
MetaComix Video Review: Nova #18
Recently had a chance to pick up Nova #18, an Original Sin tie-in, and decided to do a quick review. Overall, solid issue. Hit the jump to watch my recap and thoughts on the story.
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