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COMICS: X-Factor Takes On An Egyptian Goddess In This Preview Of ALL-NEW X-FACTOR #19
The X-Factor starts a new mission in a foreign country and hen they do, a 'vengeful Egyptian goddess' was released. And what's the first thing this goddess want to do? Take down the X-Factor! Hit the jump to check it out!
Are Comicbook Reviews Biased?
This article is about me going into reviews and ratings in comicbooks.
See What Happens Behind the Scenes of the BATMAN ARKHAM KNIGHT Cinematic Trailer!
Saw that epic Batman Arkham Knight Cinematic Trailer? Were you amazed at the realistic CGI that Blur Studios created? Did you fap to the new Harley Quinn model? Well then, get to see how it was all made here with green-screens and mo cap-suits!
COMICS: A Clash With Thor In Preview of ANGELA: ASGARD'S ASSASSIN #2
After Original Sin revealed that Angela was the long-lost sister of Thor and Loki, she launched into her own action-packed solo series. In the upcoming second issue, she finds herself in Asgardia alongside her family, but they aren't all happy to see her...
COMICS: Green Arrow Teams Up With Green Lantern In GREEN ARROW #38 Preview
The partnership of Hal Jordan and Oliver Queen is one of the strongest in comic book history, though the duo haven't spent any time together over the last few years. Well, that all changes when the two team-up in Green Arrow #38! Check out a preview.
Bucky Barnes finds himself on the planet Mer’z’bow. This planet has many tricks, and specs of romance. How will the Winter Solider fare on these new grounds? Hit the jump to check out this new preview of Bucky Barnes: The Winter Soldier #3
The Avengers Lineup Wallpaper
Marvel's Avengers Wallpaper featuring current Roster from 2008-2015.Didn't know if to include the Guardians of the Galaxy since this is just for Earth's Mightiest Heroes. Also couldn't add Ms. Marvel and Dr Strange since no promo art has been released for them (yet).
Iron Man- Robert Downey Jr
Captain America- Chris Evans
Hulk- Mark Ruffalo
Thor- Chris Hemsworth
Ant-Man- Paul Rudd
Black Widow- Scarlett Johannson
Nick Fury- Samuel L. Jackson
Hawkeye- Jeremy Renner
Black Panther- Chadwick Boseman
Scarlet Witch- Elizabeth Olsen
Quick Silver- Aaron Taylor Johnson
Falcon- Anthony Mackie
War Machine- Don Cheadle
COMICS: Things Get Hectic In This New Preview For HAWKEYE VS. DEADPOOL #4
Bang, Boom, Arrows, Guns, Blood. All that and more is in this new preview for Gerry Duggan's Hawkeye Vs. Deadpool #4. After a long road of battle this is the Final Issue. Hit the jump to check it out!
James Franco and Seth Rogen Wanted For Booster Gold And Blue Beetle By Justice League Artist Kevin Maguire
Well it looks like an artist on one of DCs biggest franchises has his own things to say about the casting of the DCCU. You want to see who else he has cast? Come take a look, see what he have.
COMICS: HOTEL HELL Is The Theme For This Preview Of THE PUNISHER #14
The Howling Commandos hold valuable information regarding Frank Castle's family. Frank decides to step up and do something about it, and when he does...Chaos erupts! Hit the jump to check out this new preview of The Punisher #14
COMICS: Check Out A New Preview For Kaare Andrews's IRON FIST: THE LIVING WEAPON #8
Danny Rand is trying to become the best warrior he can be, he's trying to become the Iron Fist, but he must do one thing before this can happen...conquer the "demons of his past". Will he succeed? Hit the jump to find out!
The Avengers have fought many battles and saved countless lives, but now they take the time to help the ones who cant fight their own battles! Hit the jump to check out this new preview of Avengers: No More Bullying #1!
Top 5 Comic Series of 2014
Not including the big 2 cause the have a habit of just being brand dependent, a little cliche, overhyped, generally lacking in originality, overly serious and full of plotholes (I’m a bit bitter over Marvel and DC today yes) what was the top 5 comic book series of 2014
SUPERIOR: A Mark Millar Mini-Series That Should Be Adapted To Film
Mark Millar has left an impact on the world of not only comic books, but comic book movies, being known for such work as Civil War, Kick-Ass, and many other original works that have yet to receive a movie adaptation. One in particular, Superior, is one of those works and in this editorial, I'll tell you why it deserves a movie.
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