Fantastic Four Reboot & Lone Ranger Confirmed For 2011

Fantastic Four Reboot & Lone Ranger Confirmed For 2011

As Jim Hill Media reports, according to information garnered at the Licensing International Expo 2009, both 20th Century Fox's reboot of The Fantastic Four and Jerry Bruckheimer's production of The Lone Ranger will be reaching theaters in the summer of 2011.

Licensing-2009-Fantastic-Fo Of The Fantastic Four, the site notes, "it will reportedly feature an all-new cast as well as a far darker take on this classic Marvel comic." Turning to The Lone Ranger, Hill adds, "According to some folks I spoke with at Classic Media (i.e. the company that actually licenses the rights for The Lone Ranger), Walt Disney Pictures and Jerry Bruckheimer appear to have finally chosen who will helm the epic western that they're hoping to have in theaters by the Summer of 2011. And that would be Mike Newell, the director of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire as well as the upcoming Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time.Licensing-2009-The-Lone-Ran
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ThisFan - 6/15/2009, 8:48 AM
sounds good to be as long as they dont do some stupid story and make it seem like a real movie and not all campy
ironknight27 - 6/15/2009, 8:59 AM
Damn they are already going to reboot the Fantastic Four?
RorMachine - 6/15/2009, 9:01 AM
Darker. Of course they are going to make it darker, thats the done thing isnt it? I mean it worked for Batman! Of course theres just one problem, FF AINT MOTHER[frick]ING DARK! They are not even approaching gray! FF have always been a family orientated, lightly entertaining team. They are the Jonas Brothers of comics. So those 2 pieces of crap movies were actually a fair representation of the comics..whats the point in a reboot?
EdGross - 6/15/2009, 9:01 AM
From what I understand, Fox has got to get a Fantastic Four film into production or the license goes back to Marvel. So their choices are to continue where they left off or reboot and (in their minds) hopefully expand the audience from the one that saw the first two. Same reason that we are very likely going to see a Daredevil reboot.
LEEE777 - 6/15/2009, 9:02 AM
FANTAST 4 don't need rebootin F you FOX!!! Saying that nicely lol! Damn, damn damnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!! Idiots, thats all i can say! Dammit! Not only now am i dreading X-MEN FIRST CLASS but this too!!!! : /
LEEE777 - 6/15/2009, 9:04 AM
Oh whatever happened to my LoneRanger artile oh well lol! I still say JOHNNY DEPP would be a better LONE RANGER than TONTO! ; )
sithenor - 6/15/2009, 9:16 AM
NO more FF crap!
Puke puke puke!!!
Nubnuts - 6/15/2009, 9:20 AM
I really don't see why people hate the FF movies so much, I thought they were good, fun movies.
Hellmont - 6/15/2009, 9:21 AM
Oh F#ck that...... let the rights go back to Marvel fox has f#cked up enough movies from marvel.
tr8cthis - 6/15/2009, 9:21 AM
There has to be a way for Marvel to get their properties back without having to see them bastardized on screen. Please...anybody? Beuler?
GUNSMITH - 6/15/2009, 9:23 AM
mounted88 - 6/15/2009, 9:27 AM
let all the movies go back to marvel so they can incorporate them all into avengers thats the route it needs to go. Then come out with a dark avengers movie. Because i think that would be a kick ass movie. The new avengers vs dark avengers on the big screen tell me this wouldnt be awesome to see. With Jon Favreau directing
longbowhunter - 6/15/2009, 9:34 AM
Why cant Hollywood understand The Dark Knight did well because even though it wasnt pulled straight from the comics, it stayed true to the characters. This has given every director/producer the idea that making a comic book movie dark makes it good. Why in the hell would anyone make a "dark" FF movie. it obviously goes agains the true nature of the characters.
version4 - 6/15/2009, 9:34 AM
Why tha hell would you reboot FF? I actually liked the movies... i mean, at least somewhat.

Makiveli21 - 6/15/2009, 9:38 AM
Fantastic Four with no Jessica Alba? NO THANKS!
StephenStrange - 6/15/2009, 9:53 AM
It has been my understanding that most people view the Fantastic Four movies as being very poorly handled because of how the film makers involved severely misrepresented and misused popular classic Marvel characters like Dr. Doom, Silver Surfer, and Galactus.

However, in my opinion, the tone of the film was absolutely correct. It should be bright and airy with laughs and a very classic "the good guys save the day" theme.
It would be a grave mistake to make a "dark" film about Marvel's First Family. What they need to do is just make a better movie period or otherwise simply let things be.
version4 - 6/15/2009, 10:13 AM
I think the casting was perfect... and the story wasn't that bad... the "Galactus cloud" was what left a bad taste in my mouth in the second one, but the movie itself wasn't bad. the first one was actually pretty good... although I too was kinda borderline on Doom.

Do you guys think Fox is just doing this to keep Marvel from getting the franchise back? I'm with Keven... why would a company reboot a franchise that they just sequalled a few years ago? It sounds fishy to me.
usclerkguy - 6/15/2009, 10:17 AM
Well if FOX is not going to let the movie rights revert to Marvel(which would be a shame), then their best option is a reboot.It is understandable why they would want to keep FF, because comic book films make $$$, and lots of it,if done correctly. They totally screwed up Dr.Doom in the FF movies and Jessica Alba didn't cut it as Sue either.In fact, other than Chris Evans as Johnny,the casting left a lot to be desired.And more importantly,if they concentrate on story maybe they can deliver a quality FF film. As far as being "dark", this is where a proper characterization of Dr. Doom would fit in. Hopefully they will get talented writers that will deliver a smart screenplay that will lay the foundation for great FF movie. The FF deserve to be better represented than how they were in the previous films.
spanky - 6/15/2009, 10:25 AM
why mess it up for the fans? when you say reboot it put a hell no why!!!! mentalalty
Kratos6 - 6/15/2009, 10:26 AM
Why can't they get the same characters I think they all did a great job portraying the FF. Perfect choices for each role.
BuckNastee - 6/15/2009, 10:29 AM
I wish the entire cast would come back except for Jessica Alba. Personally, I don't find her to be that hot plus she doesn't even look like a real blonde. There are tons of hot blonde actresses in hollywood that can play that role. I put her casting as bad as Halle Berry playing Storm. Get it together, Fox! You don't need a super hot celebrity woman to sell tickets!

I was one of those people that wished Angela Bassett played Storm in X-Men from the beginning. Hell, if you thought she was too old, why not go with like Gabrielle Union or Garcelle Beauvais. They might not be the best choices but are better than Halle.

BTW, since Marvel started making their own movies,any CBM put out by Fox does not even come close to as good of a product. Wolverine was slightly above average at best. The best movie that was put out by Fox was X-Men 2. Please hand over the rights to Marvel so you're not wasting our time.
ZombieLypse - 6/15/2009, 10:34 AM
The only dark thing they need to do to FF is make the villains more like they are in the comicbooks. Make Dr. Doom the ruler with an iron fist of Latvaria, like he is supposed to be. They need to take notes on how Marvel Ultimate Alliance portayed Galactus, why can't they just pull that off in movie form.
SirJediFrank - 6/15/2009, 10:36 AM
They are the Jonas Brothers of comics. " hehe, helll yeah Ror that IS correct. I can´t or couldn´t believe that Stan Lee would let them get away with it(the dark FF version) of his creation...
gac - 6/15/2009, 10:38 AM
I disagree with many of you. I am looking forward to this reboot. I enjoyed the first 2 FF movies but a darker reboot is called for. I think it'll be a little more serious which it needs to be and hopefully this time around we actuall see Galactus instead of a freaking cloud!

Hopefull, the reboot comes with a bigger budget and a CGI Thing (like the Hulk) instead of a guy in a costume.

I think there's real potential in a FF franchise.
Inohaku - 6/15/2009, 11:09 AM
FF reboot makes absolutely no sense!! How can u beat the original cast? They were perfect!!
shibazz - 6/15/2009, 11:12 AM
I liked both the Fantastic Four movies cuz that is how the comics were as i saw and enjoyed them... except of course the huge failure that was Doctor doom. Buuuuuut still the Doc was pretty damned cool! and far closer to the comic than anyone in That Horrible Wolverine movie.... and I thought the story of prt one and 2 were more coherent than wolverine was too. I loved the snowboarding part too, even that fit into the movie better than most of the scenes in wolverine and that damned lifting and Island of Kryptonite in SuperMan Returns
McSqueeze - 6/15/2009, 11:15 AM
"From what I understand, Fox has got to get a Fantastic Four film into production or the license goes back to Marvel. "

If that is true and say this reboot doesn't happen (fingers crossed) does that mean that if Marvel get FF back that they too also get the rights to Surfer as well???
Cuz that would be f-ing perfect.

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Verdugo - 6/15/2009, 11:17 AM
A reboot for the FF?, Atrocious, a rebot for Daredevil? its not necesary, I actually like the movie.
gac - 6/15/2009, 11:21 AM
I am a fan of comics and comic book movies. I will usually assume positive intent on the people creating these movies until I'm given a reason not to. At the end of the day they are making movies involving comic book characters I've loved since being a child. I have liked most, but not all, comic book adaptations. I like that people are making these characters and stories into movies. Hopefully they are always done with the best intentions and respect for the material. I know that's not always the case but the alternative could be no one makes comic book movies at all.

That's no fun.
gac - 6/15/2009, 11:29 AM
A reboot, to me, doesn't necessarily mean a re-telling of the same story, unless they can figure out a way to tell it differently enough so that it works.

An FF origin story could be cool. The origin plot is pretty simple. They get there powers from a cosmic radiation storm. Because that plot point is so simple,I think someone can re-tell that story and still make it different enough from the first FF film. I don't think it's necessary but I think they could do it successfully.

Either way, hopefully we get to see a proper Thing and Galactus.

Just my thoughts on the matter.
SirJediFrank - 6/15/2009, 11:42 AM
yeah a CG-Thing is a good way to rebooth it, but do we really need the Origin story AGAIN??!!.

Curious you mentioned The Incredible Hulk, since it is MORE like a "Fixed" sequel than a rebooth,( as many have said before in other threads)... because the FF franchise could go that way:

-- Recast?- Ok, check
---CG-Thing? Idem.
---Darker take?.. mmmh, only certain characters, situations (DDoom, etc)

--REBOOTH?? ALL OVER AGAIN? ... hell noooooooooo!! :-]

So, what would be a darker Stan Lee´s cameo? Coming out from a NY alley as a freakin´ old junky asking for money to Dr. Richards??!! ;-]
MasterExploder - 6/15/2009, 11:45 AM
we gotta make it dark! dark! i want thing killin people and human torch killing himself! it's going to be great! DARK DARK DARK!

shibazz - 6/15/2009, 12:00 PM
McSqueeze i hope you are right!
Inohaku - 6/15/2009, 12:04 PM
Well, if the reason is just for holding on to the rights, then why not just make a sequel? Duhh!!
Shaman - 6/15/2009, 12:05 PM
It's funny how pretty much everyone that enjoyed the FF4 comics, enjoyed the movies and for the people like me who think they suck granny sagging ass in the comics, hated the shit out of the movies. Fact is Roar is right! Those two movies were probably the most accurate depiction of comic book characters on screen that Fox ever made. And they're rebooting it. A bunch of geniuses these guys are. Fox would actually do themselves a favor by letting them go back to Marvel and focussing on getting Deadpool and Gambit right!!! Right now they look like they're trying to grab every piece of pie they can but they eat like retards and spoil more than half of what they grab. Like i said... geniuses.

Look at my avatar... that's right baby... that's right.
JoshWilding - 6/15/2009, 12:26 PM
im not sure i like the sound of the FF being made darker but if that means it more mature than the last two then its good news! the last twoo FF films were far too childish and lost a lot of the cleverness that makes the comics great.

deadpool87 - 6/15/2009, 1:04 PM
no reboots of Marvel movies unless they're done by Marvel Studios, they're the only ones who can make them great, not just crappy to mediocre(X3, Spidey 3, FF4, Daredevil, etc)

just you wait and see, Marvel will eventually get back most, if not all of the properties it sold off.
Superman4 - 6/15/2009, 1:09 PM
I actually liked the F4 movies I wish they'd finish it as a trilogy.
I like the Lone Ranger but it's been a while since a really awesome western has come about. The Good the Bad and the Ugly is definatly the best western of all time if not one of the greatest films of all time.

gac - 6/15/2009, 1:16 PM
Darker doesn't mean death, at least not to me. To me, darker means more mature or more serious. I see nothing wrong with that.

Clearly, masterimploder has issues with that.
LEEE777 - 6/15/2009, 1:26 PM
ROR liked WOLVERINE SHAMAN???? Whats your point???? Which is cool, everyone has their own taste in movies etc, but the fact is FANTASTIC FOUR was a top movie, it was FANTASTIC! ; ) A reboot or remake would suck smelly donkey poop lol!

I know alot of people that like FANTASTIC FOUR comic fans and not! Hell even my mom like FF an she don't like any comic book movies!!!

FANTASTIC FOUR and DAREDEVIL plus the first two X movies are the only decent SUPERHERO movies FOX has ever done!!!

FANTASTIC FOUR don't need rebooting end of!!! ; )

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