Mark Millar On FANTASTIC FOUR, Says They Will Share Same Universe As X-MEN

Mark Millar On FANTASTIC FOUR, Says They Will Share Same Universe As X-MEN

UPDATE: 20th Century Fox Creative Consultant and comic book creator Mark Millar on what the Fantastic Four reboot has to get right and on the superhero family cohabitating the same universe as Fox's X-Men film franchise.

Mark Millar Fantastic Four X-Men same Universe
There are lots of rumors concerning Fox's Fantastic Four reboot but little that's actually confirmed at the moment. The only thing that is certain is that Josh Trank is directing. But the project will begin filming fairly soon and fans are really interested in learning how Fox plans to improve upon the bland Fantastic Four films that came before. 20th Century Fox Creative Consultant Mark Millar addressed that very concern, stating, “These first two movies were not that great but I’m quite sentimental towards them. I took my oldest daughter to see the first one, she was only five when it came out, and she thought it was the best film ever made. At the end, when Johnny Storm says, ‘Flame on!’ for the first time, she thanked me for taking her to see it. So even though it wasn't the perfect FF movie that memory makes me sort-of love it in a strange way. For the new one all they have to do is make it great and everyone will flock to it. It sounds obvious and it is, but the secret is just to get the right people behind it. Sam Raimi gave us a great Spider-Man. Christopher Nolan gave us a great Batman. So a brilliant director is probably the most important thing for a great Fantastic Four and with Josh Trank you know you are in safe hands.”

When asked if the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot from Chronicle director Josh Trank would share the same universe as Hugh Jackman's Wolverine and the rest of the X-Men, Millar added, "Without question I think you have to see some of these guys showing up in each other’s movies. I think the most exciting thing in superhero movies, until The Avengers came along, was when Nick Fury showed up in Iron Man. Even though it was a guy with an eye patch it was really cool – and I expect we will see more of that."

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Demongod20 - 8/19/2013, 4:18 AM

Space - 8/19/2013, 4:18 AM
StrangerX - 8/19/2013, 4:21 AM
Hey Mark how about we get Namor to finally show up in both Universes.
BizarroGrif - 8/19/2013, 4:23 AM
Is this confirmation or just his opinion? I can't work it out.
Havenless - 8/19/2013, 4:27 AM

Marvel has the rights to the Kree and the Skrulls. Fox has the rights only to the Super Skrull, Kl'rt
gambgel - 8/19/2013, 4:30 AM
haters, enjoy the wait.

Once Fox stars the 4F new series and we start getting X-Men cameos and one or two 4F members showing up on the X-Men franchise, most of us will end excited.

Marvel did a great job building each solo hero and then making the Avengers, but this will be a whole different case, with TWO Different teams sharing the same universe.

Fox have a huge universe in store, even if fans like or dont like some of these actors.
GoldenBoy02 - 8/19/2013, 4:31 AM
Fantastic Four:

This time, LISTEN TO THE FANS, & stay true to the source material [email protected]!!
shadyginzo - 8/19/2013, 4:31 AM
welcome to the 2010s - the decade when "cross-over" replaced "plot"
Highflyer - 8/19/2013, 4:32 AM
Rise of the silver surfer was decent IMO
NitPicker - 8/19/2013, 4:35 AM
They just can't be content with [frick]ing up the X-Men. Do they have to [frick] up the Fantastic Four too?
Lozzy - 8/19/2013, 4:36 AM
[frick] you Fox and [frick] you Mark Miller!!!!!!!!!!
phoenixphil - 8/19/2013, 4:38 AM
Seriously who gives a shit about this, the FoX-Men or The A-meh-zing spiderman franchises. Until Marvel get the rights back (which they will by hook or by crook) cant the money and the resources be put to better to use.
thewolveRAYne - 8/19/2013, 4:42 AM
I enjoyed the F4 movies. Two words: Jessica Alba. They also were great for kids who I think they were intended for really. Remember, Batman was still very campy and even though F4 was silly it was a great interpretation of the comic characters. What the film makers have discovered (I think) is that mainstream audiences want more realism. It has to be grounded in the basic mythology of the character but it also needs to be relatable to people where they can say, "I can see that happening. "
CherryBomb - 8/19/2013, 4:43 AM

Okay, I hope seeing how Marvel is handling their films will make Fox step-up their game and take their characters seriously.

I will always hold sentimental love for the Fox franchises like X-Men and Fantastic Four, they were the first CBM's I saw and loved.

But they NEED to take the Fantastic Four seriously:

- name it "F4"
- Get a good cast of respected actors, maybe some newcomers or even ones that have been around a while (no Jessica Alba types).
- Give it a more serious tone, don't make every scene into a joke.
- CGI Ben Grimm, we now have the cool technology to do that.

CherryBomb - 8/19/2013, 4:46 AM

I don't want the F4 and X-Men to have a shared universe.
I don't think mutants should even be mentioned in the Fantastic Four universe, it makes the family lose their "specialness".

& I don't want it to be

"Wolverine and the Fantastic Four" - which I know that's what it will become.
SaxoWolf - 8/19/2013, 4:52 AM
so won't fantastic 4 members be viewed as mutants too?
titansupes - 8/19/2013, 4:59 AM
@shadyginzo - Yep. Exactly. And it sucks.

@SaxoWolf - Yeah, I don't get how that works either.
DUCKBOY - 8/19/2013, 4:59 AM

NitPicker - 8/19/2013, 5:01 AM
I can't wait for Wolverine to discover the Negative Zone. /s
GoldenBoy02 - 8/19/2013, 5:03 AM
papacoe80 - 8/19/2013, 5:03 AM
Wow...I hope Wolverine joins that franchise too...~sarcastic hooray~

TelaVizion - 8/19/2013, 5:04 AM
Marvel will go down in movie history as making the "crossover" really work.

And there was nothing wrong with the original FF movies. The 1st one's graphics weren't top quality (Reed stretching looked fake against the sky background). Both were good films. Even with Silver Surfer, the 2nd one could have had a lil more in it (showing Galactus), but still a decent movie.
TelaVizion - 8/19/2013, 5:04 AM
Mutants are born that way, FF were made from radiation
gambgel - 8/19/2013, 5:04 AM
yeah, the existence of the Fantastic four on the x-men universe should help the mutants somehow.

If not, it wont be believeable.

In a world full of mutants and now 4 superpowered heroes, it makes no sense that humans only hate the mutants. So I really hope the X-Men directors show an evolution regarding this issue.
Marqy - 8/19/2013, 5:04 AM
Wookies I eat
AxeiumTheory - 8/19/2013, 5:06 AM

Such good points. I agree, you know if they share the universes Wolverine will take the front and center stage (like he does with the X-men movies) I'd prefer them to be separate. And 100% yeah to CGI Ben Grimm. He can really look awesome with today's technology.
papacoe80 - 8/19/2013, 5:07 AM
papacoe80 - 8/19/2013, 5:08 AM
Dunejedi - 8/19/2013, 5:09 AM
"all they have to do is make it great.". THAT'S Millars roadmap to success?!? Hell, I've heard way more creative advice than that on here. Fox hasn't made a GREAT film of a Marvel property yet, so yeah, I guess they should start there.

Brainiac13 - 8/19/2013, 5:10 AM
Hulk vs Thing would be great to see on screen.
SageMode - 8/19/2013, 5:14 AM
"Marvel did a great job building each solo hero and then making the Avengers, but this will be a whole different case, with TWO Different teams sharing the same universe."

A whole different case with TWO different teams sharing the same universe? Hmmmmm.......

Ghostt - 8/19/2013, 5:15 AM
Who cares if F4 share a universe with X-men?
papacoe80 - 8/19/2013, 5:16 AM
....this would be cool....maybe
Marqy - 8/19/2013, 5:17 AM
I wanted Reed to play chess with tony, now Im saaad.
Marikina - 8/19/2013, 5:22 AM
Either Millar knows shit of what Fox is actually doing or planning to do with F4, or there really is nothing being done or planned to be done. I mean seriously did he even confirm anything in that interview?
gambgel - 8/19/2013, 5:23 AM

Avengers and Guardians wont appear together on same movie. At least not on Guardians.

But F4 Reboot more than likely will featture one or two x-men on there. So it would feel more like a real crossover.
Giznad - 8/19/2013, 5:27 AM
didn't Reed Richards already change into Wolvie from the first FF movie?
HavocPrime - 8/19/2013, 5:30 AM
As long as we get to see an awesome Doctor Doom, he was horrible in the first two films
MightyZeus - 8/19/2013, 5:32 AM
I really dont care if they do share the same universe. If this fails at least we have the DCU and Marvel's Phase 1, 2, 3 & ect.

LEVITIKUZ - 8/19/2013, 5:32 AM
I liked the first 2 Fantastic Four films. Mostly because Thing is my favorite and Michael was perfect as him.
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