Miles Teller Confirms 'Mister Fantastic' Talks For Josh Trank's THE FANTASTIC FOUR

Miles Teller Confirms 'Mister Fantastic' Talks For Josh Trank's THE FANTASTIC FOUR

Divergent star Miles Teller has confirmed reports that he is on 20th Century Fox and Josh Trank's radar for the role of 'Reed Richard/Mister Fantastic' in The Fantastic Four, but is seemingly unsure as to whether or not he'll be starring in the movie. Why? Check it out!

"Uh, you know, I don't know," Miles Teller told Fandango when they asked him about his upcoming projects and whether or not the sequel to Divergent will keep him too busy to possibly star in Josh Trank's The Fantastic Four. "If that happens, if everything works out, then I will be pretty pumped. But then I'll also be working for ... it's like seven months out of your year. Which is not a bad problem." So, while the actor has finally acknowledged the fact that he has been considered for the role, a decision has obviously not been made as of yet and his schedule probably won't allow it anyway. That's probably a good thing as the likes of Kit Harington and Jack O'Connell are also in contention. Who would you like to see in the role?
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Reasonnnn - 10/28/2013, 2:05 PM
Great young actor. RABBIT HOLE ppl...RABBIT HOLE!
jerryblake - 10/28/2013, 2:07 PM
the guy from ... wait ... stop ... never heard of him.
Could be a good choice though

Still Mr Fantastic should be slightly older.

Adrien Brody ?
MexicanSexyman - 10/28/2013, 2:16 PM
Is this guy a good actor?

I hope this reboot is good, especially being Josh Tranks second movie.
ATrueHero1987 - 10/28/2013, 2:21 PM
So this F4 reboot will more than likely be based on the UF4...smh.(Not surprised since Millar IS the consultant)
Reasonnnn - 10/28/2013, 2:26 PM
@MexicanSuperman Yes. Watch RABBIT HOLE or THE SPECTACULAR NOW.
MrCBM56 - 10/28/2013, 2:27 PM
Why? Go for an edgier more mature Reed. I've been looking forward to this movie but I don't like this news..
capcyclopsftw - 10/28/2013, 2:29 PM
Another article where the Power User doesn't put the picture of the person the article is about in the [frick]ing article.....

How hard is it??
TheDarkKnightSlap - 10/28/2013, 2:30 PM
No fvcking dance moves!
sameoldthing - 10/28/2013, 2:31 PM
Oh crap...I can't stand this "youth based" idea for the FF.
Sorry idiots,making superheroes younger DOES NOT help the young viewing audience identify with the characters.

Never once when I was growing up reading comics,watching movies,etc. did I think..
"Cool,that guy is about my age..this is for me."

Quite the opposite,seeing someone young with little expierience is annoying & mostly not believable in the context of the stories.
Bl00dwerK - 10/28/2013, 2:32 PM
The FF sucks, anyways...
MrCBM56 - 10/28/2013, 2:33 PM

How hard is it to search the actor up?
TheSoulEater - 10/28/2013, 2:33 PM
The kid from Rabbit Hole are you serious???
THEDARKKNIGHT1939 - 10/28/2013, 2:34 PM
This movie is gonna be [frick]in terrible
Enphlieuwince - 10/28/2013, 2:34 PM
The youthful approach is bogus...
SpectacularJoSh - 10/28/2013, 2:37 PM
I don't know who he is...but the funny part is: Michael B.Jordan may be the ONLY good cast in this movie.
Oh, irony.
Enphlieuwince - 10/28/2013, 2:38 PM
What about Adrian Grenier from "Entourage"? He's got the look and the acting skills.
Enphlieuwince - 10/28/2013, 2:40 PM
Seen his pic below. Lol...
MrCBM56 - 10/28/2013, 2:41 PM

Look how old that tweet is...
chewish - 10/28/2013, 2:42 PM
MrCBM56 - 10/28/2013, 2:42 PM
Thats it. Cipher For Human Torch!
LittleDanglyThing - 10/28/2013, 2:43 PM
This movie is going to suck so bad that Marvel is just going to take the rights back by force.
AgentSchrader - 10/28/2013, 2:46 PM
Any one have any digital comic codes lying around?
krylonshadow - 10/28/2013, 2:47 PM
This retard Josh Trank does not know anything about the industry. Chronicle was good, but directing that movie would not necessarily make you a good director, especially for mainstream CBMs. If this movie is still targeting 2015, it's going up against giants like Avengers: Age of Ultron, Batman vs. Superman, and Star Wars: Episode VII, let alone various other reboots and sequels. I think this movie is coming out first--which will save it. People will watch it just to appease their hunger for CBMs. If it came out after those three, all three of which will most probably make it into the top 10 all-time box-office worldwide gross, nobody would go see it.
AgentDelta - 10/28/2013, 2:47 PM
Does anyone know what date this movie needs to be in active development before the rights expire? I think I remember hearing it was early 2014, but don't know for sure.
Ineedrevelation - 10/28/2013, 2:50 PM
Guys!!!! Everyone is seeing the wrong side of this!

After this horrible 3rd Epic Fail of FF by Fox then Marvel will get the rights back because they'll be so tired of putting money into shit films.

Laconic - 10/28/2013, 2:52 PM
[frick] this movie.
ManThing - 10/28/2013, 2:53 PM
Looks super young.
But anyway, it doesn't matter because the casting people are racist and so they only want to cast black people for the roles.
Kyos - 10/28/2013, 2:54 PM
So, they're reeeeally going for a youg cast, eh?
SuperCat - 10/28/2013, 2:58 PM
WTF?! Dude is like 26-years-old and looks like he's 12.
TheRationalNerd - 10/28/2013, 2:58 PM
He looks like Elvis...
McNyagano - 10/28/2013, 3:02 PM

Why are they going with a younger cast?
Indy - 10/28/2013, 3:04 PM
beane2099 - 10/28/2013, 3:06 PM
I believe nothing till it happens. I ain't enthused with thus guy being Reed if it happens but I ain't gonna get hot and bothered about it either.

I still want to know what happened with the first movie? Was it that hard to make Doom the ruler of his own country? It would actually have been more believable if Reed went to another country to use their space program than some corporation. And the event that made the FF heroes was their fault to being with. It made NO sense. I don;t care if you divert from the comics or whatever, but I do ask that you make sense. I expect that from any movie.

All that said I like Josh Trank. Chronicle was awesome. Seriously one of the best movies to come out last year (It was LAST year right? Time goes by so fast).
brazilianbatman - 10/28/2013, 3:09 PM
so a guy who has the age to play Spiderman will plau MR Fantastic and guy who could play Black Panther or Falcon will play caucausian Human Torch?? I rather see Fantastic 3 now because this reboot is shaping up to be a bigger disaster tan the last 2
FantasticSpidey - 10/28/2013, 3:11 PM
I've resigned myself to the fact that the casting will be less "Alice Eve as Sue Storm, Billy Crudup/Benedict Cumberbatch as Reed Richards, Alan Richman as Johnny Storm, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Benjamin Grimm" and more of a new up-and-coming younger cast. Which i'm mostly okay with at this point.

Just seems like a huuuge swing an a miss from them so far on the casting.

How do you pass up Alice Eve?
supermarioworldE - 10/28/2013, 3:12 PM
WAY too young.
razorstar90 - 10/28/2013, 3:12 PM
Because the smartest man in the world is a 26 year old kid. Man am I glad Marvel/Disney has Iron Man. Tony Stark would be like 23 years old. Captain America would 16 and Thor would be 10. And don't give me that "they are all young in the Ultimate Universe crap" NO we don't want to see that.
TheBeard - 10/28/2013, 3:13 PM
Dr.Doom is going to end up being a 5'1 south Korean guy who hates Reed because he is better at Starcraft.
ManThing - 10/28/2013, 3:13 PM
JFogg - 10/28/2013, 3:14 PM
@joshtranklovesyou that tweet is from june
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