Simon Kinberg Offers An Update On Possible FANTASTIC FOUR/X-MEN Crossover Plans

Simon Kinberg Offers An Update On Possible FANTASTIC FOUR/X-MEN Crossover Plans

Despite past claims that the worlds of the X-Men and Fantastic Four will be kept separate for the time being, writer and producer Simon Kinberg talks here about the chances of bringing the two teams together. The good news? It definitely sounds as if the idea is on the table...

Simon Kinberg is a very busy man with producing and writing credits on everything from The Fantastic Four to X-Men: Apocalypse and Star Wars. Playing a role in both of the Marvel Comics superhero teams owned by Fox obviously means that he will potentially play a major part if and when the characters are brought to the big screen together. "To be honest, I’m so focused on each of the movies right now - I’m so focused on, now we’re post, on Fantastic Four, and making that the best movie it can be," Kinberg told in a recent interview when they asked about the possibility of a crossover between the two properies. "And then we’re in prep on X-Men: Apocalypse, so those are kind of full time jobs. I love the characters, I love the characters in Fan Four, and I love the new cast. Obviously I love the characters and cast of X-Men. So, hypothetically, the notion of putting them together is really intriguing, and there’s some really fun stuff that the comics have done in the past. So it’s not out of the realm of possibility."

This is a much more positive update on the chances of a crossover than the last one we had, but with X-Men: Apocalypse taking place in the 1980s and The Fantastic Four presumably in the present, it could be some time before the timelines sync up and this becomes a reality...
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Abary - 10/5/2014, 12:42 PM
I guess I'd like to see them crossover, but I'd like to see how Fantastic Four plays out first before I can form a solid opinion.
Scorpion8125 - 10/5/2014, 12:47 PM

Why would FOX cross the very successful X-Men/Wolverine franchise with the dismal sh!tty FOX FF????

I don't even think the FOX executives are THAT stupid.

MarkyMarkRises - 10/5/2014, 1:17 PM
MisterBatfleck - 10/5/2014, 1:18 PM
Isn't his answer always "maybe, maybe not" whenever someone asks him this question?
NovaCorpsFan - 10/5/2014, 1:22 PM
Didn't they say they weren't in the same universe a while back? Damn, Fox don't have a clue what they're doing, do they?
bigdannymac - 10/5/2014, 1:23 PM
Marvel/Disney have MORE then enough money to go and buy up all their properties. I don't know why they don't
Dingbat - 10/5/2014, 1:26 PM

They probably have a plan.
JorL5150 - 10/5/2014, 1:26 PM
Not with THIS failtatsic fraud
TheRationalNerd - 10/5/2014, 1:26 PM

It's quite hard to call the project shitty when we haven't even seen a trailer or release of it yet. He obviously knows more than we do for numerous occasions but seeing that he wants to make it the best yet should be interesting to see how it all plays out.
MercwithMouth - 10/5/2014, 1:27 PM
I would love it if they crossed over. Just imagine an Onslaught storyline featuring the Fantastic Four and maybe even Franklin Richards from the future...
NovaCorpsFan - 10/5/2014, 1:27 PM
Maybe they do, but it seems to have taken them a while to even get as far as going, "Oh yeah, maybe." despite having gone through saying they're different universes.
Dingbat - 10/5/2014, 1:28 PM

I think you're either overestimating Marvel/Disney or underestimating Fox. It would cost A LOT to buy these characters back. I wouldn't be surprised if Marvel entertained the idea at one time.
TheRationalNerd - 10/5/2014, 1:29 PM

They said that the two franchises won't exist within the "same universe" seeing that the Fantastic Four in the X-Men's universe wouldn't make them that Fantastic afterall due to the fact that they'll just be seen as other mutants. But he did mention in an article not too long ago that the Fantastic Four's universe does open the realms of other deminsions which could cause these two franchises to possibly interact with one another someday.
WinterSoldier33 - 10/5/2014, 1:29 PM
give me
thing vs colossus
johnny vs bobby
sue vs jean
Dingbat - 10/5/2014, 1:31 PM

That's a fair assessment, but I don't think any of these big studios dive into something like this without having an idea of where it's going. Fan 4 2 already has a date if I'm not mistaken.

We thought WB didn't have a plan for a long time but it's clear now that they do. If Comic Con comes around and they still don't know wtf they're doing then I'll say that Fox needs to get it together with the F4.
MisterHolmes - 10/5/2014, 1:31 PM
only if Hugh Jackman Kills Miles Teller.
JorL5150 - 10/5/2014, 1:32 PM

They got plenty of balls. They eat mountain oysters every day.
TheRationalNerd - 10/5/2014, 1:32 PM
However, I'd really like for them to focus on creating great franchises for both the X-Men and the FF before they even decide to crossover (tha is, if they ever do) Apocalypse is really going to have to be the set up for whatever comes next from out of the X-Men franchise so I'm keeping the faith alive that it will do just that. Same goes for FF.
HurricaneXavier - 10/5/2014, 1:33 PM
If Fantastic Four flops all of this talk will go away. I hope that it doesn't, I've always liked crossovers.
Dingbat - 10/5/2014, 1:35 PM

That's [frick]ed up my man. Hugh is too nice (see the bottom right corner)

galaxyinferno - 10/5/2014, 1:35 PM
Has everyone forgotten that the xmen still exist in the future you know patrick stewart and co? All the old cast of xmen said they would love to do another movie honestly this could be their use in a crossover with the fantastic four!
California - 10/5/2014, 1:39 PM
Hog rhythm
SirDuckAlot - 10/5/2014, 1:41 PM
What does F4/X-men gain from a crossover? Ohh right $$$$
TheGodButcher - 10/5/2014, 1:43 PM

Agreed, they shouldn't get ahead of themselves just yet.
JoshWilding - 10/5/2014, 1:43 PM
Jesus Christ, did everyone shitting on a Fantastic Four reboot we've seen literally nothing official from suddenly forget that Josh Trank helmed the amazing Chronicle and has been lined up for a Star Wars movie?
Bucky - 10/5/2014, 1:44 PM
I really have no desire to seem a F4/X-Men crossover. It would be cool if they existed in the same universe though.
Floke - 10/5/2014, 1:45 PM
The crossover Id like to see the most is the cross over FoxF4, 6 feet under.
ChrispyG - 10/5/2014, 1:46 PM
The "other dimension" that the Fantastic Four allegedly get their powers from will eventually be revealed as the alternate/parallel universe where the X-Men franchise has occurred.

Thus they would be able to have a crossover, without worrying about making all of the continuities line up and etc.
Bucky - 10/5/2014, 1:46 PM

Either that, or they read McNyagano's early review.
TheGodButcher - 10/5/2014, 1:47 PM
We gotta see what happens to FF first.
HurricaneXavier - 10/5/2014, 1:50 PM
You want to know why I have very little faith in this? Miles Teller. Not sure how in hell he got cast as Reed Richards.
marvel72 - 10/5/2014, 1:51 PM
i will part with some of my hard earned cash for an x-men movie if i like what i'm seeing.i just flat out refuse to pay any money to see the fantastic four reboot.

so please don't make a crossover movie,i don't want to write off the x-men because of a team up the shitty fantastic four reboot cast.
JoshWilding - 10/5/2014, 1:51 PM
@BatManiac: Haha, oh man, that stupid kid. How I wish he was here now to give us his early verdict on Avengers: Age of Ultron from the non-existent Marvel headquarters in Ireland for teenage boys.

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SuperheroFan96 - 10/5/2014, 1:51 PM
They are most likely waiting to see how well FF does.
m0th3r - 10/5/2014, 1:51 PM
Not going to ever happen..first FF is going to Flop...second Fox CANT. They got FF separate from XMen..they are licensing agreements..they dont OWN them. They cant do whatever they want and this is why Avi Arad was cheerleading it a while back and stopped. Kingberg KNOWS this but wont say it out of a hope to pull some non-cbm people from xmen success over to the FF film..which needs all the help it can get
SaxoWolf - 10/5/2014, 1:52 PM
manofmidgard - 10/5/2014, 1:53 PM
*shrugs* I just don't see that there is any real need to crossover ff and xmen. sure they can do it, but why? i would love to see an avengers/ff or avangers/xmen crossover movie, but that can't ever happen, so we get these awkward crossovers instead. avengers/gotg and ff/xmen. i mean, don't get me wrong, ill pay to see em, but i still wish for what could have been. or, what SHOULD have been. fox takes so many liberties with their characters that to me, they don't even seem like the same characters from the comics anyway.
TheRationalNerd - 10/5/2014, 1:53 PM
Well to me the way I see it based on all of these previous X-Men films from Fox's department you just can't have the Fantastic Four show up and somehow blindly become the American superhero team that everyone loves. Perhaps that's why this "grounded" approach to the film is making everyone skeptical of how the team will be percieved to the public eye. I don't expect the public to love them like how they did within the previous Fantastic Four films that have been established from Fox. When it all comes down to it, the grounded approach to the film questions the possibilities of how well the team will be percieved in the public eye.

Here you have the X-Men who have managed to stop an assasination (while being televised) and then the Fantastic Four somehow come into the big picture years later and everyone forgets these things that have happened that have made the X-Men so great? I'm not saying that the X-Men should take the FF's place as being "the real heroes" lol but I think the FF will face even more criticism in this realistic world they'll be set in.
jCamer0n - 10/5/2014, 1:55 PM
While MCU fanboys cry for the rights to go back to Marvel Studio, Mike is like...

WeddingTux - 10/5/2014, 1:57 PM
McNyagano pretended to have insider info? What an ass-hat!
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