With an impressive cast lined up for The Fantastic Four, some fans may be forced to eat their words about Josh Trank's reboot! Talking at WonderCon, writer and producer Simon Kinberg reveals that the tone of the movie will fall somewhere between Chronicle and Sam Raimi's Spider-Man...

Talking to Crave Online at WonderCon yesterday, Simon Kinberg was quizzed by the site about how the tone of Josh Trank's The Fantastic Four will differ to that of Fantastic Four and Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, both of which were rubbish light comedies. "It’s a much more grounded, gritty, realistic movie than the last couple movies," the X-Men: Days of Future Past writer and producer revealed. "If I had to say, the tone of it would be somewhere on the spectrum between Spider-Man and Chronicle. The other movies were even further on the spectrum of being goofy and fun than Spider-Man." That sounds like the right sort of direction to take the reboot in and is a good sign that we'll see elements from both the 616 and Ultimate versions. 

Now, depending on which of the Spider-Man franchises you prefer, that will either be very good or bad news. When asked to clarify, Kinberg quickly emphasised the fact that he was referring to the Sam Raimi helmed movies. "Raimi Spider-Man, yeah, not Amazing Spider-Man. Josh Trank’s instincts are to be as realistic and grounded and real with this stuff as possible. In many ways I would say it’s definitely more of a drama than comedy." He adds, "It’s still in the direction of Spider-Man. It’s not like Dark Knight. And even Chronicle has a lot of fun in it. We’re treating this as the origin of the Fantastic Four so in future movies you’d have them on sort of splashier adventures to some extent but in this one we tried to ground the science as much as possible and make it feel like it could take place in our world before it cantilevers into other worlds."

So, a grounded origin story before we see the team battle the likes of Annihilus and Galactus? Sounds good to me! What do you guys think? Sound off below!
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Destruktor2k - 4/20/2014, 4:42 AM
release this movie already so it flops and we get a proper real reboot or a revert to marvel!
Brainiac13 - 4/20/2014, 4:44 AM
I want a real evil Doom........Doom is one of the best villains Marvel have......sorry......Fox have. ;)
Abary - 4/20/2014, 4:45 AM
Please, don't give Doom a big role. Introduce him first, and set him up as the main villain in the sequel. For now, I want someone else.

McNyagano - 4/20/2014, 4:50 AM

staypuffed - 4/20/2014, 4:50 AM
It's not going to flop. The rights will not go back anytime soon. I'm sick of people [frick]ing saying that. Shut up.
loki668 - 4/20/2014, 4:51 AM
"Gritty and realistic".

Does this mean that it's going to be about four cosplayers dressed up as the FF?
staypuffed - 4/20/2014, 4:51 AM
I am not a fan of the casting, but I am a fan of the director and the tone. Gritty sounds interesting to me. That said, Fox is unreliable. So I'm not thrilled that this is going ahead, but you hoping it flops is stupid and useless.
loki668 - 4/20/2014, 4:54 AM
Trank is the only reason that I'm not, yet, baying for blood! I'm worried about this one, but I'm going to wait until I see more before I throw it under a bus.
SuperCat - 4/20/2014, 4:56 AM
Please, just be better than the last two FF films. That's all I ask. They were just embarrassing.
Kurne - 4/20/2014, 4:58 AM
"It's a much more grounded,--"

MexicanSuperman - 4/20/2014, 4:58 AM
These news sounds great.
Spock0Clock - 4/20/2014, 4:59 AM
Gritty Chronicle Fantastic Four? Didn't Arrested Development already do that?

MexicanSuperman - 4/20/2014, 5:00 AM
@Kurne, I'm guessing the Sam Rami's Spiderman part didn't process in your brain?
Doopie - 4/20/2014, 5:02 AM
get doom right! that's all i really want
Spock0Clock - 4/20/2014, 5:02 AM
It don't get much grittier than a meth addict sleeping in garbage before her musical debut.

CherryBomb - 4/20/2014, 5:04 AM
Why are people having a problem with a "grounded" take?
Do you honestly not understand what they mean?

It means it's not going to be light and fluffy like the first 2. It's going to be grounded as in probably more science-based, with a serious tone but with humour elements (probably between Johnny and Ben). People just hate because they can these days.

I want a more serious, grounded take on the F4, not making them a walking joke like the last 2 did.
Fabius - 4/20/2014, 5:05 AM
All right, but re-cast J Storm with B Cudrup for exemple. Sorry but Jordan is not a good choice ! Very far away of the caracter from F4 comicbookmovie, very big mistake. Like Alba in the first F4 movies.
BlinkyStark - 4/20/2014, 5:05 AM
If DOFP-another-average-crap ain't getting my money

this fvcking wont too

except if its Marvel STUDIOS


WOW FOX fox YOU!!!!
DEATHbyEXILE - 4/20/2014, 5:06 AM

WelcomeBackFrank - 4/20/2014, 5:06 AM
Wile that sounds all fine and dandy, I'm still not keen on the cast and Fox screwed up the Fantastic Four once and I can't trust them to not screw them up again. Even if I like Josh Trank and "Chronicle", I just have zero optimism for this reboot.
IminentEminence - 4/20/2014, 5:08 AM
Anytime someone says "gritty" and "grounded" in regards to a CBM, it worries me. You don't have to temper the fantastic elements of comic books to make a worthwhile adaptation. Star Wars wasn't grounded. Star Trek manages to lend scientific lingo to their fictional inventions to give them a realistic feel and it has a cult following. That strategy works for characters like Batman because he's a man. Even still, that take on the character left a bad taste in some fans' mouths. Comic books are about escapism, and at this point of the CBM era, we have more examples of adaptations that are successful when they embrace that philosophy. I just can't get excited about a Fantastic Four movie that is actively pushing the fun factor to the background. I cannot...
staypuffed - 4/20/2014, 5:09 AM
BlinkyStark, I'm convinced you're a [frick]ing idiot.
RamonSuarez - 4/20/2014, 5:12 AM
Trank = overrated
Spock0Clock - 4/20/2014, 5:12 AM
Actually, now that I think about it, this sounds awesome. Josh Trank is clearly a brilliant director based on his first and only film, and the one thing that the Fantastic Four need is realism. I'm totally pumped about this, now...


SuperCat - 4/20/2014, 5:14 AM
Lmao!! @ staypuffed
Newbus - 4/20/2014, 5:14 AM
So this is Chronicle 2. Two movies int one seems to be the norm these days.
Brainiac13 - 4/20/2014, 5:16 AM
What BatManiac said!!
RamonSuarez - 4/20/2014, 5:17 AM
Gritty and dark = shit on the source material.
Newbus - 4/20/2014, 5:20 AM
How can you have a Fantastic Four that's grounded?

- "Yo we're the Fantastic Four!"

- "You can't say that because we're grounded. 'Fanstastic' sets unrealistic objectives which todays movie audience can't relate to. So we're the Grounded Four now".
RamonSuarez - 4/20/2014, 5:24 AM
Some people just don't care about the source material.
McNyagano - 4/20/2014, 5:26 AM
Lmao @Newbus.
IminentEminence - 4/20/2014, 5:26 AM
Let's not pretend like the first 2 movies failed only because they were too light hearted. It just wasn't a great story to begin with AND outside of Johnny and Ben, the acting was subpar and the characterizations were off base. I also think Ben's suit was laughable. The funny thing is, I think Fox thinks their campy contributions were too close to the comics and they couldn't be more wrong. Yet, they are scrambling to go in an entirely new direction because they think their audience just doesn't respond well to the 616 F4 and not because they screwed the pooch when they made it. There were some great elements mixed in with some shit in those first movies. The humor was the least of the problems. It only seemed like a crutch because they made Reed into a joke and Thing looked like a joke. People were laughing at things that weren't meant to be laughed at.
McNyagano - 4/20/2014, 5:32 AM

But darker, grounded and gritty equals better.
Ranger14 - 4/20/2014, 5:32 AM
"Grounded and realistic" Batman films ended up delivering a not very accurate character depiction of Batman. Same thing as MOS. These character were written to be an escape from reality...not to take us to a realistic place. Meh. I fell asleep trying to make it through Chronicle, so that is reason alone for me to be turned off. FF was always one of my favorite team of heroes. The banter between Grimm and Johnny, the team's unique abilities. Nothing really grounded and realistic about it. I don't mind a little gritty, but let's keep it the way they were intended on being, instead of trying to give us something the characters aren't.
IminentEminence - 4/20/2014, 5:33 AM

Lmao! IKR...
goldilocks - 4/20/2014, 5:34 AM
1. The casting is the worst I've ever heard of
2. Sam Rami's Spiderman sucked.
3. Never heard of Chronicle.
4. Just another sign people doing this movie as clueless.
ProfessorX - 4/20/2014, 5:35 AM
I hope they stay true to their word about it being realistic. I always thought someone having their body turned to stone was too fantastical. Also a woman who can become invisible? A man who can set his body on fire and fly? A man who can stretch any part of his body? It's just too fantastical to be believed...

Hopefully in this version Ben Grimm's body actually gets petrified (turned to stone) by the radiation and he dies. Johnny Storm's body gets set on fire... and he burns to death. Sue Storm's body turns invisible because she gets annihilated. And Reed Richard's body gets stretched to extreme... when he's run over by a steamroller.

That would be a much more believable and less fantastical take on the characters, in my opinion. "The Realistic Four", if you like.
Ranger14 - 4/20/2014, 5:40 AM
Lol@ ProfessorX. I see what you did there.
Bl00dwerK - 4/20/2014, 5:40 AM
Lost me at Chronicle...
IminentEminence - 4/20/2014, 5:41 AM
Though I loathe agreeing with a T&A hating snitch, ProfessorX is right...
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