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Apparently there is a recut going around and too many so called "fans" are a little to happy about it.
The Strike Back actress has been cast as the fortune-telling crone (they'll need some serious make-up!) from George R.R. Martin's A Dance With Dragons. Click on to find out how she'll factor into the story, with some mild SPOILERS...
Harry Potter Is A Pop Culture Icon And The Franchise As A Whole Is Worth Billions And Now You Can Hit The Jump To View J.K Rowling's Notes For The Fifth Book In The Series.
Universal Pictures has chosen a new director to helm The Huntsman, which is a follow-up to Rupert Sanders 2012 fantasy-adventure film Snow White and the Huntsman. Hit the jump to find out who they selected for the gig.
Very Soon Winter Will Be Coming To IMAX Theaters And You'll Be Able To Feel Every Bit Of It Hit The Jump To View The Short Teaser Which Also Includes Some Short Footage From Season 5.
Screen Junkies return with their newest honest trailer. This one is based on Jerry Bruckheimer's Pirates of the Caribbean film. If you like Honest Trailers, then your definitely going to enjoy sitting back and watching this. Hit the jump to check it out!
Last we heard on Warner Bros.' planned adaptation of the incredibly popular Dc/Vertigo comic series, Nikolaj Arcel (A Royal Affair) was on board as director. Now the film's producer has revealed that the project has a new writer: X-Men: First Class & Kick-Ass scribe, Jane Goldman.
Yesterday we found out that HBO's mysterious Game Of Thrones special would actually be called "A Day In the Life", and give us a BTS look at the various shooting locations for season 5. Now, we have this trailer which features some intriguing glimpses of new footage...
Legendary Pictures has release several pieces of concept art for Seventh Son via to coincide with the theatrical released in China last Friday. Check out the gallery of the monsters, locations and scenarios after the jump.
Hit the jump to check out new videos that Weta Workshop and Wired released for Peter Jackson's third and final installment of his Hobbit trilogy. They show off the visual effects and concept art the artist at Weta created for the film.
"There is only one thing we say to death.." The three-eyed Raven has provided us with another couple of brief glimpses of the upcoming fifth season of HBO's Game Of Thrones. A lot of it is old footage, but keen-eyed viewers will spot a few new shots here and there. Check 'em out...
No surprise here. After starring in the first three 'Hunger Games' films as the main protagonist, who wouldn’t want to make more of these films! Hit the jump to see what J-Law had to said about wanting to do more films for the franchise. Check it out!
I got goods and I got bad news. Which one would you like to know about first? I'll decide. Okay, here's the bad news. Frank Darabont is no longer the director of The Huntsman. The good news? Emily Blunt will be the film's villain. Check it out!
In case you needed some extra incentive to see Game of Thrones when it comes to IMAX in a few weeks, come check out these two exclusive posters that will be available free of charge when you walk into the theater. They are spoilery, so tread carefully.
Winter Is Coming And It Brings With It A New Short Teaser From The Three Eyed Raven Hit The Jump For More.
For Those Who Were Excited To Watch Game Of Thrones In IMAX Hit The Jump To Hear Why It's Been Pushed Back A Week And Find Out Which City Will Be Holding The Season 4 DVD / BLU-RAY Launch Party.
Universal Home Entertainment's The Scorpion King 4: Quest For Power hit today on Blu-ray, DVD and digital download today and they have been kind enough to provide us with an exclusive clip highlighting the female hero of the film!
Continuing with the opportunity to sit and chat with the stars of the upcoming action fantasy sequel, Scorpion King 4: Quest For Power. This latest interview I talk to Will Kemp, who takes on the villainous role of Drazen. Click on to check it out...
The Scorpion King 4: Quest For Power hits tomorrow and we have a great bundle giveaway up for grabs that includes all four Scorpion King movies, including The Scorpion Kin starring Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson! CLICK HERE to find out how to win!
CBM had a wonderful opportunity to sit and chat with the stars of the upcoming action sequel, Scorpion King 4: Quest For Power. For this latest interview I talk to Victor Webster, who takes over the mantle of the titular character from Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Click on to check it out...
Those dirty rascals at Cinema Sins have produced yet another new Everything Wrong With video and this time they point out every flaw, big or small, that Percy Jackson: Sea Of Monsters had. Hit the jump to check it out.
It looks like fans of George R.R Martins Epic Fantasy Book Series Will Have A Little Longer To Wait For The New Book.
A while back we found out that Toho was producing their first Godzillala film in 12 years. Recently a new teaser poster was released that promotes and get the fans excited for Toho's 2016 reboot. Check it out!
An all new finding sheds light unto a fan-favourite fan theory concerning a certain A Song of Ice and Fire character's fate. Read on for the information. SPOILERS!
HBO has announced the premiere date for the fifth season of their epic fantasy series Game of Thrones. After a memorable ending to their fourth season, the new season promises more jaw-dropping moments as our favorite characters continue the maddening struggle for the Iron Throne!