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While talking with Variety, Actor Sigourney Weaver not only reveals that she couldn't think of a better director to direct the new Alien film, but it will "break a lot of new ground as well.” Hit the jump to check it out!
The first in a series of Game Of Thrones season 5 behind-the-scenes artisan vids focuses on crafting Dornish weaponry, and gives us a look at Jessica Henwick, Keisha Castle-Hughes, and Rosabell Laurenti Sellers in action as the daughters of the Red Viper, the Sand Snakes. Check it out...
Well, that never happened in the books! Of course just being key art, there's no guarantee this exact thing will happen on April 12 when HBO's Game Of Thrones returns either, but it's certainly a striking image to build hype for the fifth season. My money's on the Lannister...
After an extended stint in development Hell, a big-screen outing for the "She Devil with a Sword" lives again at Nu Image/Millennium Films. Though no director is attached yet, The Fall screenwriter Christopher Cosmos has been hired to work on a new script from scratch. More past the jump...
Well It Seems The Power Rangers Fan Film That's Taken Over The Internet Has Found A Massive Celebrity Fan And Adi Shanker Speaks out About His Disappointed With Saban Hit The Jump For More.
The raven has sent its final visions, but because the three-eyed little bastard only sends them to mobile devices, the quality is pretty poor. Still, if you fancy seeing early glimpses of two scenes (one with Pod and Brienne, the other with Jon and Mance) from the season 5 première, click on...
A few weeks ago, it was revealed that Emily Blunt (Edge Of Tomorrow) was in talks to star alongside Thor's Chris Hemsworth in Universal's Snow White & The Huntsman spin-off. Now it appears another great actress has joined her. Hit the jump to check it out!
More concept art from Alex Proyas's defunct Paradise Lost has been discovered. Hit the jump to check out a series of designs for the demons that would've appeared in the film. It would've starred Bradley Cooper (Guardians of the Galaxy) as Lucifer.
The Boy Who Lived A Tale That Took Seven Books And Eight Films To Tell Well Now We Have Some Concept Art From The Final Two Harry Potter Films Hit The Jump To View Them.
Well Then Savy Hit The Jump To See The First Official Behind The Scene's Image Of Johnny Depp As Captain Jack.
The fourth season of HBO's Game Of Thrones is out on Blu-ray now, and we have a brief blooper reel from it for you to take a look at. There's not many laughs to be had on the show, but based on the antics in this video it's definitely a fun set to work on.
Johnny Depp may be on a bad run at the box office as of late, but there's one thing he can always count on: more Pirates Of The Caribbean cash! Disney have just released an official synopsis for the franchise's fifth film - featuring a few new plot details and casting additions...
With Season 4 Now Out On DVD And Season 5 Due To Air In April Hit The Jump To View Some Of The StoryBoards From Season 4 .
Well He-Man Fans You May Hit The Jump To View The Official Logo For The New Film Which Was Revealed Mere Hours Ago.
Major characters buying the farm in HBO's Game Of Thrones is nothing new, but up until now book readers had the luxury of knowing when each death was coming. Last night at the WGWA Awards, George R.R. Martin suggested we should be ready to be taken out of our comfort zone in season 5!
With All The Great Shows That Came Out Last Year Hit The Jump To See Which Series TNT Gave A Season 2.
Long-time CBM User, MattMan/MegaMatt (aka Matt Brooks), recently won a contest leading him to a career in comics and recognition from Stan Lee!
The Man From U.N.C.L.E. director Guy Ritchie has added Hulk actor Eric Bana to the cast of his upcoming King Arthur movie in the small but pivotal role of Arthur Pendragon's (Charlie Hunnam) father, Uther. Click on for more...
Here we have the latest, full trailer for Disney's live-action retelling of Cinderella, which is helmed by Kenneth Branagh. The Thor director seems to be taking a very direct approach to this classic tale, with not a hint of cynicism on display. Take a look...
Hit the jump to check out some amazing character and creature designs that was created by conceptual artist Kelton Cram ("Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles") for Lana and Andy Wachowski's space opera Jupiter Ascending.
Tonight, HBO aired an in-depth behind-the scenes look at one day of production on season 5 of Game Of Thrones. There's plenty of teasing new glimpses of what to expect when the show returns, as we explore what goes into shooting certain scenes in Croatia, Northern Ireland and Spain.
We Are Just A Few Hours Away From The Season 5 Special But From Season 4 We Have Two Scenes That Where Cut From Certain Episodes Hit The Jump For More.
Fans have wondered if they'd ever see a live-action take on Legend Of Zelda, and now it seems Nintendo's incredibly popular fantasy video game is being adapted for the small screen by Netflix. The show is being envisioned as "Game Of Thrones for a family audience".
A leaked document from 1993 reveals George R.R. Martin's original plans for the Song of Ice and Fire saga. Find out who was originally supposed to live, die and fall in love. Spoiler Warning
The Resident Evil star is currently in negotiations for a lead role in Myriad Pictures’ In The Lost Lands which is being adapted from three short stories by Game of Thrones author, George R.R. Martin.