Marvel's The Avengers got some pretty nifty 3D glasses earlier this year, but the limited edition RealD 3D glasses for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey are even more stylised (and a bit uncomfortable looking!). Check them out here.

The adventure follows the journey of title character Bilbo Baggins, who is swept into an epic quest to reclaim the lost Dwarf Kingdom of Erebor from the fearsome dragon Smaug. Approached out of the blue by the wizard Gandalf the Grey, Bilbo finds himself joining a company of thirteen dwarves led by the legendary warrior, Thorin Oakenshield. Their journey will take them into the Wild; through treacherous lands swarming with Goblins and Orcs, deadly Wargs and Giant Spiders, Shapeshifters and Sorcerers.

Although their goal lies to the East and the wastelands of the Lonely Mountain first they must escape the goblin tunnels, where Bilbo meets the creature that will change his life forever…Gollum.

Here, alone with Gollum, on the shores of an underground lake, the unassuming Bilbo Baggins not only discovers depths of guile and courage that surprise even him, he also gains possession of Gollum’s "precious" ring that holds unexpected and useful qualities … A simple, gold ring that is tied to the fate of all Middle-earth in ways Bilbo cannot begin to know.


Martin Freeman as Bilbo Baggins
Ian McKellen as Gandalf the Grey
Richard Armitage as Thorin Oakenshield
Andy Serkis as Gollum
Hugo Weaving as Elrond
Benedict Cumberbatch as Smaug
Luke Evans as Bard the Bowman
Christopher Lee as Saruman the White
Cate Blanchett as Galadriel
Elijah Wood as Frodo Baggins
Orlando Bloom as Legolas

RELEASE DATE: December 14th, 2012.

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JerBear - 8/1/2012, 8:57 AM
Dat sh!t betta be comfy
BmanHall - 8/1/2012, 9:00 AM
Makes no difference to me. The only way I'll be seeing this in 3D is if there is no 2D showing. 3D is a [frick]ing joke to boost ticket sales.
RexDartEskimoSpy - 8/1/2012, 9:04 AM
Forged by Dwarves deep under the mountains of Taiwan.
SmellofDuty - 8/1/2012, 9:09 AM
I'm going to try not to watch in 3D anyways.
CaptainObvious - 8/1/2012, 9:09 AM
Still not watching it in 3D.
marvel72 - 8/1/2012, 9:11 AM
the hobbit will be the third film i've seen in 3d.
Caveboy0 - 8/1/2012, 9:13 AM
so because its 3D its going to be bad?
xXkryptoniteXx - 8/1/2012, 9:14 AM
Not watching this in 3D and if it's only out in 3D, then I'll be watching in on Blu ray when it comes out. [frick] these 3D movies that is replacing 2D in the theaters, prices are a rip off and audience should know it and not support 3D movies that are not even good.

3D post conversion on Avangers sucked and why did it sell? Same answers as to why George Lucas is still rich and getting money on re release of star wars. Fans are blind to common sense.
superotherside - 8/1/2012, 9:16 AM
Wow, those are pretty cool. Still seeing it in 2D probably. :)
95 - 8/1/2012, 9:16 AM
Well, I'm sure I'll get sick after the movie, but I'm curious as to the big deal made over 48fps. These glasses will go to my small collection. I just hope my theaters offer them, I couldn't find any The Avengers glasses before.
CPBuff22 - 8/1/2012, 9:17 AM
So I am pretty sure I will be seeing this in IMAX. Making these glasses worthless.
GUNSMITH - 8/1/2012, 9:19 AM
forceflow23 - 8/1/2012, 9:32 AM
You people do realize that this isn't a post conversion, right? This will be only the third movie to be completely filmed in 3D. Avatar and The Amazing Spider-Man being the first two. If Jackson were only making the Hobbit in 3D for the added box office he would've just slapped it on in post production not spent countless hours filming it and rendering it in 3D.
BmanHall - 8/1/2012, 9:33 AM
Most people can't even watch a normal length movie with 3D glasses on. Who the hell wants to wear them for 3 hours?
forceflow23 - 8/1/2012, 9:33 AM
And Grif: you can go [frick] yourself. I've seen some pretty awful looking trailers in my day but I refuse to call a movie shitty until I've seen it. Unless you've seen the movie already you have no reason to call it "shitty".
95 - 8/1/2012, 9:36 AM
@CPBuff22 I'm not sure that IMAX uses RealD projection systems.

@GUNSMITH Yes. There's no arguing with that. However, The Hobbit isn't one of those films. It was recorded painstakingly with Steroscopic rigs and 48fps.
AnungUnRama - 8/1/2012, 9:36 AM
Agreed to Gunsmith: After Avatar Hollywood started the poor post-conversion age with Clash of the Titans to steal some extra money from us. Even though the conversion technology has improved very much since then, I still haven't seen a post converted 3D movie where I thought the 3D really added something important. First I was fine with that as many films had already been shooting when the 3D trend rose and could obviously not be filmed in 3D anymore. But now Hollywood has entered the next sad level with films like TASM. They're planning to bring the movies into theaters in 3D from the beginning but still shot them in 2D planning to post-convert them because it is less complicated to shoot in 2D and post-converting is cheaper than shooting with 3D cameras. That sucks. The only movies that should be post-converted are movies from the pre 3D era and only if it is done with the right effort like with Titanic. But I don't think Titanic needed a conversion. It's rather good for movies of franchises that started in 2D and now are still continuing during the 3D era. By post converting the former entries they can add more visual continuity to the franchise (but only if done right). Therefore I'd love to see LotR in 3D after the Hobbit trilogy is finished.
AnungUnRama - 8/1/2012, 9:41 AM
forceflow23: TASM was post converted, which is quite a slap in the face since they planned to bring it to theaters in 3D from the beginning, other than e. g. G.I. Joe 2 which now has been delayed to post convert it. Bu Martin Scorsese was shot in 3D, and the 3D was indeed pretty good.

95 - 8/1/2012, 9:42 AM
@AnungUmRama The Amazing Spider-Man was recorded on a stereoscopic Red Digital Camera system.
Gmoney84 - 8/1/2012, 9:42 AM
YA'LL DO REALIZE THIS FILM WAS SHOT IN 3D SIMILAR TO AVATAR? It won't be some post converison deal. It should look extremely legit with the Red Epic cameras and the increased frame rate.
95 - 8/1/2012, 9:52 AM
@SotoJuiceMan Of course, got to agree. In fact, supposedly Native 3D films are more likely to nauseate audiences. Point is, The Hobbit had a lot of (unnecessary?) trouble with lighting, make-up, framework, moving the cameras— because of the digital stereoscopic system. That's an extra expense to a proposed benefit of "immersion". So we can't exactly bunch this film up with the post-conversions.
BubblesShedAndBreakfast - 8/1/2012, 9:53 AM
Thank you but no 3D, only 2D for me.
AnungUnRama - 8/1/2012, 9:57 AM
@95: Really? I recalled having red they refused to shoot in 3D and rather planned to post convert it. If they really shot in 3D then I'm quite disenchanted, 'cause TASM's 3D sucked so damn. There virtually was no 3D in the 3d version. I used to think films shot in 3D would have better 3D than post converted ones.
Otisburg - 8/1/2012, 10:02 AM
TheAbomination - 8/1/2012, 10:05 AM
Those glasses look cool, and I can tell they're spending a lot of time, effort and money on the higher frame rate and 3D. But 2D is my personal preference.
95 - 8/1/2012, 10:14 AM
@SotoJuiceMan Okay. I'm not a Peter Jackson fan. I can't even get through Lord Of The Rings. The Hobbit is all I'm interested in. Smaug.
CrimsonArk - 8/1/2012, 10:16 AM
@ SotoJuiceMan
What the hell is your problem? Are you on your period or something?
You do realize this is a MOVIE right? Why do you care if people get disappointed or not?
If you aren't interested in seeing them, then how about *gasp* you don't see them?
Instead of making yourself look like a childish A-hole.
95 - 8/1/2012, 10:17 AM
@AnungUnRama Yes. It was recorded in 3D. Probably half-assed.

@Otisburg That's an even better idea.
BarnaclePete - 8/1/2012, 10:20 AM
I'm glad we don't get crap like this around where I live. I avoid 3D at all costs. I will only watch a movie in 3D if there is no 2D option. Other than a horror movie, I've yet to see a movie where the 3D actually made the movie better. 3D is a gimmick and should be used as one. If I'm watching a 3D movie I want shit flying out at me. It doesn't do anything to enhance regular story telling.
Jimboman300 - 8/1/2012, 10:21 AM
3D haters can suck me off

The Hobbit is going to look amazing in 3D. Ive never seen a Native 3D movie where the 3D didn't make the movie and even the conversion on The Avengers looked sweet. 3D haters are just one eyed dicks who can't stand to see technology progress
JokerFan21 - 8/1/2012, 10:21 AM
The glasses look tempting but I won't see it in 3-D still.
MARVELFAN1995 - 8/1/2012, 10:35 AM
@forceflow23 Transformers: Dark of the Moon was filmed in full 3D also. That makes The Hobbit the fourth film to be completely shot in 3D.
AnungUnRama - 8/1/2012, 10:39 AM
Sort of off topic put I’m still wondering: When I had a look at the runtimes of the LotR extended versions given by it said 726 minutes = 12 hours 6 minutes for the blu ray extended versions and "only" 672 minutes = 11 hours 12 minutes for the DVD extended versions - so about an hour less than the blu rays (while the theatrical version lasts 558 minutes = 9 hours 18 minutes)

So do the blu rays indeed contain additional scenes - I never heard that before - or where does the additional hour come from?
BarnaclePete - 8/1/2012, 10:39 AM
I gotta agree. Having read this book, I'm pretty sure it could have been fit into one movie pretty sufficiently. There is a lot of minor detail crap that just doesn't need to be in the movies, and that is why a lot of it was cut from the original trilogy as well. I think that Tolkien was detailed to a fault. Cut out all the songs they sing and the details about their day and their walks and it's pretty easy to cut it down.
forceflow23 - 8/1/2012, 10:58 AM
@AnungUnRama hate to break it to you but TASM wasn't a conversion, it was shot in 3D
forceflow23 - 8/1/2012, 11:00 AM
@MarvelFan1995 thanks for the info. I refused to watch Dark of the Moon after the disappointment of Revenge of the Fallen
valeriesghost - 8/1/2012, 11:12 AM
can't we just skip 3D and go right to holographs?
Mentok - 8/1/2012, 11:32 AM
What Grif said.
jessepostal - 8/1/2012, 11:44 AM
@forceflow, there have been a lot more than those filmed entirely in 3d.

Dolphin Tale 3D
Drive Angry
Fields of Valor: The Civil War
Final Destination 5
Flying Monsters 3D
Fright Night (in 3-D)
Glee: The 3D Concert Movie
Gnomeo & Juliet
Happy Feet 2 in 3D
Horrid Henry
Mars Needs Moms!
Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
Puss in Boots
Shark Night
The Three Musketeers
A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas

and thats just the start of it
forceflow23 - 8/1/2012, 11:57 AM
@JessePostal you can't count animated movies in that list because they weren't "filmed" at all. And I know for a fact that Pirates 4 was not filmed in 3D it was yet another shitty post conversion. I'm going off information that Peter Jackson said in an interview. He called the Hobbit the third movie to be filmed in 3D I'm pretty sure he knows what he's talking about
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