Details on when, where and how you can see the first trailer for The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug the second in a planned trilogy of the Lord of the Rings prequel from director Peter Jackson and Warner Bros. Studios.

As some of you may know, the first look at footage from The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug will be included on the blu-ray/dvd release of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey out March 19th. But here's some info on where and how you can watch the trailer. It will be revealed via a live-streaming event at on March 24 at 3 p.m. ET/12 PT. In order to get access to the live-stream you'll need an UltraViolet code that's only available through a purchase of copies of An Unexpected Journey. There's no word on when or if the trailer will be released at a later date for those that don't make the purchase and I imagine Warner Bros. will definitely have an eye out for bootleg uploads.

Also, you can submit questions for Peter Jackson to answer in a Q&A taking place directly after the trailer premiere through the film's facebook and vine pages.

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Emjeed - 3/13/2013, 1:33 AM
They will probably attach something to Man Of Steel..
MarvelousMarty - 3/13/2013, 1:33 AM
Watched The Hobbit last weekend, wasn't really up for it but absoloutly loved it.
Coolwhip - 3/13/2013, 1:42 AM
I'm not that desperate to see footage of the movie that I'll jump through hoops for these idiots.
guywithspoilers - 3/13/2013, 2:01 AM
This is a tiny, tiny thing, but... that teaser thing there labels the film as THE HOBBIT: DESOLATION OF SMAUG.

Have they removed the 'The'? Doesn't really bother me, but seems an odd marketing move.
BubblesShedAndBreakfast - 3/13/2013, 2:01 AM
I'll just wait till its on YouTube.
Azazel1 - 3/13/2013, 2:18 AM
Who cares, the first Hobbit was crap!!!!
LordOfTheZegaRealm - 3/13/2013, 2:26 AM
This information is dead to me.
Facade - 3/13/2013, 2:38 AM
I love how open and personal Jackson is with fans. I'll wait on the extended edition, so I'll have to wait on the trailer, too.
SomTingWong - 3/13/2013, 4:17 AM
I posted an article like this like a week ago and it was called old news
Facade - 3/13/2013, 4:34 AM, that's a shame. Hope you feel better soon.
HellsHammer - 3/13/2013, 5:42 AM
very tiny sneak peek at Smaug right there!
mattbo - 3/13/2013, 5:51 AM
I still havent seen The Hobbit....I might get stoned for that on this site :)
But i do want to see the 2nd just for Smaug. I'll probably watch the 1st right before the second at home.

Also for the 3rd one are they doing the poems or short stories they have to kind of bridge both trilogies? Correct me if Im wrong. It should have stayed at 2 movies. 3 three hour movies about one book is kind of a turn off if your not a hardcore fan.
sideshow06 - 3/13/2013, 6:17 AM
Is it just me, or shouldn't it be a bigger deal that we can see people working on a model of a dragon (SMAUG??) behind Jackson in that picture?
Tainted87 - 3/13/2013, 6:17 AM
What Coolwhip said.
sideshow06 - 3/13/2013, 6:19 AM
Seriously... there is a DRAGON RIGHT BEHIND HIM!!
AC1 - 3/13/2013, 6:50 AM
That makes no sense... trailers are meant to be a form of advertising... so the first trailer will only be viewable to people they can pretty much guarantee will already be waiting to watch the movie? And that they'd go so far as to remove bootlegged uploads of a trailer? Meaning they're taking down free advertising of their own product!?

Great marketing strategy there.
JoeMomma29 - 3/13/2013, 7:15 AM
I am sure people will post the code online!!!
TheFascinatingMan - 3/13/2013, 7:51 AM
can't someone record it as they watch it and put it on you tube?
GodzillaKart - 3/13/2013, 8:56 AM
This "trilogy" is kind of a mess. Don't get me wrong, I'll watch all of them.

I'm part of the problem. :(
SauronsBANE - 3/13/2013, 12:49 PM
As much as I really disliked the 1st movie, I'm still a huge fan of the books and Jackson's Lord of the Rings trilogy, so I'll be coming back to see the 2nd and 3rd movies. I understand the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit are 2 completely different animals, but seriously, it's been over TEN years since Return of the King...and An Unexpected Journey was the best they could do?? Let's hope the next 2 movies make up for the awful 1st movie in a big way

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