GAME OF THRONES: New Season 5 Character Descriptions

GAME OF THRONES: New Season 5 Character Descriptions

We heard that the HBO fantasy series would be shooting scenes in Spain for its next season, leading many to assume that we'd be spending a significant amount of time in Dorne (home of Prince Oberyn). If the following character descriptions are accurate, they'd be right.

This season we were introduced to two new characters from Dorne: Prince Oberyn "the Red Viper" Martell and his paramour, Ellaria Sand. Now Winter Is Coming have uncovered these character descriptions for season 5, and it appears they'll be joined by a whole host of their Countrymen and women next year. There's nothing too SPOILERY, but if you haven't read the books and don't want to know anything about future events you may want to pass.

Prince Doran Martell – Doran is described as the major new player this year, appearing in multiple episodes. The fiftysomething prince uses a wheelchair, is reclusive and rules wisely. It appears the show is looking to continue the trend it started with Pedro Pascal, and cast Latino actors for the Martell clan.

Prince Trystane Martell – Trystane, the handsome fiance of Princess Myrcella, is being aged up to 18.

Areo Hotah - Doran’s personal bodyguard will appear throughout the season, assisting the prince with his duties. The show is particularly looking for a black actor to fill the role.

The Sand Snakes, Oberyn Martell’s bastard daughters (with ages ranging 18-25):

Obara Sand – The eldest and most athletic Sand Snake will be having a major fight scene with a series regular character- not one who crosses her path in the books. This is an interesting change.

Nymeria Sand – Nymeria is described as “mixed race,” with her father being the fairer Oberyn and her mother being darker skinned. The second oldest of these Sand Snakes, she’s beautiful, emotional and very strong.

Tyene Sand - The youngest of the Sand Snakes that we meet uses her wits and seductive powers, and is less of a physical fighter than the other Sand Snakes. She is just as deadly as her sisters, however, but her weapon is poison.

High Sparrow - The books’ pious head of a religious movement will be appearing in several episodes in season 5.

Septa Unella – The show is looking for a character actress to play the imposing and unrelenting septa who spends a lot of time with a major series character next year.

Maggy the Frog - A fortune teller in A Feast for Crows, she’ll be in one episode next year.

Lollys Stokeworth – Just last week in “Mockingbird,” Bronn announced his intention to marry Lollys, whom Tyrion considers “dimwitted.” It looks like the sellsword will still be around next year
Yezzan - A sleazy Meereenese slave owner.

The Waif – The strange child from the books that Arya encounters will likely be played by an older actress, one in her later teens, and we understand the show is specifically looking for a woman of East Asian descent for the part.

Some interesting stuff here. Obviously the nature of George R.R. Martin's narrative structure in the fourth book in his Song Of Ice And Fire saga means that season 5 of the show won't simply be a direct adaptation of "A Feast For Crows", but it seems we'll be meeting characters (such as The Waif) that are only introduced pretty late into the fifth book, "A Dance With Dragons". Also, in the books after Bronn says farewell to Tyrion he all but disappears from the story for the time being, but his new wife Lollys being cast means that they've obviously come up with a way to keep the vicious git in the show's fifth season (yay). Book readers may wonder where the likes of  Arianne Martell (daughter of Doran) is, but Winter Is Coming points out that some of the new roles may already be cast and that's why they don't show up here. I can't wait to see who'll be playing most of these characters, particularly the Sand Snakes.
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ScorpioRisin - 5/25/2014, 11:09 AM
YES YES YES they won't [frick] up the sand snakes.
Can't wait for Dorne.
Where's Aryanne though?
XF14 - 5/25/2014, 11:17 AM
I reside in massive anticipation for tonight's show... sucks the season is almost over but so excited for whats to come, this season and the next!
Klone - 5/25/2014, 11:17 AM

I've been reading the first book... nice read.

But in your opinion, how many seasons will they dedicate to Book 5 and 6, given that they will obviously merge them. I mean what the [frick] will they do with Theon if his S4 material is B6 material?
ckal - 5/25/2014, 11:26 AM
where the [frick] are Victarion and Euron Greyjoy
ScorpioRisin - 5/25/2014, 11:27 AM
There's no show tonight bro, until next Sunday.

I found book 1 to be the most boring only because it was so close to the first season that it was like reading the script.
As to book 4 and 5 being merged for season 5, I think they will manage just fine, considering there's a TON of new characters appearing, so, even if right now Theon's storyline seems like it's stepping too much into book 5 material, when season 5 comes, his small screentime may help to catch up to the place he's at in the books.
But, considering there are quite a few characters missing from book 5, I wouldn't be surprised if they continue the book in season 6.
ckal - 5/25/2014, 11:27 AM
Arianne Martell??
ckal - 5/25/2014, 11:30 AM
Areo Hotah is now black? A man from a race and area of Essos that have pale skin?

Guess they are really trying to appease the PC crowd.

At least get Idris Elba if you are going that route.
Klone - 5/25/2014, 11:38 AM

Yeah, but it is good getting some more insight. It's also cool trying to visualize the characters differently. I think I like the Stark children when they're younger.
Hulksta - 5/25/2014, 11:43 AM
rebellion - 5/25/2014, 12:00 PM
lollys?.. whatever.
Bloodraven - 5/25/2014, 12:04 PM
Maggy the Frog? Now that's interesting. That'll be the first time the show has used flashbacks.

I'm more excited for the major players not included on this list like Arianne and Quentyn Martell, Euron, Victarion and Aeron Greyjoy as well as Jon Connington and Aegon.
Lizardking310 - 5/25/2014, 12:13 PM
Don't bring back characters that are suppose to be gone... Like Bronn yes he's awesome but so is Victarion Greyjoy ! Too many characters to keep characters that are gone
FightingCommander - 5/25/2014, 12:32 PM
@Lizard: Maybe keeping Bronn around means Martin has plans for him in the future? But yeah, the Greyjoys aren't looking too hot right now, especially after that pitiful rescue attempt by Yara and the "best" Ironborn. I hope Daario turns out to be Victarion all along or something, at least on the TV show.
bropous - 5/25/2014, 12:52 PM
The Sand Snakes, huh?

To me, the entire Sand Snake part as well as the selection of the new ruler of the Iron Isles REALLY dragged in the books. Pretty much the only draggy part of the books as far as I am concerned. Hopefully those parts will be more interesting in the series.

Hey Stannis, pack some woolen drawers, and as for Tywin, avoid prunes.
bropous - 5/25/2014, 12:53 PM
Daario as Victarion?

bropous - 5/25/2014, 12:55 PM
Lizardking310: VICTARION is awesome??? You serious???

Victarion is pretty much a functional retard with a serious quest complex in the books. I cannot fathom how anyone could describe him as "awesome".
bropous - 5/25/2014, 12:56 PM
However, Krakens and Dragons can make a good duo at times...
McGee - 5/25/2014, 1:01 PM
I'm just glad they've increased ethnic diversity on this show. Now we can see how they live and deal with their problems.

BoomTubeB - 5/25/2014, 1:09 PM
Zer0squad - 5/25/2014, 1:20 PM
The Waif was introduced in A Feast for Crows, they are fine. I'm glad they are focusing on Dorne next season. I was somewhat afraid that it would be getting the short shrift. A lot of potential for good times there, especially with the Sand Snakes and Arianne(she better be in there).
JillyMcBeam - 5/25/2014, 1:47 PM
Hell yeah.
TheAstoundingMan - 5/25/2014, 2:17 PM

The sheer number of characters that are introduced in both books 4/5 will easily give them enough content to last for the next two seasons.

Even if they leave out some characters (the list above doesn't even touch the number of new faces that will show up), they will need to be very clever about dividing time for each story effectively.
Guerillas - 5/25/2014, 2:46 PM
Cant wait for young griff (the true king)
JediPhilosopher - 5/26/2014, 1:19 AM
I gave up on tv before this show started. I still haven't seen one episode, and not going to. and I find it fascinating that that fact alone will disturb people. :D
GetsugaTensho22 - 5/26/2014, 3:30 AM
@Guerillas: Young Griff is most likely a fake but doesn't know it.
bropous - 5/26/2014, 6:23 AM
Frankly, JediPhilosopher, I couldn't give a rat's ass whether you watch television.
LorenzoVonMatterhorn93 - 5/26/2014, 6:28 AM
arianne, victarion and euron - where are they?!
also, maggy the frog hmmm... perhaps a flashback.
in which case could they flashback to roberts rebellion too ??? i hopse so :D so excited. and season 4 aint even done yet!
KINGPEN266 - 5/26/2014, 7:34 AM
the snakes huh? i cant wait.
wookiefit - 5/26/2014, 12:02 PM
@ Jedi

It's a great show. I recommend the books.

Or if you want a different series, "The Wheel of Time"
wookiefit - 5/26/2014, 12:02 PM

wookiefit - 5/26/2014, 2:15 PM

Klone - 5/26/2014, 6:59 PM

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