GAME OF THRONES: Oscar Nominee Keisha Castle-Hughes Reportedly Joins Season 5

GAME OF THRONES: Oscar Nominee Keisha Castle-Hughes Reportedly Joins Season 5

Word is that 24-year-old Kiwi actress Keisha Castle-Hughes (Whale Rider) has joined the fifth season of the HBO series as one of the "Sand Snakes"; the highly skilled bastard daughters of Prince Oberyn Martell. More after the jump.

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According to the New Zealand Herald, we may just have our first bit of major casting news for the fifth season of Game Of Thrones. They report that 24-year-old “Whale Rider” star and Academy Award Nominee Keisha Castle-Hughes will play one of Oberyn Martell's bastard daughters, who are known as the Sand Snakes. The site don't know which one exactly, but given the actress's age, speculate that it'll likely be Nymeria Sand, who is described as "beautiful, of mixed race, emotional and strong" in the official casting call. Though there are 8 Sand Snakes in the books, the show is expected to utilize only 3: Nymeria, Obara Sand, the eldest, and Tyene Sand, the youngest. Apparently we're still awaiting conformation from Castle-Hughes' manager, so don't take this as a done deal just yet.
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ckal - 7/15/2014, 6:45 AM

I want to see the casting for Victarion and Euron Greyjoy more than anyone else.
yossarian - 7/15/2014, 6:51 AM
Whale Rider?

Sounds like something Merc wrote/produced/starred in.
LuisFcknLorenzo - 7/15/2014, 6:53 AM
She really looks like Pedro Pascal, same nose and same color. Give me Victarion and Euron Greyjoy!!!!!
Tainted87 - 7/15/2014, 6:55 AM
She was in Revenge of the Sith for two seconds.

I'm excited to see Dorne.
Klone - 7/15/2014, 6:56 AM
Arianne, Doran, Victarion, Wyman and Euron is what I am looking forward to.
Gusto - 7/15/2014, 7:01 AM
Damn. He beat me to that one.
capcyclopsftw - 7/15/2014, 7:04 AM
How do you not put an actual picture of the actress in the article? Lazy ass super users.
shabat - 7/15/2014, 7:06 AM

Ok, there was an old couple caught making grex in front of a church in Oklahoma. When police arrived, they had to be separated by a water hose. Where you in Oklahoma?

yossarian - 7/15/2014, 7:06 AM
shabat - 7/15/2014, 7:06 AM
*were you in Oklahoma?
yossarian - 7/15/2014, 7:07 AM
@Gusto - Dude. I just learned about this Hunt for Yoss article. How funny was it and did that get you banned from making articles?
batz11 - 7/15/2014, 7:07 AM
@shabat WTF, dude hung like a horse...

shabat - 7/15/2014, 7:08 AM
It turns out they were performing their act of passion for one another while under a cross...
shabat - 7/15/2014, 7:09 AM

lol, like a can of febreeze
batz11 - 7/15/2014, 7:09 AM
@blackandyellow calls himself the Whale-Rider...

MercwithMouth - 7/15/2014, 7:18 AM
Aww, I got deleted...

You're mean,


You still suck.


Me missed you man, the place was starting to not smell of old man and teenage tears...

I suppose I should put something on topic...

Sounds good, no idea who the characters are, but if they're related to the Red Viper, can't be bad.
MercwithMouth - 7/15/2014, 7:23 AM

I thought b&y had a little more tan?
batz11 - 7/15/2014, 7:25 AM
Ha, ha, couldn't find the diversity lol...
Klone - 7/15/2014, 7:35 AM

She's playing one of Oberyn's eight bastard daughters in Dorne, four of which are trained killers.
Carl - 7/15/2014, 7:37 AM
I dont know about Euron but vicarion greyjoy got the shaft already
Klone - 7/15/2014, 7:45 AM

Given that AFFC and ADWD are being mixed together it is possible that Season 5 will show us the Dornish storyline and Season 6 the Iron Island one, because the casting announcements for Season 5 only mentioned characters from Dorne.
MercwithMouth - 7/15/2014, 7:46 AM

I gathered that from the article. But thanks man. I'll check it on on Wiki. See what I can learn.
blackandyellow - 7/15/2014, 7:50 AM
batz, thick women need lovin' too. I know you know that game with the wildebeests you have in Minnesota.
Archgoat - 7/15/2014, 8:05 AM
Book readers, do Sand Snakes have any nude scenes?
blackandyellow - 7/15/2014, 8:13 AM
@gusto and @yossarian

Did yoss' question get answered about Gusto's editorial?
yossarian - 7/15/2014, 8:18 AM
@B&Y - No. It never will either. Gusto doesn't check his alerts because he has more sense than us.
Gusto - 7/15/2014, 9:02 AM
LOL...I don't remember that one.
All my articles get instantly deleted. suck!
TheBeard - 7/15/2014, 9:26 AM
Bills training training camp gets going Friday. finally Football is back, unfortunately they will probably be eliminated from playoff contention by Saturday. I know it's coming so i will say it myself.
Gusto - 7/15/2014, 9:27 AM
I hate that alert shit!
They'll get rid of it
once everyone's mailbox explodes.
Gusto - 7/15/2014, 9:29 AM
LOL...Beardsy, when are they movin' to Toronto?
blackandyellow - 7/15/2014, 9:35 AM
I believe the Bills and Giants start the preseason during the Hall of Fame game on August 2nd. Those games are like watching the CFL.
EarOne - 7/15/2014, 9:46 AM
haven't read the novels...but, for a much needed variety on the show, how bout employing more Oriental, Indian, Middle Eastern, Pacific Islander, African and Latin actors..especially, for the characters of a more ambiguous race, like those in Dorne, or any place conquered by Khaleesi.

with Keisha playing Nymeria. i can see Belle's Gugu Mbata-Raw playing Obara and Raid 2's Julie Estelle as Tyene...they're all HOT.

judging from Oberyn's view of life and his life's truly logical for him to have multi-raced bastard kids.
SoSayethTheSpiderman - 7/15/2014, 2:32 PM
@Archgoat, technically they do not have any sex scenes, but they are very much like their father and mostly very open sexually, it is said. However Oberyns's brother has a daughter that is said to be equally or surpassing the Sand Snakes beauty that has multiple sex scenes in the books.

Love the Sand Snakes, but I'm more excited to hear about the castings of Areo, Arianne, and Darkstar

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