Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2 Passes The $1 Billion Mark Globally!

<i>Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2</i> Passes The $1 Billion Mark Globally!

In far from surprising news, the final Harry Potter movie has now joined the elite club of movies (which includes The Dark Knight to have globally passed the $1 Billion mark at the box office...

The Hollywood Reporter reveal that Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 will pass the $1 billion mark this Saturday, making it the first in the franchise to achieve that. Previously, it was Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone overseas) which held the record as the highest grossing movie in the franchise at $974.8 million.

As of right now, the movie has grossed $296 Million domestically in the US, and $630 million internationally. With another successful weekend expected (despite facing off against Captain America: The First Avenger, The Smurfs and Cowboys & Aliens) it should have no problem hitting the $1 Billion mark.

The site also report that, Deathly Hallows Part 2 becomes the 9th movie in history to gross north of $1 billion worldwide, a club that includes Warners’ The Dark Knight ($1 billion), Disney’s Alice in Wonderland ($1.02 billion) and Disney’s 2011 summer tentpole Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides ($1.03 billion).

What do you guys make of this news? Be sure to share your thoughts in the usual place!

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golden123 - 7/30/2011, 8:11 AM
Awesome! I loved that movie. Best movie I've seen that came out in 2011.
BigDawgg - 7/30/2011, 8:14 AM
I agree. I loved this years CBM, but Deathly Hallows was the best movie I've seen this summer. Now if we could just get rid of that damn Twilight series.... -_-
thesymbiote - 7/30/2011, 8:21 AM

Very much deserves it. LOVE the movie. Especially if you watch Part 1 and 2 back to back.

Transformers getting as high as 900 mil mark though kind of ticks me
WolvieCBM - 7/30/2011, 8:24 AM
Wow, $1 billion mark in only 2 weeks...Amazing. I knew it would pass $1B, but not this quick.
StrangerX - 7/30/2011, 8:25 AM
I have to agree I've loved almost every superhero movie this summer but Deathly Hallows was my fav movie of the summer
JWStubner - 7/30/2011, 8:30 AM
Damn. That's impressive. Suck on that Transformers!
NerdyGeek - 7/30/2011, 8:34 AM
LMAO @Intruder
Superheromoviefan - 7/30/2011, 8:46 AM
What a surprise! I didn't see that coming lol
StrangerX - 7/30/2011, 9:06 AM
ok somebody plz tell me y lble12 is still on this site.
MAXQ1961 - 7/30/2011, 9:12 AM
Prognosticators: What 2012 CBM will break the $1 billion mark?

And what will it take to get there?

The Avengers: Hulk smashes the Avengers?

The Dark Knight Rises: Batman gets paralyzed?

The Amazing Spider-Man: High tech 3-D and Spidey nearly ended by the Lizard?
PaulRom - 7/30/2011, 9:12 AM
Wow, talk about being overrated. -___-

DEATHbyEXILE - 7/30/2011, 9:42 AM
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MAXQ1961 - 7/30/2011, 9:43 AM
@Intruder - Thanks for the comments and opinions!
golden123 - 7/30/2011, 9:50 AM
@MAXQ1961: The Dark Knight Rises will make the most because of the success of the last movie making 200 million more than Spider-Man 3 (the highest grossing Spider-Man movie). The Avengers will come in third since none of it's movies have done better than a single Spider-man movie.
MAXQ1961 - 7/30/2011, 10:01 AM
@golden123 - thanks for the comments and opinions. I am more of a Marvel fan but have always liked Batman. So I agree with you at this point but I am looking forward to all three movies next year!
jonedc - 7/30/2011, 10:14 AM
I'm not into harry potter I'm going to try to get my son into him. I couldn't tell you another character after harry but I am a fan of JK Rowling. I just love her success story. To be on welfare and then become a billionaire is simply amazing!!
spidermonkeyman - 7/30/2011, 10:37 AM
DO IT!! Your son will love you!Is he a big reader?
billnye69 - 7/30/2011, 10:40 AM
The battle between Harry and Voldy was disappointing. They shot magic for 30secs and Voldy died......big bang....nothing cool.
ThePhantom1 - 7/30/2011, 10:44 AM
I wonder what would happen if this movies had to go up against movies of the 50's, comparing number of seats taken up, instead of the dollar amount, I truly believe that the movies of that age would stand up just as well, or even better with that comparsion, the way the increase of the dollar cost has taken over is really no real judge of the movie's true 'character' or success
sexymuppet - 7/30/2011, 11:03 AM

Supes17 - 7/30/2011, 11:32 AM
Im only rooting for TDKR and The Avenger's Next Year...
I don't expect much from TASM
MAXQ1961 - 7/30/2011, 11:47 AM
@Superman17 - Thanks for the comments and opinions. The Avengers do get the juices flowing and if handled correctly in it's promotions, it will be a juggernaut! The other two movies do have a lot of momentum from the fan base. This is evident by the box office totals and the interest in what is going on during each movie's productions.
MAXQ1961 - 7/30/2011, 1:13 PM
@Jazzywazzy - Thanks for the comments & opinions. Green Lantern is now a symbol of what could happen to CBM's reputation and Movie Studio's over confidence and maybe their short-sidedness of what it takes to create a movie that the fans want.

There are times I think they are only interested in that big payoff at the box office. The studios need to relax and see the great stories that the comics offer.
NeoBaggins - 7/30/2011, 2:37 PM
Best film of 2011 on all accounts. Not surprised.
marvel72 - 7/30/2011, 2:47 PM
i did say it would.along with pirates 4 & transformers 3.

i predict the amazing spider-man & maybe the avengers to reach a billion,the dark knight rises $750,000,000 max.

its missing what the two most sucessful batman films had........the joker.
Illcommunicatione - 7/30/2011, 3:18 PM
It was obvious that it would smash all this years films. Being that is the end of a 10 year franchise
Supes17 - 7/30/2011, 3:41 PM
@Marvel72: I respectfully disagree. TASM is a bit controversial right now because not everyone is on board with the whole reboot thing going on.

TDKR will make AT LEAST what Inception did. I Inception, being an original science mind[frick] of a film made $825 million, then Im pretty sure that TDKR will make about the same. There are many fans of TDK, the film was released 3 years ago and I still hear people talk about it.
Also, it is the end of a critically acclaimed trilogy, so many people will go to theaters to see it.

Will it make more than TDK? probably not, but Im pretty damn sure it will make more than $750 million. Remember that Thor, being one of the best Marvel films, earnes less than the disappointing Iron Man 2.
Supes17 - 7/30/2011, 3:43 PM
It's easy to underestimate a film because of our preferences. Many critics expected Avatar to be a flop, but it has made almost $3 billion
Fantine - 7/30/2011, 5:05 PM
Bye bye Avatar.
MAXQ1961 - 7/30/2011, 5:20 PM
@Marvel72-Thanks for the comments & opinions. TASM is a movie that I really want to see because of the disappointing SM3 and an Ultimate sort of take on the spidey character. Webb is another reason to see TASM.

@Superman17 - TDKR will be huge because of Nolan, exactly right. @Marvel has very good point about no Joker-no blockbuster. Losing Ledger had to break Nolan's spirit and heart. I do believe that he knew the Joker would make a fantastic follow-up movie to the Dark Knight.

Can 3-D help these movies? Avatar was expertly made and it was Cameron's intention all along to make a 3-D masterpiece. TDKR will not be 3-D but Nolan loves IMAX format so we know how that will effect box office. TASM & Avengers must be shown to us to be worthy of the 3-D experience. I say "give us a great and inspired story!"

Bash away at them CBM fans bash away!
Ceejay - 7/31/2011, 12:31 AM
@CatwomanLover - Avatar has made nearly 3 Billion, $2,782,275,172 to be exact which laughs at what Harry Potter made from a very high tower!
Hulk13Al - 7/31/2011, 7:24 AM
Hate to say Josh, but youre too early with this announcement, according to what you said, Harry Potter should pass the Billion mark this weekend, Box Office Moko reports it at being only at $948M at end of day on the 30th.


But yeah it should pass the billion today or certainly during the week. Transformers close behind it too.
Dev - 7/31/2011, 7:42 AM
The Avengers will take all the records HP 7 pt2 has in 2012. ;)
MAXQ1961 - 7/31/2011, 8:42 AM
@Dev7 - This would be truly a cool moment for comic book movie fans. I hope it gets to the $1 billion mark, at least that much but than again I hope TASM, TDKR and the Avengers all reach the $1 billion mark.

The Harry Potter phenomenon was a result of the 90's: A good economy, a boom in computer technology (movie CGI, the internet popularized, lap tops, cell phones and digital materials such as CD's, DVD's, TV's, Home video gaming devices and games) and most important the kids of the 70's and 80's and afterwards who embraced all technology and utilized it to their advantage. So when J.K. Rowling came along with her great story, the world was ready to embrace it in every way.

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