Plans For Another CLASH OF THE TITANS Movie Scrapped

Plans For Another CLASH OF THE TITANS Movie Scrapped

Well, for the time being at least. Bringing some seasonal good news for those that felt the previous two Titans flicks were tedious messes, producer Basil Iwanyk has revealed that they'll only move forward on a threequel if and when they have an idea that feels "fresh".

If you were hoping for the further adventures of Aussie Perseus (Sam Worthington) and his interchangeable pals you may be disappointed, as producer Basil Iwanyk has revealed to IGN that any plans for a third Titans movie are currently on hold. Despite being slightly better that Clash Of The Titans (which grossed $493.2 million worldwide), its sequel Wrath Of The Titans failed to do as well at the box office..and that usually means the death of a franchise. Asked outright if there were plans for a third movie, Iwanyk replied:

“Not at this point, but you never know. In terms of Clash of the Titans 3, it's one of those situations where we've seen it a million times; a movie will kind of float away and then come back when it's supposed to come back. You'd think that there was three and a half, four years of nonstop Clash of the Titans activity, and I think it is, "Okay, what's the new idea? How do you make it fresh?" You know, a lot of movies have come out in that world, including Immortals and 300. So there will be a time and place where someone will come up with a great idea for it and how to make it feel different and fresh from the previous ones. Then we'll hopefully move forward on that."

Yeah, I wouldn't hold my breath guys. Howe do you feel about this news? Sound off below.
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Lozzy - 12/24/2013, 5:43 AM
I smell a reboot.
PrinceOfCrime - 12/24/2013, 5:47 AM
PrinceOfCrime - 12/24/2013, 5:47 AM
liked those two movies a lot
PrinceOfCrime - 12/24/2013, 5:48 AM
Liam and Ralph are the best in this
PrinceOfCrime - 12/24/2013, 5:48 AM
Sam is pretty good
PrinceOfCrime - 12/24/2013, 5:48 AM
they should make another one dammit
Sumitsjc - 12/24/2013, 5:56 AM
@Jollem Good..
WB Got There new Titans.
sameoldthing - 12/24/2013, 5:57 AM
Those movies are just good,fun & mindless action films...not every franchise has to be a mega blockbuster.
Dinotron - 12/24/2013, 5:58 AM
Those movies sucked so bad
Enphlieuwince - 12/24/2013, 6:01 AM
Great, give it all to Wonder Woman.
CapA - 12/24/2013, 6:08 AM
The spirit of Christmas is upon Grif...
MercwithMouth - 12/24/2013, 6:11 AM
Damn, I would've loved another Clash movie.

They're not great "films", but they are a shitload of fun. Sam Worthington's acting may be a little suspect(No worse than Dwayne Johnson or Vin Diesel), but he's an action star.

Still want Sam Worthington for Cable in X-Men: Apocolypse!
19001560 - 12/24/2013, 6:12 AM
I want this titan, not that Greek titan again!

imnotwearinghockeypants - 12/24/2013, 6:13 AM
Terrible movies that made money. Of course they'll make more, look at the truly God awful Transformers franchise.
Jollem - 12/24/2013, 6:16 AM
transformers trilogy > iron man trilogy

yup. that just happened
charlie2094 - 12/24/2013, 6:18 AM
Good! They were awful films, seriously some of the worse I've seen, not even good as a mindless action film...

Considering the huge drop in box office from Clash to Wrath $493 million to $301 million, plus the negative reaction to them, no surprise there won't be another any time soon
MercwithMouth - 12/24/2013, 6:19 AM

I don't usually give you a hard time, cause you're funny.

But HELL NO! Transformers, (which I loved the first 2), cannot compare to Iron Man.
MercwithMouth - 12/24/2013, 6:25 AM
Am I the only person that thought both Iron Man 2 and 3 were good? Of course they had their flaws, what movie doesn't. And I still think, as far as pure story, Iron Man 3 is the best, since Iron Man was hampered by being an origin.
ManDeth - 12/24/2013, 6:28 AM
I could barely finish Clash and I have avoided Wrath in part because Worthington really gets old quick after seeing him in a couple films.
I don't dislike him but I can't tolerate him onscreen.
19001560 - 12/24/2013, 6:34 AM
Man of Shit is bullshit Transformers ver 2 with stupid destruction porn!
Iron Man trilogy is still better than bullshit those destruction porn movies
19001560 - 12/24/2013, 6:37 AM
Zach Snyder tries to be Michael Bay ver 2, but Transformers is still better than Man Of SHIT, DC fanbitches! try to think
19001560 - 12/24/2013, 6:41 AM
Bitch Jollem always bitchy about Marvel movies but Man of Steel is still a shit movie with no doubt, bullshit DC cinematic universe. Let me see how Batgay and Supergay can beat Age Of Ultron!
ManofSteel23 - 12/24/2013, 6:41 AM
There should not have been any humor in either of them, they didn't take it seriously and they should have like the original films, I had high hopes for the first one but the first one is what made me dislike remakes because Hollywood just keep throwing shit at us ever since
MercwithMouth - 12/24/2013, 6:48 AM
@Manof Steel

Remakes aren't all bad. There have been some great ones.
MercwithMouth - 12/24/2013, 6:49 AM
And the original Clash of the Titans was TERRIBLE. A black stain on the amazing career of Laurence Olivier.
Enphlieuwince - 12/24/2013, 7:21 AM
@Merc, I think "Othello" left much more of a black stain on Olivier's "amazing career."
Omarvls - 12/24/2013, 7:27 AM
That is a badass Fan Made Poster
MercwithMouth - 12/24/2013, 7:28 AM

SuperCat - 12/24/2013, 7:38 AM
The movies were pretty bad.

MercwithMouth - 12/24/2013, 7:55 AM

Do you mean Sam Rockwell by "the guy with glasses who cant act"? He's probably the best actor to touch a Marvel movie.

Whiplash was an interesting enemy, who actually had a back story. Yes, it was a mashup of two seperate characters, but it was done well. Also, Natasha Romanov was at her best in Iron Man 2. Don Cheadle was the only disappointment, but it was a writing issue, as they didn't use War Machine properly.
MsDarkPhoenix - 12/24/2013, 7:57 AM

I'm not biased because I'm greek, I did like 300 even though they did messed up the story too. But Shit of Titans were awful movies. Like stop already. They should turn greek tragedies into movies. Think of an Oedipus movie, that would be bad ass!
JoeMomma29 - 12/24/2013, 7:58 AM
Give me a proper Hercules or Odyssey movie..................
MsDarkPhoenix - 12/24/2013, 8:04 AM
A proper Iliad movie!!! And Odyssey as a sequel!
pintoman - 12/24/2013, 8:05 AM
Peeps are tired of CGI parties...and Sam Worthington.
ThePowerCosmic - 12/24/2013, 8:10 AM
More like Crash of the Titans.
ThePowerCosmic - 12/24/2013, 8:15 AM
Now why did this have to turn to trash talking Marvel and Iron Man.

Sorry you guys, but critics and Audiences alike Love Marvel. Your just gonna have to deal with it. All your childish hate doesn't change the fact that IM3 cleaned house this year and That Thor did just as good As MoS during the winter months. Sorry you can't handle it.
MercwithMouth - 12/24/2013, 8:16 AM

I could probably say the same about Man of Steel, as I hated it. But I don't like the character. I will defend Iron Man 2, because I thought it was a great movie. It was a good sequel, and a great lead-in to the Avengers.
jerryblake - 12/24/2013, 8:26 AM
first Clash was a trainwreck.
second part was not as bad as the first one, still it was boring as hell.

Big NO for the third part (sequel or prequel that is) or reboot.


jerryblake - 12/24/2013, 8:36 AM
Also the tagline for the article is misleading. They are not resigning yet. They are waiting for some fresh idea to come.

"a movie will kind of float away and then come back when it's supposed to come back"

The threat is real.
Berserker187 - 12/24/2013, 8:51 AM
Bravo idea yet
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