Supernatural Season 8 Official Description

Supernatural Season 8  Official Description

Supernatural Season 8 Official Description

The CW has released the Season 8 official description which premieres on Wednesday, October 3rd at 9/8c.

Season Eight begins with Dean’s seemingly impossible escape from Purgatory, though Castiel is nowhere to be found. However, Dean isn’t alone. He’s returned with a mysterious comrade-in-arms whose reason for escape is perhaps more than Dean bargained for. Meanwhile, Sam finds himself reconciling the life he discovered while Dean was gone with Dean’s sudden reappearance. As the boys struggle with their unexpected reunion, they make a shocking discovery that could lead them on a deeply personal mission to settle old scores. If only they could agree – is this a “family business” or isn’t it?
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hellfire - 9/5/2012, 2:31 AM
I'm really struggling with this show now and Jensen is bugging the sh*t outta me.. I really hope they end it at season 8 and don't try and go for 10 seasons.
thedudeabides - 9/5/2012, 3:52 AM
I've undertood Sam begins a relationship and Dean befriends a Vampire in purgatory. I'm just thankful Gamble has left the series, this should be great for at least 3 seasons.
TheBurnSays - 9/5/2012, 7:33 AM
They kinda lost me in season 7. It was my favourite tv show and it changed so much after season 5. I'll have to get the dvd set to get myself back in it. When does it come out? Usually it's in september...

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