Tomorrow, Robert Jordan's THE WHEEL OF TIME Series Ends

Tomorrow, Robert Jordan's THE WHEEL OF TIME Series Ends

After twenty three years, thirteen books, eleven thousand four pages, four million fifty-six thousand one hundred thirty words, a death of a legend and one heartfelt eulogy; tomorrow, The Wheel of Time turns one last time.

For many...for millions, The Wheel of Time is the definitive sci-fi fantasy series of the last decade-and-a-half. There are Game of Thrones fans out there who would take issue with that statement (indeed, message board threads on the very subject can be downright nasty) but the two writers were friendly acquaintances and The Wheel of Time has sold somewhere upwards of 45 million copies since 'The Eye of the World' debuted in 1990. The series doesn't posses an abundance of grim deaths and medieval-political maneuvers like you'll find in one of George R.R. Martin's novels. Instead, The Wheel of Time is more in-line with the sweeping, quest-focused traditional sword and sorcery epics of the Tolkien variety. The two fantasy series are more like apples and oranges than anything else, unlike Game of Thrones which starts off very mature, The Wheel of Time is a series that hooks you at a young age and matures with the reader as the years pass. The books follow the exploits of Rand al'Thor, Matt Cauthon, and Perrin Aybara, three farm youths who have increasingly dangerous and exciting adventures as they maneuver towards a looming showdown with ultimate Evil. Across thirteen novels, you see these three grow into the stuff of legends but there are still plenty of small moments filled with laughter, love, sorrow and betrayal. Many fans that cut their teeth on the LOTR trilogy find their growing fantasy appetite sated within the Jordan's world of Aes Sedai magic wielders and their stone faced, sword wielding Warder partners.

On September 16, 2007, Robert Jordan succumbed to the rare heart disease primary amyloidosis with cardiomyopathy with the then-finale 'A Memory of Light' yet to be written. Many fans feared that the series would remain forever unfinished but Jordan knew his illness was terminal and made preparations for someone to carry the series across the finish-line if he should pass before wrapping up his masterwork. Signing over the rights to his wife Harriet, she selected then-relatively unknown sci-fi author Brandon Sanderson after reading his moving eulogy on Jordan. Two years later, the finale that was originally planned to be one book was split into three and tomorrow, the last book will be released and The Last Battle will be fought.

There have been numerous attempts to expand the fantasy series into other mediums including comic books, video games, television and film. In 2000, NBC optioned the rights to The Eye of the World for a fantasy series but things didn't progress beyond the development stage as key personnel involved with the project left the company. In 2008, Universal purchased the film rights to the series but there hasn't been much in the way of development.

Dynamite Entertainment currently publishes the comic book adaptation of the series which is written by Chuck Dixon and features art from Francis Rafael Nuguit.

A Memory of Light goes on sale January 8th, 2013. You can pre-purchase your copy by clicking HERE.

"“The Wheel of Time turns, and Ages come to pass, leaving memories that become legend. Legend fades to myth, and even myth is long forgotten when the Age that gave it birth comes again. In one Age, called the Third Age by some, an Age yet to come, an Age long past…”

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RorMachine - 1/7/2013, 7:27 PM
I read the first 5 books I think, then just gave up. It wasn't that I didn't like it it's just that I couldn't find the time to keep going on with increasingly thicker novels.
Can anyone who has read them all tell me, has any of the main characters died yet?
MarkJulian - 1/7/2013, 7:30 PM
Nope, all 3 are still alive and even one that we thought dead is still alive. But all bets are off tomorrow.
RorMachine - 1/7/2013, 7:31 PM
What about that big wookie type dude?
Fastestmanalive - 1/7/2013, 7:32 PM
Best book series ever, although admitedly book five was pretty slow, and some other ones after that, but still an amazing series.

If by main characters you mean Rand, Matt or Perrin then no, only main character I could think of that dies is Moraine.
RorMachine - 1/7/2013, 7:37 PM
And is Perrin a werewolf yet?:)
DetBullock - 1/7/2013, 7:55 PM
Damn, I will have to wait for the british paperback in November.
wolverinesfury - 1/7/2013, 8:11 PM
DioFoRio - 1/7/2013, 8:25 PM
I knew a few people over the years who absolutely loved the series. May get around to checking it out.
4thDoctor - 1/7/2013, 8:40 PM
LOTR is from the 20th century.
stutx - 1/7/2013, 8:43 PM
so in order for it to be definitive people have to die? wow think definitive is subjective.. thought in tolkin boromir is only one that stays dead.. love game of thrones great books and great show, but Wheel of Time is a much richer engrossing story. GoT is blood, and backstabbing WoT is great char development of a world and its civ coming to a world altering event. Think Martin is getting there and deff a world altering event is coming.. in short they both are awesome but hard to call GoT definitive when its not even finished yet.
Ceejay - 1/7/2013, 9:19 PM
I cast serious doubt over whether his vision is in any of the last few books as he died before they were written and as usual the crap about finding his notes and his "vision" penned by another writer blah blah comes into effect with publishers who just want to milk the cow.

Jordan stretched and milked this cash-cow for as long as he could before he died which is why it remained incomplete at the time of his death. Nothing that is completed by another author is ever going to be the original writers "vision" any more and this series became more soap opera than actual purposeful tale just to string hungry fanboys along.
ComicBookMovie - 1/7/2013, 9:44 PM
Glad you reminded me of this Mark! Just ordered my copy. Definitely the longest series I've ever read, but well worth it.
thereaper27 - 1/7/2013, 10:25 PM
if the books focused on the 3 male characters only plus the villains then it would be a fantastic series....and not to mention would cut it in half. As it is now i'm flat out remembering half the characters every time i read a new one and i'm sure as hell not going to reread every book just for the last, thank god for wikipedia lol
GetsugaTensho22 - 1/7/2013, 11:25 PM
Never heard of it.
charlie2094 - 1/8/2013, 12:08 AM
Can't wait for this! By far the greatest fantasy series I've read so really looking forward to reading this ending. Hopefully the movie will pick up steam again sometime soon! Anyone who says it copies LOTR has clearly never read past the first book.


So someone has to die to be definitive? What sort of stupid logic is that? I much prefer Wheel of Time and GRRM's books have gone downhill after only three. Jordan hardly ripped off anyone and any LOTR similarities are gone by the second book. Back to people not dying, all bets are off for the final book.
HavocPrime - 1/8/2013, 12:38 AM
Can't believe this is ending, it has been one hell of a journey and hope that it is a satisfactory conclusion.

...unlike Mass Effect.
Christuffer - 1/8/2013, 2:09 AM
^uncalled for
UltimaRex - 1/8/2013, 3:08 AM
Good-o. I look forward to getting the big box set.

And I like MS3's ending. Well, if I choose the one I actually do like...
charlie2094 - 1/8/2013, 3:11 AM

Why always so negative?? You clearly don't know what you're talking about. Jordan's Widow selected Brandon Sanderson personally to finish his final novel and everyone has always said, and its always been very clear, he's been 100% faithful to what Jordan wanted. Jordan had already written chapters for A Memory of Light and left behind so many notes for it, all Sanderson did was adapt those notes and chapters into a novel. All story and character decisions were made by Jordan and importent chapters written by him..Having another author finish the series is far from "milking". It'd been over 20 years since the first book, I think fans deserved and actual ending.
charlie2094 - 1/8/2013, 3:14 AM
Mass Effect 3's ending wasn't that bad. It was a bit disappointing in the sense that no matter your decisions throughout the series the last cinematic scenes were relatively the same. Other than that, I thought the ending was fine, bringing the story to a strong conclusion. Can't see how they could change it much, if they hope to use the ending of it as a foundation for future games not everyones ending can be completely different.
Danbojohnj - 1/8/2013, 3:18 AM
If anything called for a series of big budget films it's the WOT saga.
Sure it slows down for a couple of books near the end(9/10) but picks right up and keeps on going like a steam train.
And he wrote the final ending before he died because he knew he was dying,Brandon if just filling in gaps with all the notes,not perfect but still amazing by all accounts.
10 films or so by Pete Jackson and I would die happy.
charlie2094 - 1/8/2013, 3:27 AM

Talking to the people who are currently behind a film adaptation, I really don't think its going to happen until the rights switch somewhere else. I completely agree about needing a big series of films. I'd say, make the first 3 films adaptions of the first three books, then depending on how successful they are, make several more films covering the important parts of the books. With the success of Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings/Hobbit is astounds me how people are just sitting on the rights to such a large series with potential for being a major movie franchise.
Kyos - 1/8/2013, 3:55 AM
I'll wait to hear some reaction on this before deciding wether I give the whole story a chance.

And ME3 ending was really bad. :'(
CaptainObvious - 1/8/2013, 4:00 AM
@Ceejay- I like to read all your posts in a nasally, 10 year old voice. You really do come across as that self-absorbed and whiny.
charlie2094 - 1/8/2013, 4:31 AM

Lol, I kind of agree, not wanting to be mean though. Everytime I see his user name I have a "hear we go.." moment, just preparing myself for negativity.
Danbojohnj - 1/8/2013, 4:36 AM
@Charile...first 6 films please,I need to see Dumai Wells done right on the big screen.Probably my favorite battle scene of anything anywhere in fiction.
charlie2094 - 1/8/2013, 4:37 AM

You should maybe just go on and read the first book, or read into the Wheel of Time some more online. Its a series that takes forever to get through; my first read took up almost two whole school years :P From what I've heard, the ending is brilliant and far from being some cliched, every characters happily survives ending and hasn't seemed to disappoint any 'hardcore' fans yet. If the ending to a story started over 20 years ago doesn't disappoint even the most devoted of fans, its got to be good right?
charlie2094 - 1/8/2013, 4:43 AM

Ah yes, Dumai's Wells. That was a great battle, the E-book cover art for the sixth book showcasing the battle is great, so that would indeed be fantastic seen on the big screen. Regardless of whether they adapt the first 3 or 6, that's definitely a fan favourite and very important moment that I'm sure would be in the series somewhere :) I just feel that the first 3 are much smaller (in terms of scope and complexity, the world explodes and becomes huge with hundreds of characters and multiple story lines from the 4th on) and more self contained stories that they're perfect to adapt as the first three movies, before making more films.
Danbojohnj - 1/8/2013, 4:56 AM
I love that it goes huge,just Elayne whining about pea soup for most of book 10 bugs me,back on form with 11 though.
They could be compressed from 14 books into 8-10 films I think though but I would take whatever as long as it's true to the series.
Danbojohnj - 1/8/2013, 4:57 AM
As for the book,I'm waiting for the ebook in April,still got the last two to re-read before so I'm on it.
HavocPrime - 1/8/2013, 5:09 AM
TV series would be better suited for this tbh, Game of Thrones has proven that with the right people it can be done quite well.

charlie2094 - 1/8/2013, 5:14 AM

I love that it goes huge too, it's just so huge that you can't adapt all of that for film whereas 1-3 would be much easier to do and then build off of. The fact that it's so huge and detailed is what I love about it, but not really possible for films. Ah fair enough, I should re-read as I feel like I've forgotten everything. From what I've heard, the ending is great and very satisfying, so should be good! :D


Not really. The Wheel of Time is much bigger and would require a lot more special effects as it has huge battles frequently, a lot of magic all the time, hundreds of monsters etc. Game of Thrones is more medieval and less magic based, making it easier for a TV budget. Wheel of Time would need a much larger one which isn't really possible. I feel that WOT fits film more as it has a huge story and great characters and magic, similar to LOTR.
GodzillaKart - 1/8/2013, 6:16 AM
@Ror: Asking for public spoilers in the comment section?! Ror! You know better.
Danbojohnj - 1/8/2013, 7:09 AM
Book 6 and 11 are so far my faves,but it does slow a bit with a whole lot of new story arcs being set up,worth reading though for the pay off.
stutx - 1/8/2013, 9:37 AM

Yeah i think it is and for sure it makes me happy when people agree with me..

I was wondering if you have read WoT?
charlie2094 - 1/8/2013, 2:10 PM

Don't recommend 'Malazan' then? I'd been meaning to pick it up, but spent so long catching up on Wheel of Time, kinda don't want to invest that much time into another series; despite loving every minute of WOT. I love aSoIaF and Tolkien too and Malazan has me interested..?
stutx - 1/8/2013, 7:03 PM
bropous thanks for the advice on Erickson's.. Martin's Sage is on my list.. I would like to add Glen Cook's, Black Company and David Eddings, Belgarian series great reads.

MrEko iv always enjoyed your name sir and your opinion

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