Zoinks! Live-Action SCOOBY-DOO Getting A Reboot

Zoinks! Live-Action SCOOBY-DOO Getting A Reboot

According to Deadline, Warner Bros. is planning to reboot their live-action Scooby-Doo film franchise and have hired Randall Green to pen the screenplay.

Deadline is reporting, Warner Bros. is ready to reboot their live-action version of Scooby-Doo, which was originally a Hanna-Barbera cartoon. WB has hired Randall Green to write the new screenplay. The previous incarnation of Mystery Team Inc. was made up of: Matthew Lillard as Shaggy, Freddie Prinze Jr. as Fred, Sarah Michelle Gellar as Daphne, Linda Cardellini as Velma and had a CGI Scooby-Doo. The first film in 2002, aptly named Scooby-Doo pulled in $275M at the worldwide box office and the 2004 sequel, Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed only did $181 at the worldwide box office.
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Abary - 6/17/2014, 2:50 PM
themidnightking - 6/17/2014, 2:51 PM
First one traumatized me
Pasto - 6/17/2014, 2:52 PM
Thank you for raping my childhood, Hollywood.
Desrow - 6/17/2014, 2:52 PM
Wtf... Warner should invest that money in the DCCU, not in this crappy franchise.
themidnightking - 6/17/2014, 2:55 PM
I was only six! I thought Scrappy Doo turning into a demon was real! I had nightmares about that shit for weeks!
themidnightking - 6/17/2014, 2:57 PM
dirtydanwojo - 6/17/2014, 2:59 PM
Tell you what, though, if anything good came out of the old ones, it's that Matthew Lillard was pretty much born to play Shaggy.
Vegeta - 6/17/2014, 3:00 PM
TheBuoyWonder - 6/17/2014, 3:01 PM
WeddingTux - 6/17/2014, 3:03 PM
gotta hand it to Matthew Lizzard though, that guy tried man. gave his all.

but I seen him lately in The Descendants and he looks like absolute crap
ALegendaryPanda - 6/17/2014, 3:04 PM
Well, I know what I WON'T be watching!
DaVinci31 - 6/17/2014, 3:04 PM
If Linda Cardellini returns I'm on board.

McGee - 6/17/2014, 3:06 PM
Just...just stop it Hollywood.

You won already...we'll talk. :(
JoeMomma29 - 6/17/2014, 3:08 PM
Well WB does like to put out at least 24 to 26 movies a year.
MexicanSexyman - 6/17/2014, 3:11 PM
Um...... I always hated the original cartoon with passion but I did like the movie when I was a kid and now I don't care for it.
MexicanSexyman - 6/17/2014, 3:12 PM
Now Scoobby doo XXX is where it's at!!!
Floke - 6/17/2014, 3:12 PM
Scooby Don't
DaVinci31 - 6/17/2014, 3:14 PM
Also, had it not ended the way it did, The Cabin In the Woods could have certainly been the Scooby-Doo reboot we had all been waiting for.

JoeMomma29 - 6/17/2014, 3:16 PM
@ Davinci31

Cabin In The Woods was awesome!
Klone - 6/17/2014, 3:17 PM
McGee - 6/17/2014, 3:18 PM
I would imagine the same emotions that went through Walter Cronkite while he was reporting JFK's assassination....went through nail as he reluctantly wrote this article.
Dandy - 6/17/2014, 3:19 PM
NO! Bad Hollywood! Bad!
Phronesis - 6/17/2014, 3:20 PM
Haha, ok.
MistaD - 6/17/2014, 3:23 PM
Make it darker but still stay true to the cartoon, plenty of references. Maybe take the new cartoon route, have the parents involved and stuff
SuperCat - 6/17/2014, 3:24 PM
I don't even think kids like these movies.
DanoTheOld - 6/17/2014, 3:25 PM
I was the perfect age to enjoy the Scooby-Doo cartoons in the 70s. By the time the first live-action, I considered the cartoons hokey, but nostalgic. I viewed the first movie the same way and enjoyed it on a minor level. I am sure I will view the new one in the same spirit. I just hope they get a cast that matches the stereo-types of the characters as the Matt Lilliard and crew did. And please keep Scooby CGI. Cartoon animal characters never translate well to live-animal actors. Underdog anyone?
alexi52 - 6/17/2014, 3:27 PM
[frick] YOU hollywood, casey kasem just deid and way to disrespect his death some more with your shitty movie
NightForce - 6/17/2014, 3:27 PM
I [frick]ing love the Scooby-Doo movies. I think it has to do with the fact I was 7 when it came out but I don't care. The casting was perfect in these movies.
OrgasmicPotatoe - 6/17/2014, 3:29 PM
I'll watch it if there's a scene of Shaggy toking, maybe with Scooby.

Come on Warner !
m0th3r - 6/17/2014, 3:32 PM
Guy on AMC had a great idea..

Take a more serious tone, and have shaggy doing bongs the whole time..Only Shaggy can hear and speak with Scooby...Everyone else just sees/hears a dog....

Go for PG-13...
Floke - 6/17/2014, 3:32 PM
Didnt they team up with Batman and Robin in some episode? Perhaps this is the start of a new movie universe.. What if Scooby Doo is in the after credits scene of Dawn of Justice?

Cant belive we get 3 Scooby movies but no Hellboy3 or Dredd sequel.
Comedian03 - 6/17/2014, 3:32 PM
The first one was actually great for a Scooby Doo movie, looking back on it now and judging it by todays standards, it's not as good, and the whole aimed at kids thing is more obvious, but still.

Say what you want about the movie, but the cast was damn near 100% spot on.
Floke - 6/17/2014, 3:34 PM
A high Shaggy in a van with Scooby and a jar of peanutbutter..
-Scooby do, what Daphne don't
DylanTBest - 6/17/2014, 3:35 PM
Only good thing to come out of the first live action movies was Matthew Lillard as Shaggy. The first movie was able to be enjoyed if you aren't thinking about how terrible it is, but the second one was terrible.
TheRationalNerd - 6/17/2014, 3:44 PM
Call me crazy but I'm all for it. I would love to see live versions of "Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island" the a correct adaption set in the actual time period of the series would honestly be pretty dope!
Devastation - 6/17/2014, 3:45 PM
I am excited. Hell yes!!!
McGee - 6/17/2014, 3:53 PM
Wasn't there a movie where cartoon Shaggy was yelling at Lillard? Was it Looney Toons Back In Action?
MrSotoMan - 6/17/2014, 4:09 PM
LMFAO! Is this because of Casey Kasems death?
RangerStorm44 - 6/17/2014, 4:11 PM
No please god no Scooby Doo 1 felt like scooby doo meets ''I know what you did last summer'' two was alright the tv movies don't exist
I don't know what more you can do for such a beloved franchise how ever if it's done with tender loving care then kudos to the director
but after Scrappy Doo consumed all the souls of everyone...Really?? who thought that was a good idea especially for a movie aimed at kids.
OnePunchBaldy - 6/17/2014, 4:18 PM

I was thinking the same thing!
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