DGTZ Reviews: Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance (SOME SPOILERS!!!!!)

DGTZ Reviews: Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance (SOME SPOILERS!!!!!)

Is this movie better than the first one?

Long-story short. No.

Today, I was able to attend an early screening of Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance along with many others. In this review, I will break down the whole movie in sections with SPOILERS!!!!
To begin, this movie started off with good. With a scene that had good amount of action to get the audience pumped up, it was looking promising of what we would be expecting to watch in the rest of the movie. But, as if immediatley as the movie started, the whole film started to go downhill as well. Once this scene is done, we go to the title and then get a fast cartoony origin story of Johnny Blaze/ Ghost Rider and a bad voice over from Nicholas Cage who seems to try hard to be funny. If you saw the first movie, you would notice that they kind of altered the origin story to something that i thought was unnecessary. Continuing on, the movie just ploppes a simple story in a conversation with Nicholas Cage and Idris Elba to get things going once again. Basically, Johnny Blaze has to go after a boy(who turns out to be annoying) so that he can get rid of his "curse". We then, get to meet the other characters who are a mother and son who have been running away and trying to get a better life. Of course, Johnny Blaze isnt the only going after the boy, as we also meet the villain of the movie....some random guy that Ghost Rider can kill instantaneous and cannot act. This brings us to the first Ghost Rider action scene. When the scene began, i got excited, but i shouldnt have. As the scene started with Ghost Rider just standing there taking bullets that dont effect him, he decides to start to move his head like a snake(remember the interview where he said that his pet cobra influenced Ghost Rider a bit...yeah...he wasnt kidding). During the whole scene, it just seemed like Ghost Rider could have wipped everyone into fire fastand ended the whole thing, but instead goes solo with each guy. Killing a guy and another on slowly, for the last onehe kills him super slow. This is of course, his penance stare. It had no improvement from the last movie. In fact, this penance stare was just a face shots of Ghost Rider and the victim back and forth with their mouths open. Then for no reason, Ghost Rider blacks out and we that Johnny Blaze is an a hospital. What the hell happened!? what was that!? Are you serious!?. Also, Nicholas Cage tries hard to act psychotic and menacing at the same time whenever he is Johnny,but you just end up laughing at him. The middle of the movie was pointless. It's a slow chase after the boy with filled with loads of ridiculous jokes, one liners, acting, make-up and writing. Near the end, Johnny gets his wish of removing his "curse" and gets happy. But what? Whats this? He starts begging to get his "curse" that he was free for only a minute because without it, he cannot beat the horribly acting villain who has become into a joke of a villain with all the make-up they put on him. Plus, his power is to decay stuff... lame. So to wrap up this horrible movie, Johnny becomes the Ghost Rider once again, kills the villain in a dumb way, and gains new powers with everyone leaving happily ever after and hopes for a sequel. Basically, the movie had no point, the story was horrible, the acting was a hilarity,and the writing was the worst I've seen. Besaide Ghost Rider looking better, this movie turns up to be worse than he first.

I give this movie a 0/5
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MercMatt - 2/17/2012, 3:35 AM
Oh well! I'm still going to see it in a few hours and will love it. *crosses fingers*
LP4 - 4/21/2012, 11:19 PM
[frick] YOU DGTZ!!!! Hahaha kiddin buddy ;P

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