First Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance Teaser Trailer Officially Debuts!

First <i>Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance</i> Teaser Trailer Officially Debuts!

As alerted last week, the teaser trailer for Sony's forthcoming 'Ghost Rider' sequel, Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance, has been officially unleashed. check it out!

Following yesterday's reveal of the theatrical poster, as expected, Sony Pictures have now debuted the teaser trailer for Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance. With an introductory from the duo directors Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor, check it out below!

Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance picks up where it's been several years since making a deal with the Devil and Johnny Blaze, living in self-imposed isolation, finds himself as the only person who can help save 10-year-old Danny - and ultimately the world - thanks to his unwanted and uncontrollable power - his ability to transform into the hell-on-wheels monster 'Ghost Rider'. Starring Nicolas Cage, Idris Elba, Ciar n Hinds, Christopher Lambert & Violante Placido, the film releases in 3D February 17, 2012

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Breasticles7 - 8/19/2011, 9:23 AM
Woah not bad at all. Also seemed pretty long with plenty of footage for a teaser trailer, more than I could say for TDKR hahaha.
PaulRom - 8/19/2011, 9:24 AM
Okay, I'm in. Looks freaking nuts.
Ethic - 8/19/2011, 9:24 AM
Yea I lol'd at the end haha

I give it props, that trailer was class, the directors style is really unique and I loved it here to be honest.
Still, the story will probably be complete shit.
But that was entertaining for sure.
SigmaCenturion - 8/19/2011, 9:25 AM
looks pretty good
SUPERSP00NS - 8/19/2011, 9:25 AM
Sequel. Reboot. Whatever it is. THIS is a [frick]ing improvement!
WolvieCBM - 8/19/2011, 9:27 AM
Looks sick! Looking forward to it.
StrangeBlackPantherDoctor - 8/19/2011, 9:27 AM
I truly believe it will be awesome.
jatfly - 8/19/2011, 9:29 AM
To bad Nick Cage is in it....Wish someone else was the Ghost.
CaptainTall - 8/19/2011, 9:29 AM
I've been saying it since the beginning: This is next years X-Men: First Class.

It'll be great.
Rango - 8/19/2011, 9:30 AM
helll yeah
Hawksblueyes - 8/19/2011, 9:30 AM
Looks pretty damn good.
THEDARKKNIGHT1939 - 8/19/2011, 9:31 AM
How do you guys think that looks good? The acting looks terrible, all he does is scream the whole time, and pissing out fire at the end with rock music?!! All I have to say to that is wtf.
THORGodOfThunder - 8/19/2011, 9:31 AM
Looks a lot better than the 1st one!!!
thalidomide - 8/19/2011, 9:31 AM
Not bad, not bad at all. But I'm lowering my expectations on this.
Daniellantern - 8/19/2011, 9:32 AM
Damn! GhostRider trailer looks great!! More darker! Love it! Still hate Nic Cage as Johnny Blaze!
Spock - 8/19/2011, 9:32 AM
Well i agree way better CGI, looks gritty & real, I am in!
AgeofApocalypse - 8/19/2011, 9:32 AM
Looks better already.
NerdyGeek - 8/19/2011, 9:33 AM
It looks better than the first but it still looks AWFUL!
SuperDude001 - 8/19/2011, 9:33 AM
It looks like Transformers 2 to me. Loads of epic action and fighting, but just filled with poor acting and immature jokes.
Still looks cool though.
ItsNotASchooner - 8/19/2011, 9:34 AM
nice!!, i've already forgotten there was a first one

hell yes to the requel!!
DoctorSnide - 8/19/2011, 9:34 AM
Def looks good. All Hollywood needs to do is focus on developing outstanding stories and character development with light comedy and the rest will fall into place regarding SFX.
LucasMend - 8/19/2011, 9:34 AM
Well it looks sick, but Nic Cage on it kill the movie for me
undertaker2000 - 8/19/2011, 9:35 AM
cant be worse than the first one
xsnakeplisskenx - 8/19/2011, 9:35 AM
I had faith in most of you nerds. you have all failed me. you're all telling me that the sound in this trailer is OK along with the final line "what do you do if you have to go to the bathroom?".....epic fail on anyone who says "this looks great"....
i believe my friend said it best "the last 10 seconds is an analogy for what Nic Cage has done to the franchise".
DangerDegan - 8/19/2011, 9:36 AM
I have a feeling that at the end of this movie, somehow Danny Ketch gets involved, so it can continue without cage..
BooYah - 8/19/2011, 9:36 AM
Looks better then the first but will still be the worst CBM to come out that year.
SCURVYDOG619 - 8/19/2011, 9:37 AM
Wait....Chistopher Lambert is in this? Cue the Highlander jokes in
NerdyGeek - 8/19/2011, 9:37 AM
This fits in the "douchebag cinema" genre
AldoRaine - 8/19/2011, 9:38 AM
Looks way better and darker than the BS first one, nice.
Sarah - 8/19/2011, 9:38 AM
Looks just as intense and crazy as the Crank movies... I hope it as entertaining as them, if so Im in!
Deadpoolican - 8/19/2011, 9:38 AM
there is more action in this trailer than there was in the first movie, I want to see 100 penance stares!!!!!
Nexus6 - 8/19/2011, 9:41 AM
looks good, but do the studios just throw money at dickheads these days, ffs!
imnotwearinghockeypants - 8/19/2011, 9:43 AM
Ghost Rider looks great, just too bad he has to be Nick Cage while human. Now THAT is a curse.
BooYah - 8/19/2011, 9:43 AM
Still waiting for DVD to see this one.
Gamester76 - 8/19/2011, 9:43 AM
@ Teabag - Only of he has diareha
gangbuster - 8/19/2011, 9:43 AM
I mean, it has Nic Cage, it can only be so good.
NerdyGeek - 8/19/2011, 9:44 AM
The effects are also terrible!
AlexDeLarge87 - 8/19/2011, 9:44 AM
i gotta eat my words

That looks sick!;)

Blackout looks like Blackout! Ghost Rider looks like Ghost Rider!
soda9 - 8/19/2011, 9:44 AM
I liked this, but WTF? Ghost Rider is owned by Sony and they had the Marvel logo in the preview well Marvel Knights to be precise, but Spider-Man is owned by Sony, but they didnt have the Marvel logo in the teaser. WTF, Sony? Are you so scared for bankruptsy and tht the rights go back to Marvel to put up the logo? I hope Sony Pictures burns down soon. Boycott Sony Pictures!!!! Lets go Marvel, lets go!
BigK1337 - 8/19/2011, 9:44 AM
As long as majority of the scenes are only Ghost Rider, than this movie will definately be awesome! :D
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